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#WinterVortex: Exclusive interview with Psy Mantis

Psy Mantis is the progressive DJ project of Craig Horn. With over 11 years of experience in the local psytrance scene, Psy Mantis is known for delivering the chunkiest beats to his loyal listeners. His musical style can be described as dirty progressive with an emphasis on banging bass lines and cheeky vocals. This year, he’s set to make an appearance at Vortex Trance AdventuresPHOENIX FESTIVAL on the 24th of June 2016. We caught up with him ahead of the big event.

DJ Psy Mantis Vortex Phoenix Festival

Hi Craig! First off, let me congratulate you on becoming the label head for Natural Beat Makerz Records in South Africa. What inspired you to make the move from PSR Records?

PSR Music was a great label. It was where I found my sound: fat, dirty and chunky. But life is change. I started finding what I liked on other labels as well. When some of the PSR Music producers moved over to NBM Records, I took a real look at the label and saw it was run like a family with full support of all artist and DJs. So, it was just the next logical step. Continue reading #WinterVortex: Exclusive interview with Psy Mantis

Exclusive interview with K-Jos: Psytrance is the glue that keeps it all together

In light of the Vortex Phoenix Festival of Fire which is just around the corner, we chatted to a handful of S.A’s homegrown psytrance pros including K-Jos (aka Jos Veldhuizen). Here’s what went down in our exclusive interview.

Psyked in the City

*These questions were compiled by Brandon Menzies.

What influenced you into becoming a psytrance DJ?

When I was in high school I used to be into goth and death metal. I despised just about all electronic music back then. Some of my friends started listening to drum & bass and house, no matter how much I tried to discourage them from doing so. Eventually I decided to join them to a party just so that I can criticize them afterwards. It turned out to be very different to what I expected and I had a lot of fun; and so the clubbing began. After a few years of clubbing I wanted to get more involved and in 1997 I bought a pair of turntables from money that I initially saved for a car.

After getting the turntables I bought a collection of drum & bass vinyls from a friend and started collecting House on the side, until one of my friends made a suggestion of becoming a psytrance DJ. That must have stuck because shortly thereafter I started collecting psytrance on the side. In a short period of time the “side collection” of psytrance took over and I decided to put the House aside. I fell in love with music, the people and the parties; my love of psy hasn’t stopped growing since then.


Continue reading Exclusive interview with K-Jos: Psytrance is the glue that keeps it all together