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Review: Beartrap Ground Zero Festival 2014 (Sunday)

On the 15th of March 2014, I awoke during the early hours of the morning – early, as in it was still dark outside – with excitement stirring inside me for the Sunday Session that awaited us at Ground Zero Festival.

We were on route before the sun came up. Nekkies was the venue of choice this year, having been a longtime favourite for major festivals, such as Earthdance, with plenty of space to accommodate three (yes, three!) stages and a pool to boot.


dreamer beartrap ground zero 2014 daytime decor


I was a little bleak about having missed Double-Click and Vini Vici the previous night, not to mention some of my favourite locals and the Insane Intelligent Lighting Display that everyone was raving about. Fortunately however, we arrived just in time for Ultravoice (a legend within the international psytrance community having almost a decade’s worth of experience behind his name).


dreamer ground zero festival dj


After a little chocolate tequila for breakfast (shhh, don’t tell my Mom) we were well on our way to psychedelic paradise. The dance floor was heaving when international icon Sesto Sento took the stage. (This was a pretty big moment for me, considering I’m a full-on Sesto freak). Spirits were riding high when he played his famed “Lift me up” mix.

Just listen to those melodies!



The sun was glaring by the time Blastoyz began to blast his killer high-tech beats, so I made my way over to the sprinklers at the rear end of the dance floor. There I met a few other drenched partiers. As we revelled, stomping bare-footed in the mud my favourite track “Green Stuff” erupted from the speakers.



Sway was on next. The crowd extended a warm Beartrap welcome and you could see that “Mama Bear” was right at home. Her uplifting beats protruded from the DJ box. I didn’t want them to stop for a minute. The hose pipe was going at this point, and the crowd was causing muddy mayhem on the dancefloor.



Headroom was behind the decks before I had a chance to recover. I guess it’s true what they say, time flies when you are having fun! I realized I was in a total time warp, going from one killer set to the next, when I glanced up to see Dave Mac was taking over, bringing his proggy tunes to life.

Finally, the big moment had arrived. The all-mighty Berg captured our attention as he climbed onto stage. It’s no secret that he’s become a psy-sensation within the Cape Town trance scene. His popularity seems to escalate every time he graces South Africa with his magic. And it’s no wonder why.



Apart from Berg’s dashing Israeli looks, his hard-hitting bass-lines and proggy psychadelic hooks are globally-recognized. As I jammed to esteemed tracks like “Wizdom” and “Limitless” my expectations were well exceeded.



What an awesome atmosphere. Cape Town can Berg in my book! Talk about ending the party on a high-note. Big thanks to Beartrap, RP Sound and Lighting, Psylife, Abby and Laura (Sway).
Until next time… Stay #psyked.


Photos by Dreamer.


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Review: Rezonance NYE.

Rezonance is easily one of the most anticipated events on the psytrance calendar. With years of experience behind their name, the Rezonance family has gained huge momentum and continues to attract thousands of loyal party-goers from all over South Africa to celebrate the New Year.

Following the previous theme of Transformation, the festival focused itself on rebirth. With a very relevant call-to-action for the New Year: dream of a world where anything is possible. “I am because we are” was the resonating mantra and its essence trickled down to every element of production.

viwe rezonance stage

Photo: Viwe Santana Hewu.

Rezonance decided to switch things up this year, kick-starting the party on New Years Eve. When I arrived at Contermanskloof in Durbanville, I was in for a big surprise! The out-of-this-universe decor had plenty of jaws dropping in delight. Artescape really went above and beyond to create the type of high-end production that could give Ozora festival a run for its money. We have a sneaky suspicion that the Rezonance pics will be taking over Facebook feeds for the next few weeks.

Rezonance ticked all the boxes, from groovy swing at Misfits Meadow to dirty dubstep at the Delta stage to full-on, psychedelic tunes at the main stage. And when you weren’t feeling the magic anymore, the Chill Temple was a perfect hangout for tired souls (or should I say soles).

chill temple guy with glasses rezonance

Photo: That Guy With Glasses.

The dam was also a Godsend in 34 degrees heat! During the day-time it remained occupied by happy people and inflatable lilos. Let’s not forget the random boat spotted floating about.

Of course, it was the Prizm stage that was the main attraction. When I set foot onto the dancefloor, I was sucked in by proggy beats from the likes of Portal, Humerous and Matron. Then Bernz, Take and Contra took over, leading us into the New Year.

I could literally feel the spirits lifting as the clock struck twelve. Frozen Ghost was the first of many killer DJs to rock 2014. I don’t think anyone expected things to get that messy, that mud was really something! If you were clean the next morning, you clearly did it wrong.

guy with glasses rez dj mark

Photo: That Guy With Glasses.

For those who couldn’t keep up with the 180 BPM tracks from the German Bombax or the banging basslines of Hysteria and Paralocks, the Misfits Meadow was an ideal spot to lay-back and enjoy the vibe. It was there that Hektek Elektrek and Wulfsohn kept the crowd jamming merrily into the early hours of morning.



At some point, I dragged myself off to my tent for some much-needed sleep (not that I got any). I knew I had gotten more than I paid for, in terms of sound, because I could hear all three dancefloors bass resonating through our campsite at any given time.

guy with glasses decor rezonance

Photo: That Guy With Glasses.

I returned to the Prizm stage for Tune Raider’s must-jam morning set feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. As the sun got cooking, the beats got groovier with Headroom behind the decks, followed by Sad Paradise and my personal favourite, Mr Suit (the Israeli prog hero).

In the evening, I was blown away by Rosa Ventura.
Then equally gobsmacked by 
Deliriant’s midnight set. 



rezonance festival dancefloor night

Photo: Aumega Photography

Time was flying by. When I awoke the next morning, I heard Talisman in the distance, delivering some delicious beats for breakfast. Although the sun was already baking, it didn’t dull any spirits. On the dancefloor, nobody was prepared to let a single track go to waste. I was more than grateful for the over-head sprinklers, as I was beginning to feel a little crispy.

guy with glasses happy guy stomper rezonance

Photo: That Guy With Glasses.



Other highlights included Sonic Species, England’s psychedelic King and the always-amazing Broken ToyGandalf Grey rounded things off beautifully with a mix of one of my favourite tracks “WTF by D-Addiction.” 

Rezonance made no room for bad vibes, or shoes for that matter. I returned home with dirty feet, a happy heart and the tunes still ringing in my ears. A big thank-you to the organisers and party-goers for exceeding all my expectations. Best New Years ever!

guy with glasses muddy rezonance feet

Photo: That Guy With Glasses.

Review: The Sunflower Festival

Last weekend I joined 4700 party-goers in welcoming Spring at the first outdoor party of the season; the Sunflower Festival hosted by Nawty Media & Marketing and Fourth Dimension at the Cape Town Ostrich Farm. There was much debate about whether or not the organisers would be able to deliver a better experience than the more common “first party of the season” i.e Alien Safari’s Sprung which will take place this coming Saturday. But all in all, the Sunflower Festival was a huge success and I’m glad that I attended.

dance by Jackrabbit kiss by Jackrabbit
Photo’s by The Jackrabbit.

Despite the terrible weather that loomed, cold front and all, we braved the elements. It did help, of course, that we all came prepared, dressed in plenty layers of socks, gumboots and, you guessed it, onesies.

onesie by Dreamer. mask by Dreamer
Photo’s by Dreamer

The more adventurous stompers took the opportunity to get down and dirty in the mud, barefoot I might add, embracing the light rain that did fall now and then. That’s what an outdoor is all about, right?

mud by Jack rabit
Photo by The Jackrabbit.

Unfortunately, the weather did take its toll on the décor resulting in the actual dancefloor being opened late (around 6 or so) which was forgiven once the party got swinging in full force.

It was wonderful to be back in the great outdoors, stomping with hundreds of smiling faces around me, adorned in face-paint with nothing but nature surrounding us. No cramped-up clubs, no walls, no limitations. There really is something very special about an outdoor party.

venue by Wayne
Photo by Wayne.

The vibe did not disappoint. It was awesome seeing all those familiar faces and making a whole lot of new friends too.

heart by Marc Berman
Photo of Class A by Marc Berman Photography

There were plenty of photographers on the scene to capture the psy love. Namely DreamerE.K15 PhotographyShutterMonkey ProductionsStu Shapiropartycamsa.comWayneMarc Berman Photography and The Jackrabbit to name a few. View some of their pics at the bottom of the page.

The flower that was crafted by Artescape hung over our heads in true psychedelic glory and communicated what the festival was all about: rebirth and nature. And that wasn’t the only symbolic element of the jol. The weather decided to partake in our festivities and went from being cold and gloomy to bright, sunny and perfect for a day jam.

sunflower by marc berman2
Photo by Marc Berman Photography. 

At night, the decor really came to life.  Stompers were visually excited by spectacular light shows surrounding the DJ box.

night time by Dreamer.
Photo of Sunflower at night by Dreamer.

sunflower by Wayne
Photo by Wayne.

I woke up nice and early on Sunday, grabbing a little breakfast before heading down to the dancefloor for Tune Raider‘s high-energy set which was incredible. But then again, who could expect anything less of her? While jamming to her set I heard a fellow stomper refer to her as “the sexy side of psy.” I absolutely love that. To whoever you are, thank you. I will be using that phrase in my next write up about Pam.

Photo of Tune Raider by Wayne.

The highlight of the event was, of course, Captain HookI was lucky enough to be front and center as he came onto the stage with his groovy glasses and awesome dreads.
captain hook by Marc Berman
Photo of Captain Hook by Marc Berman Photography.

He opened with his killer track “walking on marshmallows” and the crowed went ballistic.  His set was everything I imaged it to be and he kept the dancefloor grooving blissfully for an entire two hours.

captain hook crowd marc berman
Crowd goes wild for the Captain. Marc Berman Photography.

Captain Hook wasn’t the only DJ who ripped things apart though. I really felt the dancefloor love during Dj BruceDeliriantMAGNETOClass A and Orca‘s sets too, Watch this insane video of Class A live.

bruce by Dreamer.
Photo of DJ Bruce by Dreamer.

When I wasn’t jamming I was admiring the lovely scene before me, while sitting on the slope of a hill surrounded by other stompers who were also taking a breather.

Things rounded off nicely when StereoType played his Brainbug Nightmare remix.

We were having such a good time that we only started leaving the venue at around 5. Or should I say, we tried to. The mud did pose to be a bit of an issue, and there were many trancers helping one another jumpstart their cars at the end of the party. But it was totally worth the missions, right?

car by tauriq
Red beetle stuck in the mud, taken by Tauriq Hercules.

So what’s the verdict? Despite a few speed bumps along the way I do believe that the Sunflower Festival was an awesome intro to Spring. I can only assume that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did. Judging from all the smiles I saw, I think it’s a pretty safe bet.

sun girl marc bboots by Jackrabbit
Top: Photo by Marc Berman Photography. Bottom: Photo by The Jackrabbit.

I applaud the organisers for their hard work. Special thanks goes to Abby Chapel for hooking me up with free tickets, as well as my lovely friends, the photographers, the DJs and everyone else who made the event such a success.

Judging from Sunflower, I anticipate a mind-blowing outdoor season up ahead. And now that I’ve gotten a whiff of that beautiful outdoor fever, I can’t wait to experience it again. Next up… Sprung!!!

Swing by the The Side Show on Saturday night for the The Sunflower Festival After Party.

arm by Dreamer
Photo by Dreamer.

Entrance is free if you’ve still got your green arm band.


Weekend Psyk: DigiCult LIVE @ the Side Show.

DigiCultThis Saturday, in celebration of reaching the 14 000 fan mark, Cape Town Trance Parties will transform the Side Show into the Psyd Show.

And you know what that means, right? A jam-packed evening of grooving beats, happy stompers, enticing eye candy and plenty of psyk… but wait, it gets better. Not only does the lineup feature insanely skilled local DJs, Cape Town Trance Parties presents DigiCult, the Belgium psy king.

DigiCult was founded in 2003. Ever since, they have been working their way up the psy ladder. These guys have travelled all over the globe to deliver psychadelic madness to the ears of thousands, from Sweden to Ukrain, Greece, Brazil and even Cancun. They’ve played at some of the biggest and well known festivals, including the Tree of Life Festival,  Ozora and Vision Quest. And now DigiCult is ready to venture into Africa’s trance capital, on a mission to tear Cape Town apart, beat by beat.

Their sound is best described as deep, intelligent full-on morning, with a gentle oldschool touch – guaranteed to keep the dance floor pumping.
If you don’t know of DigiCult, take a listen to this special set recorded at Tribal Roots.

Watch the video.


Come and experience the sensory feast of lights, colours and A-grade trance music.
Other acts include:

Tune Raider
Kriss-Kross and others!


What to expect?

Thundering bass, trippy visuals, 2 dancefloors and Cape Town’s finest stompers.
Find out all the details here.


Limited Earlybird – R80
Presold –  R100
At Door – R120


WIN 2 x tickets for DigiCult.

Find out how here..

BLiSS in Cape Town: Details, tickets and more.

Aurora – SA presents: the one and only psy-maestro BLiSS at The Side Show on the 27th of July.


This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see your favourite Israeli DJ,
right here in your home town. There’s no doubt it’s going to be one scortching party,
I couldn’t be more psyked! Just check out the lineup…



Photo: B.p.empire


The Artists?

BLiSS (Israel)
★ Plusminus
★ Tune Raider
★ Hektek Elektrek
★ Bruce
★ Gokon Rave
★ Infectious
★ Wulfsohn
★ Portal
★ Fundamentals



Earlybird – R80
Thereafter – R100
At the door – R150

Avoid disappointment, this event is definitely going to sell out fast.
Get your earlybird ticket from me (CBD area).
Ticket release date to be announced soon… Keep posted.

Contact me on facebook – here.


Find out about giveaways —-> Aurora – SA

Follow @Aurora_event on Twitter


Watch BLiSS.


Where’s the weekend jam? (14th – 16th)

So you’ve got a whole week load of stress to stomp away.
But where?


Check out UltraNoize – SHaMaNic DReAmS.
DJs include Unplugged Noise, Tune Raider, Rabdom L, Archive Vs Culture Shock and Semantic Drift.


Is it worth it?
Personally, I’ve never been to Blizzard Entertainment lounge but  for R30 (before 23:00 and R40 there-after) you get to experience some KILLER DJs.

My personal favourite? Tune Raider (in fact I have a bit of a girl crush on her).
She’s one of S.A’s Top Female Psy DJs, part of the female DJ agency: Divas on Decks with Lady Lea (flower power!)

You may have heard her blasting her beats on 5FM or owning the stage at an Outdoor. If you haven’t, you ought to.

Her real name? Pamm Legg.

What do I love about Tune Raider? First of all, her presence behind the decks is awesome. Not to mention her versatile music style, from bouncy day-time tunes to darker, night-time beats, Tune Raider knows her sh*t. Pam is not just “a hot girl behind the decks”, she’s an accomplished DJ with some serious talent (just ask anyone who has jammed to her sets!).

Also, might I just mention that the only thing more awesome than a great trance DJ… is when TWO great DJ-s get together. Yep, the lovely Pam and Rabdom L- Skragg – are a happy couple.

Tune Raider. AKA: Pamm
Tune Raider. AKA: Pamm

Listen to Tune Raider- exclusive Psymedia Mix
If you’d like to read more about Tune Raider, check out this article by Cape Town Blog.



Basic Survival- Urban Edition


What to look forward to?






Zion Linguist will blow your brains- he is definitely another one of my favourites.

His real name? Laurence Sonneberg.

Why do I love him? Well, he comes from the “Deep South” like myself. He entered the psytrance scene at age 15! And has been rocking it with cutting edge, dark psy ever since. He is part owner of MMD Records (Mind Manipulation Device Rec.) Laurence has also released  singles MMD Records, afrogalactic records, Vision Records, One Foot Groove Records, Noize Conspiracy Records, Orb Records, BMSS Records, Sonic Motion Records and has more releases coming up soon.

Listen to Zion Linguist here.




Ethnogenic Free Party- June 16th

This is a MUST-STOMP.

Why?  Rad lineup, a great venue, decor by Afriscot and of course, it’s FREE!!! Everyone loves free stuff, right? Especially free trance. That’s just spreading the love the right way ❤

My favourite? Bruce.

Everyone knows Bruce (by one of his many names) and loves him!
He’s an act I refuse to miss.


Read what Psymedia has to say…

“Bruce Abrahamse is without a doubt a legend within our South African psy scene. Over the past 15 years he has gained the utmost respect from dance floors to organizers with his humble approach to music and life. If there was an individual who could capture the essence of psytrance it would be Bruce. It is no surprise that someone with such passion for music would take up numerous alter egos – from DJ Bruce (signed to Nexus Media), to his live psy act Solar Axis, his free form live project Spliff Politix and his latest progressive psy child Synchronist.”

Read the full interview here.


Listen to Bruce.


That’s definitely enough to get me PSYKED!!!

Happy stomping everyone, and be safe ❤


PLEASE NOTE, I have no ownership to the above photographs. All photo’s accredited to the photographers (see watermarks).