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#WinterVortex: Exclusive interview with Prefix

Prefix is the psychedelic project of John Vichos. Growing up in Johannesburg, then moving to Cape Town in 2014, Prefix was always musically charged. But it was only after DJing genres such as tech house, minimal and techno for a few years that he discovered his love for psytrance and techno could indeed be merged – and so, Prefix was born. His memorable stage presence and versatile style never fails to attract a crowd. This year, he will be making his debut performance at Vortex Trance Adventures – Phoenix Festival 2016.

prefix psytrance

Hi John! Tell us about your ascent into psytrance – apparently you attended a festival in 2007 and that’s what got the ball rolling?

To summarize, I had a buddy from Cape Town who I would see during December holidays when I would go travel to the coast from Johannesburg with my family. We would swap the music. Being from Cape Town with its exploding psychedelic culture, most of what he would share with me was psytrance. It became infectious, and eventually I had him take me to my first outdoor which was Earthdance Cape Town in 2007. It was the first time I had ever experienced music and a gathering with such effortless power; it was truly a gathering of tribes. That’s when I got bitten by the bug.

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#WinterVortex: Exclusive Interview with Sadhu Sensi

Andrew Winer aka Sadhu Sensi is an electronic music producer, born and raised in Cape Town.  He began experimenting with music from a very young age and, in the early 2000s, became the keyboard player in the ska/reggae/rock band, 7th Son. Sadhu Sensi’s ambient tunes range from down-tempo to blues, experimental house, electronica and dub. To date, he has performed at many top music festivals alongside some of the most accomplished artists . This year, he will be making his debut performance at Vortex Trance AdventuresPHOENIX FESTIVAL on the 24th of June 2016.

Psytrance party South Africa

Hi Andrew! First off, tell us what inspires you as a producer.

Nature, plant medicines and the expansion of consciousness. Continue reading #WinterVortex: Exclusive Interview with Sadhu Sensi

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Into The Wild is proud to present The Awakening – a day party like no other, showcasing the finest progressive trance and techno beats. This exciting fourteen-hour event will be hosted at the beautiful Nantes Estate, which is only 60kms outside of Cape Town, and boasts an array of international and home-grown talent for your listening pleasure including Royal Flush (Israel), HEADROOM, Broken Toy, Geometric Flux and more.

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REMINDER: Get your Early Bird ticket for Vortex Phoenix Festival 2016

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vortex phoenix festival tickets




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Review: Altered States of Africa LUNAR 2016

After hearing whispers about Altered States for a number of years, I finally vowed to experience the magic for myself at LUNAR 2015. After a very special weekend of fun in my all-time favourite venue, the Circle of Dreams, I decided that Altered States had lived up to its reputation as one of the smaller and more underground psychedelic gatherings, and that I would return – year after year. By the time that the next edition rolled around, I couldn’t have been more excited.

trance party Altered States
Photo by Manipulating Light

On the 11th of March 2016, I was on route to enjoy the festivities once more. We arrived just before the sound journey – an Altered States tradition which helps to set the tone for the event as well as encourage more intimacy and openness among party-goers.

daytime trance party Altered States psyked
Photo by SLouw

Earthtone was first to deliver his beautiful beats to our hungry ears. I loved the fact that the Headspace venue was being utilised as opposed to the Circle which is routinely used as the main dance-floor at Vortex Open Source. This slight change in setting brought with it a special ambiance that is unique to the Altered States event.


When I made my way back to the dance-floor, ScamAntrix was behind the decks dishing out her psychedelicious sounds. I couldn’t help but marvel the scene before me; as the sun began to dip in the sky, shadows cast on the purple-infused dance-floor.

Photo by Nova Brand
Photo by Nova Brand

Hips swayed and arms swung loosely as people enjoyed the vast space available to them. Dala was next up to lead us through the sunset. After an ear-enthralling two-hour set, it was time for Bruce – the master of night-time psy – to take the stage.

Photo by Manipulating Light
Photo by Manipulating Light

It was such a pleasure dancing beneath the stars as I watched the trippy projections and light show inside the DJ box. Bruce’s driving beats pulsated from my core and spread throughout my body like electricity. Before I knew it, it was time for the legendary Moog of Mushroom Mafia to take over. To this moment, when I shut my eyes I can still feel the vibrations of Moog’s hard-hitting bass lines rattle the earth beneath my feet. The music went from strength to strength with System Theory, who led us to the witching hour, and then Talking Decks.

As an avid fan of dark psy, I can attest to the fact that Altered States never disappoints when it comes to piecing together a killer night-time line-up. Though I will admit that I was fast asleep in the comfort of my tent when the first droplets of rain came down and Drifter took to the decks.

Altered States of Africa 2016
Photo by SLouw

I was roused from my sleep sometime during Kalahari Kris’s performance which was – as always – an absolute treat. I can agree with Kris when he says that high energy music makes for high energy people. That was indeed the case when the beats from Canadian guest, Nailik of Grasshopper Records, imploded through the speakers.

The party was heaving by the time that Absynth got up to play his set. During the course of the morning the dance-floor continued to fill out with freshly-faced troopers joining in for some Sunday fun. Silo followed shortly after to raise the energy with his signature sound. Regretfully, I was not able to catch his entire set but fortunately, it’s available for your listening pleasure below.

psytrance music dancing
Photo by Nova Brand

I am told that the music was concluded on the highest of high notes thanks to Prefix who is fast becoming one of Cape Town’s most loved DJs. I am sure I am not the only one who was still smiling by the time they arrived home after a spectacular weekend. Altered States prides itself in creating a space where party-goers can feel safe to express themselves, to meet new people and catch up with familiar faces.

When it comes to their events, it’s not only the music that can’t be faulted but the incredible vibe and sense of harmony that this event aims to promote. A huge thank you is due to the organisers for making us party-goers feel so completely at home, and for reminding us of the essence of true psychedelic trance music.

Photo by Nova Brand
Photo by Nova Brand

To the amazing beings I met and new friends that I made, I hope to see you at the next gathering – and the one after that. After all, LUNAR has become somewhat of a family reunion for our little psy scene – and it’s all thanks to your continued support. We are so lucky to reside inside the psytrance capital of Africa.

altered states review
Photo by Joffree Hyman

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Exclusive interview with Nailik (Canada): I wake up and make music

NaiLiK is Kilian Johnson; a twenty-year old psytrance DJ and producer from Montreal, Canada. NaiLiK first discovered psytrance in 2010. Shortly after, he began to produce his own music with the guidance of a friend. By 2012, he was full immersed in production and regularly performing at local gigs.  His “big break” came in 2013 when international artist K.I.M put him in touch with the label manager of Grasshopper Records, DJ Hatta. NaiLiK joined the Grasshopper family in December 2013 and has continued to create and perfect releases for various labels ever since. With his cutting-edge style, characterised by atmospheric sounds and driving bass lines, NaiLiK’s powerful high-energy beats never fail to uplift the dance-floor. Catch his two-hour performance in South Africa at Altered States LUNAR 2016.

killian nailik dj psytrance

Hi Kilian! For starters, tell us when you first fell in love with psytrance and what motivated you to get behind the decks?

I first fell in love with psytrance after discovering the music through a friend; I was already into electronic music but lacking something with a bit more drive and energy. When I heard psytrance, I kind of said “this is it –this is what I’ve been looking for.” Then I began going to parties around Montreal; getting involved with the scene came with that. I got into DJing by impulsively buying gear one morning after I had gone out… I wanted to figure out what was going on behind the decks so I dove right into it and a bough a controller to play around with.

Sometime after that I realised the guys that I really appreciate were all making their own tunes, and that was the standard for real artists I was listening to. I wanted to get into production but I didn’t know how to go about it. Long story short: I met a guy who was making music – hip hop actually – and I asked him to guide me through the basics of production and he did. Once I got the basics down, I started to build a really basic studio and I went right for trance production. I continued with that and eventually studied audio in Montreal which helped a bit. I have just been practicing non-stop since I started, really!

Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration right now?

Luckily I was picked up by one of my favourite label so a number of my label mates and their sound is a huge inspiration to me. This includes guys like Spectra Sonics, Mirok from Grasshopper as well as many other super talented DJs like Brainiac, K.I.M and Tron. Also, when I go out to parties or listen to fresh music at home, I always find something that I can appreciate which drives me to try and keep getting killer with my music production… These days, there’s a lot of out-of-this-world production!

nailik psytrance dj montreal

Let’s talk about your first EP – what can listeners expect to hear?

My first EP will be four solo tracks I believe – so a small variety of my sound can be heard throughout the release. Tracks will range from about 142 to145 BPM with lots of energy and drive during the tracks. There is a lot of atmosphere and flowing leads on top of a heavy rolling kick bass. I’m excited to get this out there at last and hear what people think. It’s been a work in progress for many months now.

Can you describe an average day in the life of NaiLiK?

At the moment, I’m living here with my girlfriend. (I arrived before New Year’s). Really, an average day is quite easy and relaxed. I wake up and make music; I also freelance doing some audio work for advertisements and such, but it’s quite chilled and usually music-oriented which is super nice!

dj nailik psytrance music

How does our local psy scene compare to that of Canada’s? 

The scene here, of course, is massive and very much alive. In Canada, it’s quite small however in Montreal, Quebec, it’s fairly large – I’m grateful for that. In winter we have indoor parties that range from small to about 700 people at times. In the summer we have many festivals happening almost every weekend with about 1000 to 1500 people attending. We have one bi-annual festival which is world-renowned and top quality, namely Eclipse Festival. It’s taking place this year in July which I will be back for. All in all, it’s a bit different but it still shares many similarities as the trance scene does all around the world.

If you could relive any one of your performances, which would it be and why?

I don’t know if I could pick one to relive; I love playing all the time and presenting the latest of my music so I am more concerned with looking forward at what’s to come. I always enjoy each performance as much as I can in that moment.

dj nailik

Is there anywhere in the world you still dream of playing at?

I would definitely love to break my way into the European circuit and get over there for the festival season! I think that’s the main goal for a lot of producers because there is so much opportunity and so many parties with world class music happening so frequently there during the summertime. But I hope to play all over the world as I think most young artists do. My main focus is always to get better with production quality and the gigs will follow if all goes well; so the dream is to continue making music and just hope it takes me lots of cool places – I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Do you have any words for up-and-coming producers and DJs who are trying to break into the scene?

I would say that the main thing is put in the work, and never give up on getting to where you want to go. It’s a very long, tough road to become great at anything, and there are a lot of people who want the same thing. So the deciding factor for me is how much work you are going to put in and how hard you are on yourself. I think having an attitude doesn’t do you any good – always remember there is room to improve and don’t take criticism to heart. Make good connections and have fun with it, always; the opportunities will fall into place if you are persistent and maintain the right attitude!

dj nailik canada altered states

Before we wrap things up, tell us what’s next on the agenda for NaiLiK?

I have a lot of releases coming in the future and will keep on doing my thing. After my EP is released, I’ll work on a few vs. tracks with cool guys from around the globe and get working on the next EP at some point after that.

Thanks for the chat! We’ll see you at Altered States – LUNAR.

Purchase tickets for Altered States online from Quicket before the 10th of March. Thereafter, tickets will only be available at the gate. For more information, visit the event page.

Altered states lunar psyked