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Interview with Technology (Brazil) ahead of Jungala Festival 2017

Technology is the psytrance project of Fernando Ribeiro who hails from Porto Alegre in the South of Brazil. Created in 2009, Technology’s musical style fluctuates between night-time and day-time orientated sounds, ranging from 134 to 146 BPM. Expect short breaks, frantic synths and varied bass lines that take you on a journey through the subconscious.

We were fortunate enough to chat with Technology ahead of his first-ever performance in South Africa at PsynOpticz presents Jungala Festival 2017.  

Technology PsynOpticz Records

Hi Fernando! Thanks for chatting with us. First off, tell us a bit more about yourself.  When did you first discover psytrance, and when did you decide you wanted to become a producer?  

Hi guys! First off, thank you for this interview. I initially discovered psytrance when I was 15 years old and attended a party in Porto Alegre with Astrix on the line up. I decided that I wanted to become a producer when I was 18 after seeing a friend play – I remember feeling very moved by the fact that of DJ could send a subliminal message through music to the people.

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#WinterVortex: Exclusive interview with Side Effects aka Bouncerz

Side Effects is the progressive trance project of Tzahi Geller and Yarden Yogev. Signed to Iono Records, the Israeli duo have been making music together for more than half a decade. More recently, the pair launched an exciting new project called Bouncerz which Tzahi will be performing at Vortex Trance AdventuresPhoenix Festival in South Africa. We caught up with him ahead of the event.


Hi Tzahi! Tell me the story of how you and Yarden met. When did you decide to start making music together?

Hi there! Yes, Yarden and I have been good friends since childhood and we started producing together in 2009.

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Review: Vortex Parallel Universe 2016

After a self-imposed trance party hiatus for the past four months, I was really looking forward to Vortex Parallel Universe. Easter Vortex, as it’s affectionately known, has always had a special place in my heart; not only is it hosted at my all-time favourite venue but each year it promises a stellar line-up that can’t be missed.

Die-hard Vortexers may swear by the Circle of Dreams but in my humble opinion, Hillside Farm is an equally magical venue with its enchanted forest-like atmosphere and majestic canopies. This year, the dance-floor was moved ever so slightly – creating more space for stompers to get wild. And I loved how the arrangement of stalls made the party seem like a little gypsy village.

Photo: Aumega Photography
Photo: Aumega Photography

After arriving on Sunday morning, we were shocked to see how many people were leaving the party due to hectic weather conditions the night before. Nevertheless, we were prepared to weather the weather for this worthy cause! We arrived in time to catch the last bit of Deliriant (or rather the King of Psy) before Avalon came on, taking us on rhythmic journey which left me with goosebumps.

Photo: Aumega Photography
Photo: Aumega Photography

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Exclusive interview with Nailik (Canada): I wake up and make music

NaiLiK is Kilian Johnson; a twenty-year old psytrance DJ and producer from Montreal, Canada. NaiLiK first discovered psytrance in 2010. Shortly after, he began to produce his own music with the guidance of a friend. By 2012, he was full immersed in production and regularly performing at local gigs.  His “big break” came in 2013 when international artist K.I.M put him in touch with the label manager of Grasshopper Records, DJ Hatta. NaiLiK joined the Grasshopper family in December 2013 and has continued to create and perfect releases for various labels ever since. With his cutting-edge style, characterised by atmospheric sounds and driving bass lines, NaiLiK’s powerful high-energy beats never fail to uplift the dance-floor. Catch his two-hour performance in South Africa at Altered States LUNAR 2016.

killian nailik dj psytrance

Hi Kilian! For starters, tell us when you first fell in love with psytrance and what motivated you to get behind the decks?

I first fell in love with psytrance after discovering the music through a friend; I was already into electronic music but lacking something with a bit more drive and energy. When I heard psytrance, I kind of said “this is it –this is what I’ve been looking for.” Then I began going to parties around Montreal; getting involved with the scene came with that. I got into DJing by impulsively buying gear one morning after I had gone out… I wanted to figure out what was going on behind the decks so I dove right into it and a bough a controller to play around with.

Sometime after that I realised the guys that I really appreciate were all making their own tunes, and that was the standard for real artists I was listening to. I wanted to get into production but I didn’t know how to go about it. Long story short: I met a guy who was making music – hip hop actually – and I asked him to guide me through the basics of production and he did. Once I got the basics down, I started to build a really basic studio and I went right for trance production. I continued with that and eventually studied audio in Montreal which helped a bit. I have just been practicing non-stop since I started, really!

Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration right now?

Luckily I was picked up by one of my favourite label so a number of my label mates and their sound is a huge inspiration to me. This includes guys like Spectra Sonics, Mirok from Grasshopper as well as many other super talented DJs like Brainiac, K.I.M and Tron. Also, when I go out to parties or listen to fresh music at home, I always find something that I can appreciate which drives me to try and keep getting killer with my music production… These days, there’s a lot of out-of-this-world production!

nailik psytrance dj montreal

Let’s talk about your first EP – what can listeners expect to hear?

My first EP will be four solo tracks I believe – so a small variety of my sound can be heard throughout the release. Tracks will range from about 142 to145 BPM with lots of energy and drive during the tracks. There is a lot of atmosphere and flowing leads on top of a heavy rolling kick bass. I’m excited to get this out there at last and hear what people think. It’s been a work in progress for many months now.

Can you describe an average day in the life of NaiLiK?

At the moment, I’m living here with my girlfriend. (I arrived before New Year’s). Really, an average day is quite easy and relaxed. I wake up and make music; I also freelance doing some audio work for advertisements and such, but it’s quite chilled and usually music-oriented which is super nice!

dj nailik psytrance music

How does our local psy scene compare to that of Canada’s? 

The scene here, of course, is massive and very much alive. In Canada, it’s quite small however in Montreal, Quebec, it’s fairly large – I’m grateful for that. In winter we have indoor parties that range from small to about 700 people at times. In the summer we have many festivals happening almost every weekend with about 1000 to 1500 people attending. We have one bi-annual festival which is world-renowned and top quality, namely Eclipse Festival. It’s taking place this year in July which I will be back for. All in all, it’s a bit different but it still shares many similarities as the trance scene does all around the world.

If you could relive any one of your performances, which would it be and why?

I don’t know if I could pick one to relive; I love playing all the time and presenting the latest of my music so I am more concerned with looking forward at what’s to come. I always enjoy each performance as much as I can in that moment.

dj nailik

Is there anywhere in the world you still dream of playing at?

I would definitely love to break my way into the European circuit and get over there for the festival season! I think that’s the main goal for a lot of producers because there is so much opportunity and so many parties with world class music happening so frequently there during the summertime. But I hope to play all over the world as I think most young artists do. My main focus is always to get better with production quality and the gigs will follow if all goes well; so the dream is to continue making music and just hope it takes me lots of cool places – I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Do you have any words for up-and-coming producers and DJs who are trying to break into the scene?

I would say that the main thing is put in the work, and never give up on getting to where you want to go. It’s a very long, tough road to become great at anything, and there are a lot of people who want the same thing. So the deciding factor for me is how much work you are going to put in and how hard you are on yourself. I think having an attitude doesn’t do you any good – always remember there is room to improve and don’t take criticism to heart. Make good connections and have fun with it, always; the opportunities will fall into place if you are persistent and maintain the right attitude!

dj nailik canada altered states

Before we wrap things up, tell us what’s next on the agenda for NaiLiK?

I have a lot of releases coming in the future and will keep on doing my thing. After my EP is released, I’ll work on a few vs. tracks with cool guys from around the globe and get working on the next EP at some point after that.

Thanks for the chat! We’ll see you at Altered States – LUNAR.

Purchase tickets for Altered States online from Quicket before the 10th of March. Thereafter, tickets will only be available at the gate. For more information, visit the event page.

Altered states lunar psyked



Exclusive interview with SiLO: I fell in love attending my first outdoor party

Karl Douglas, better known as SiLO, fell in love with psytrance at the early age of sixteen. Although he never envisioned becoming a DJ, he has always been musically inclined. While his friends were enjoying the playground, SiLO was playing the piano; and at the age of fourteen, he decided to add guitar to his list of musical talents. But it wasn’t until he attended a Mushroom Mafia party that he first considered producing and playing psytrance. SiLO’s earliest influences include Cosma, BLT, Protoculture and some of the old Nano Records material. His melodic and driving beats tell entrancing stories that captivate the listener. Catch him at Altered States – LUNAR for a two-hour set on Sunday, the 12th of March, from 13:00 to 15:00.

 SiLO psytrance South Africa

Hi Karl! First off, tell us what it is about psytrance music that appeals to you personally? What got you hooked into this genre, initially?

I would say [it’s] originality of the psytrance dance-floor to any genre of music. The underground Scarborough, Chapman’s Peak parties in the early 2000s were the first trance parties I attended while growing up in Hout Bay, and I was immediately hooked. I loved how the music spread across the landscapes, echoing freely – there’s something about the way psytrance travels outside – and the whole concept of camping out for the weekend with your friends; making new mates and connections; having new experiences with no judgement, and just good’ol rad vibes. Psytrance is like no other genre; there is a culture behind it than runs deeper than anything I have experienced in music. I fell in love attending my first outdoor party. Continue reading Exclusive interview with SiLO: I fell in love attending my first outdoor party

Win 2 x VIP tickets to Labyrinth’s 9th Birthday – Tranceformation

LABYRINTH aka #LAB is back! Cape Town’s longest running and best loved indoor psy-trance brand has undergone a TRANCEFORMATION to re-emerge on Saturday the 9th of August at a brand-new venue.

We’re giving away 2 x VIP and 2 x general tickets to this incredible event. Details below.


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Win double tickets + R100 bartab for The Full Moon Festival

Full Moon Events is back in full-force this winter with a lineup featuring Cape Town’s best born-and-bred DJs such as Technicolour, Rubix Qube, Broken Toy, Phixius and of course, the legendary Lost & Found. We’re giving away double tickets to the event and bartabs to the value of R100.
Details below.

full moon

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Win double tickets for TRANSITION featuring Berg

One thing’s for sure, there’s no such thing as “too much Berg.” The mighty prog-master returns to South Africa on the 4th of July. This time, he’ll be bringing his beautiful beats to Dragon Room along with local all-stars Deliriant, Headroom, Bruce, The Commerical Hippies, Sway and others. We’re giving away double tickets to the event. Enter our competition to win. Details below.


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#SuperPsykedGiveaway: Aurora presents Time Lock

Last year Aurora SA brought BLiSS to The Side Show.
Now they welcome the international sensation, Time Lock.

This Israeli muso requires no introduction, having collaborated with some of the big boys of psytrance such as Berg, Ace Ventura, Major 7, Easy Riders and Captain Hook. Time Lock’s elevating psychedelic beats are progressive to a T.

We’re giving away bartabs to the value of R150 and double tickets to see him perform live in South Africa. Enter our competition to qualify. Details below.

00 1797576_617572705005472_1795822396711126869_n

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Win double tickets + R200 bar tab for Coming Soon live @TheSideShowCT

You know them, you love them and they’re back!  The famed DJ duo, Coming Soon, returns to South African shores this Saturday. We’re giving one lucky stomper a R200 bartab and double tickets to see Coming Soon live at The Side Show, alongside local favourites such as Bruce, Deliriant, Sway, Feedback, Drang3d and more. Enter our easy competition to win. Details below.



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