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Raja Ram: Godfather of psytrance to play at Easter Vortex

Raja-Ram-300x300Raja Ram, the Godfather of Psytrance will be in South Africa for the first time to play at Easter Vortex. Raja Ram turns 75 this year! He is the ringmaster, the “godfather” who has been at the forefront of the global psytrance (r)evolution since the early nineties. Known for spreading his love of psychedelic music far and wide, this poetic flutist, DJ and producer has inspired more artists worldwide than any other individual in the scene. In the early 90’s he was part of the Goa trance duo, The Infinity Project with Graham Wood and in 1994 he formed Tip Records which became the leading Goa Trance label of its time. In ’95 he formed Shpongle with the legendary Simon Posford and has gone on to release four critically acclaimed albums with a fifth in the pipeline. He started DJing in 2000 at the grand age of 60 and soon after started 1200 MICROGRAMS with long time friends, Riktam & Bansi (Growling Mad Scientists – GMS) and Chicago. Their debut album in 2002, simply called 1200 Micrograms has often been cited as one of the most defining psychedelic trance albums of all time and heralded in a fresh new sound that became the template for psytrance as we know it today! With each track named after a psychoactive substance the album takes the listener (and dancer) through nine powerful trance states of full on music. Here’s a little taste of what to expect.

Easter Vortex Information Date: Friday, 3rd April – Monday 6th April 2014 Venue: To be confirmed Tickets: R350-R420 For more information check out the Facebook Fan page here. (Post courtesy of: www.capetownatnight.co.za)

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