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Review: Herbal Remedy- Mongrels and Wizards

A successful night of grooving tunes and happy stomping was had by all at HERBAL REMEDY: Mongrels and Wizards last Saturday. Special thanks goes to Bianca Köhn,  CAPE TOWN PsyTrance Parties and Psy-Africa Productions for creating a spectacular evening.

First off, let’s talk about the venue. Ragazzi on Loop Street is the cutest and definitely most cozy place to psyk out in during Winter-  perfect for a party that caters to those who prefer a more rustic experience.

Other highlights included a dance-floor full of happy faces, swaying hips and stomping feet, powered by DJs such as StrainDigitalHippieDj SONICPsyTekhFractal and others!
As well as free shooters, and abundant positive energy.

Rolandi Senekal got everyone feathered up for the occasion with beautiful feather hair extensions. Check out her page  RSFeathers to find out more. I cannot wait to get one of these things!

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When it comes to trance parties, bigger is not always better.
Herbal Remedy offers a truly unique and intimate psy experience.

One party-goer described the event as:
             “Simply the ONLY decent source of indoor psy.”


Keep an eye out for these snazzy bumper stickers cruising around the Mother City. Yep, they are handed out FOR FREE every party. Grab yours at at the next one, and show your support.

Where to from here?
Herbal Remedy: YING. Come and retain your balance.


Getting psyked already.


To view photo’s from the event please click here.

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Photography by Wayne’s Picz.

The weekend psyk: Saturday @ HERBAL REMEDY


Still wondering where the jam is at on Saturday night?
If you’re not attending The Full Moon Festival @ Side Show, and you’re seeking a smaller, more intimate and less commercial trance experience,
check out HERBAL REMEDY: Mongrels and Wizards at Ragazzi on Loop Street.


What’s the psyk about?

Herbal Remedy offers you the chance to revert back to the original, down-to-earth, positive experience of TRANCE.
Nobody likes crowded places where jamming is literally impossible and it takes 30 minutes to order one drink from the bar.
Come and enjoy the music without being bashed around left, right and center (perfect for shorties like myself!)
Forget waiting hours just to pee, the pick-pocketers and the MD trippers.

Everything sold at the event is Natural, Organic and 100% Legal. Products range from Herbal hand-rolled ANTI-TOBACCO blends, Raw Fynbos incenses, Hemp Jewellery created with positive energy…. As well as organic olive oil, Buchu products, Sceletium/Kanna, Raw Honey, Salvia extracts, Herbal soaps, Dental Cream – (ayuvedic toothpaste), treatments and it doesn’t end there.

These guys  care about the community, all the more reason to support.
Please bring any and all old clothes you have and are willing to donate

What to expect?

Kitchen selling hot food
Comfy sofas upstairs
Bean bags perfect for chilling on
2 intimate dancefloors (Progressive and Full On Psy)
Super affordable entry fee
Benches outside
The Bush Doctors Of Cape Town selling all legal herbal plant extracts
Feather hair extensions
Beautiful hand made items on sale (leather purses, bags etc)
Cozy venue
3 bouncers
1 Smoking Dancefloor and 1 Non
Incense and Candles
Clean bathrooms
Free Shooters between 8-10 pm
Free Glow sticks at the door for yo
A Free Sticker
Ample Parking
Psychedelicious visuals

What doesn’t this place have?!


Down below

20:00 – 21:30 Flyp Psyd
21:30 – 23:00 Digital Hippie
23:00 – 00:00 Parana
00:00 – 01:30 Sonic
01:30 – 03:00 Strain
03:00 – 04:00 Alternate Frequency


21:00 – 22:30 Pixi
22:30 – 00:30 Fractal
00:30 – 02:30 Psy Tekh


More details HERE. 


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