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Review: Altered States ~ Lunar

As I arrived at my long-time favourite venue, the “Circle of Dreams,” I was struck by the beauty of Riversonderend once more. Home of Vortex Trance Adventures, this sacred clearing is nestled in a forest roughly 170km out of Cape Town. I was elated upon hearing that Altered States managed to secure this dream-space for LUNAR after a last-minute complication (or rather, a blessing in disguise).

Photo by: Athena Christoforakis
Photo by: Athena Christoforakis

I made my way to the dance-floor for the much-anticipated Sound Journey and was transfixed by the amalgamating rhythm. A few decorative details were strung from the branches of trees in the background, adding to the already vibrant display. Some milled about in conversion, others marvelled the gallery of artwork within the ‘The Psychedelic Dream Temple.’

decor altered states psychedelic sun beautiful forest music festival
Photo by: Kelly Turner

I managed to capture a brief snippet of the Sound Journey on video, although I’ll confess that I was too engrossed by the magic to fumble about with technology; Altered States has a contagious aura of tranquillity about it. I sensed that even before Earthtone got behind the decks, and the beats began.

This level of intimacy and mutual understanding was more than refreshing. Creativity radiated from every carefully-painted piece of décor and party-goers were mindful of the environment around them. This was a special gathering, indeed. And I was mystified by the time Prefix guided us into the evening.

Kineticz followed, and then Killawatt, who delivered a set unlike anything I have heard before. The vibrations of his high-energy beats pulsated through the forest floor and then up, through my being. I admired the openness of the star-filled sky above, as well as the spaciousness of an un-crowded dance-floor (something that’s become exceedingly rare).

altered states lights night time trance party
Photo by: Athena Christoforakis

The party was heaving when Compact got into the DJ box. I stood at the centre of the floor, experiencing the energy mounting around me. Happy faces floated to and fro but all that existed was the music. Out of nowhere, large illuminated creatures emerged from the floor reaching higher and higher towards the heavens as part of an epic performance by The Psychedelic Theatre and I decided to watch in awe from the warmth of the bonfire.

DJ Drifter was up next, in place of Talking Decks. I found myself asking when the music would stop being so amazing so that I could get some rest. After much contemplation, I managed to pull myself away from the dance-floor, (though I still enjoyed the sensation of the music from the comfort of my tent).

johan absynth music festival girl party
Photo by: LGeary

The next day, I was woken by a friend, beckoning me to the dance-floor. Flexture was wrapping things up and I grabbed a cup of Marley coffee along the way. The tunes of the talented Bruce (a.k.a Solar Axis) started up in the distance. A woman who had been curled up in the chill area, stretched out from the oversized bean-bag she’d been sleeping on to reveal a dog cozied up beside her (“I don’t even know whose dog this is,” she told me).

The feeling of love and unity was ever-strong; I found myself being magnetised by Bruce’s early-morning set, reeling me in deeper and deeper. I closed my eyes, floating through the dance-floor once more, a grin on my face. If there’s one thing I love about Sundays, it’s a morning set from Bruce.

Photo by: Johan Absynth
Photo by: LGeary

Feeling my enthusiasm build, I found my energy-levels replenish. Soon after, Absynth took the reins and the crowd began to fill out more and more.  His banging beats echoed through the trees for two hours straight.

I could hardly contain my excitement when I noticed Flooting Grooves a.k.a Pearce van der Merwe preparing for his set (read our exclusive interview with him here). Every expectation I had was exceeded as he teleported us on a journey of sound, aided by a majestic flute.

flooting grooves altered states music festival psytrance trance south africa psyked
Photo by: Kelly Turner

Bernz seized the floor sometime after that and the party gained new momentum. His psychedelic sounds, composed of hard-driving basslines and uplifting undertones, once again, had me fixed to the spot. Then the sprinklers turned the ground to mud and I sunk my feet into the coolness of the earth, colours swirling around me and bubbles drifting across the scope.

dancing happy pstrance music festical altered states absynth psyked
Photo by: LGeary

It was a sad moment when I rallied my troops, knowing that it was time to head home. Unfortunately we were not able to stay for Satori’s closing set but I’ve been informed that she finished things off on a high note with some seriously killer tunes.

namaste forest decor altered states lunar psytrance party music festical peace happiness
Photo by: Kelly Turner

If there’s one thing I gleaned at this party, it’s that the principles of P.L.U.R and the original vision of psytrance is still present. These like-minded individuals who come together to celebrate the spirit of African psy are not just our friends, they’re our family.

Thank you to the Altered States crew and everyone who attended, this was the first of many! Until then, stay psyked…

Photo credit: Kelly Turner, LGeary and Athena Christoforakis

Exclusive Interview with Tune Raider (Twenty4Seven / Spectral Records)

Tune Raider AKA Pamm Legg is one of South Africa’s most prominent female DJs. With thirteen years of experience behind her name, countless dance-floor hits, a radio show on Mutha FM and a documentary entitled “Under the African Sky,” Tune Raider is no stranger to the world of psy. Signed by Twenty4Seven Records, Spectral Records and Magnetika, her dynamic style ranges from night-time full-on to psychedelic morning beats. And Cape Town just can’t get enough.


These questions were compiled by Batia Efrat on behalf of
Psyked in the City.
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Win 1 of 5 spots on the guest-list for Andromeda

Andromeda is a brand new event that’s set to take place on Wednesday the 28th of January at The Loop. With a stellar line-up, featuring the best full-on psytrance in Cape Town and enough drink specials to transport you into another dimension, Andromeda allows you to enter a universe where only two things matter; banging baselines and heaving dance-floors.  Come and enjoy your weekly dose of psy at a place so mind-blowingly awesome that it makes the milk way look average.


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Exclusive interview with Myzo (Global Army Music)

Lili Vermaak, or rather Djane Myzo, is a psytrance deity hailing from Lisbon, Portugal. Following the success of her debut album “Super Cereal” in 2012, Myzo has continued to captivate audiences far and near with her energetic twilight beats and entrancing live performances. The talented psy-sister is signed to multiple labels including Global Army Music, Terror Lab Industries and Magnetika Female Agency. Myzo currently resides in Fish Hoek, Cape Town with husband and collaborator Stuart Vermaak (a.k.a Hiyarant) who forms the second half of the deadly Hiyamyzo duo. We got chatting to the mysterious Myzo; here’s what went down.


This interview was compiled by Batia Efrat on behalf of
Psyked in the City.

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Review: Love & Light 2014

Love & Light is an event characterised by uplifting daytime beats, beautiful surroundings and happy people. This year’s instalment was held at the Mountain Shadows Guest House in Paarl; setting expectations high with a line-up featuring live performances by Astrix, Liquid Soul, Ticon and Critical Choice.

Photo: Stu Shapiro Photography.
Photo: Stu Shapiro Photography.

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Exclusive interview with Mindwave (IONO Music)

Mindwave, or rather Anton Maiko, was first introduced to psytrance at the early age of six, after he relocated from Russia to Israel and began experimenting with musical software. He went on to studying sound engineering at the BPM College, and later released his debut album “Escape Reality” through Phonokol Records. After receiving worldwide recognition for his atmospheric beats, he signed with IONO Music in 2011.  Mindwave is famed for his revolutionary new style; his psychedelic-infused beats have graced dance floors across the globe including O.Z.O.R.A (Hungary), Vuuv Experience (Germany), Aurora (Greece), Spiritual Healing (Germany), Boom (Portugal), Trishula Festival (Russia) and Tree of Life (Australia).

Mindwave  is set to hit Cape Town later this month for the Sirius SUNDAY Electronic Music Experience at Synergy Live 2014.

mindwave interview with psyked in the city

These questions were compiled by Batia Efrat on behalf of Psyked in the City.

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Win double tickets for Love & Light – December 2014

Love & Light, the party that remains true to its name, returns this December to bring you 12 hours of the finest international and local progressive psy-trance with live performances from Liquid Soul, Astrix, Ticon and Critical Choice. Hosted at the beloved Mountain Shadows Guest House in Paarl, this season’s installment is sure to be bigger and better than ever before (read the 2013 review).

Psyked in the City is giving away 2 x tickets to one lucky trooper. To enter, follow the instructions below.

love and light 2014

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Win tickets for Summer Sound System ft. SKAZI (live)

The Summer Sound System is the latest edition to Cape Town’s music calendar, offering festival-goers a multi-genre experience in the beautiful outdoors. Come and lose yourself in a day-long celebration of music, freedom and happiness. Not only is the iconic SKAZI returning to perform his LIVE set- featuring the talented violinist VITALI- the local line-up includes Frozen Ghost, Broken Toy, Psyqlopz, Hiyamyzo and a whole lot more.

Psyked in the City is giving away two tickets every week until the big event. All you need to do is tell us why you’re #psyked to attend. More details below.


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Win double tickets for Mungus Fungus presents Quantum Physics

Mungled from deep within the psychic spore and fungled outwards through space and time, Mungus Fungus is a fast-growing psychedelic super power. This Friday, Quantum Physics is set to teleport you to a world of magical Mungus mayhem far beyond the realms of consciousness. With the iconic Headroom as its headlining act, accompanied by local legends Matron, Hektek Elektrek, Roach and Snowbot, this is an event not to be missed.

Psyked in the City is giving away double tickets to two lucky winners. To enter,
follow the instructions below.


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Win double tickets for Earthdance Cape Town 2014

Earthdance Cape Town 2014 is an international hub event boasting three stages, two days and one night of musical bliss and cultural awakening. This year’s theme, Transformation, aims to embrace positive change and growth on both a personal and collective scale. Returning to its homeland, Earthdance will once again be held at Nekkies in Worcester where the green fields and mountainous backdrop provide the perfect setting for an outdoor party.

Psyked in the City is giving one lucky winner double tickets for the event. To enter,
follow the instructions below.


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