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Exclusive interview with Mindwave (IONO Music)

Mindwave, or rather Anton Maiko, was first introduced to psytrance at the early age of six, after he relocated from Russia to Israel and began experimenting with musical software. He went on to studying sound engineering at the BPM College, and later released his debut album “Escape Reality” through Phonokol Records. After receiving worldwide recognition for his atmospheric beats, he signed with IONO Music in 2011.  Mindwave is famed for his revolutionary new style; his psychedelic-infused beats have graced dance floors across the globe including O.Z.O.R.A (Hungary), Vuuv Experience (Germany), Aurora (Greece), Spiritual Healing (Germany), Boom (Portugal), Trishula Festival (Russia) and Tree of Life (Australia).

Mindwave  is set to hit Cape Town later this month for the Sirius SUNDAY Electronic Music Experience at Synergy Live 2014.

mindwave interview with psyked in the city

These questions were compiled by Batia Efrat on behalf of Psyked in the City.

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