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Review: Vortex Phoenix Festival of Fire 2015

“It’s winter,” they said. “It’ll be cold,” they said. “We’ll wait for summer,” they said. But they were wrong. If you were at the Vortex Phoenix Festival of Fire, you’ll know I mean it when I say that it’s a gathering unlike any other. So intimate and entrancing that it’s almost impossible to forget. That’s why on Saturday the 27th of June, I was on route to Riversonderend once again, ready to kick up the dust and brush off those winter blues.


I arrived as the sun was setting; waves of tranquillity passed through me upon entering the sacred space – the Circle of Dreams, my favourite venue of all time. I watched as the scene shifted from day to night. The lights slowly set aglow. I thought about the Shaman’s ceremony which had happened the night before and regretted missing it. Unfortunately, the nine to five can’t always be avoided. But none of that mattered right then.


Sad Paradise had just closed shop and Headroom’s captivating beats imploded through the forest. There’s no doubt that Vortex had stepped up its game since last year, providing ample heaters and fires to keep us warm and snug. Not to mention the stupendous décor. By the time DJ Mark took the reins, it was all systems go. Continue reading Review: Vortex Phoenix Festival of Fire 2015

Exclusive interview with DJ Mark: I knew when I started that I would never give up

Mark Cullinan AKA DJ Mark is easily one of Cape Town’s most known and loved DJs. Praised for his full-on psychedelic style and an ability to blend older and more contemporary sounds, Mark continues to draw a massive crowd no matter wherever he performs.

Interview Psyked in the City

*These questions were compiled by Brandon Menzies.

Hi Mark. First things first; what inspired you to embark on the path to becoming a psytrance DJ? And how did you first become exposed to the festival scene?

I’ve always been interested in electronic music; I used to listen to some house when I was still in school. One day I found myself standing on the floor at a mammoth psytrance festival; it was the millennium. I was in awe! I turned to two of my mates and said, “I want to play at these jols,” and I pointed towards the DJ. Two months later, I had a mixer and two discmans, and that’s where it all began.


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Win double tickets for Vortex Phoenix Festival of Fire 2015

The outdoor party season in South Africa has come to a halt but that won’t stop us from celebrating one last festival in true psychedelic style. This winter, Vortex Trance Adventures invites you to embark on a journey back to the beloved Circle of Dreams in Riversonderend for the Phoenix Festival of Fire 2015  – a tribal gathering like no other, complete with a waterproof tented dance-floor, free hot showers, serviced flush toilets, massive bonfires and forest camping.

This year’s line-up features Zen Machanics, Creator, Sad Paradise, Bernz, DJ Mark, Itone, Connecto, Headroom, Technicolour and Bruce, to name a few, as well as special mystery guests to be announced shortly.


Psyked in the City is giving away a set of double tickets to the event. Stand a chance to win by following the instructions below.

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