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Exclusive interview with K-Jos: Psytrance is the glue that keeps it all together

In light of the Vortex Phoenix Festival of Fire which is just around the corner, we chatted to a handful of S.A’s homegrown psytrance pros including K-Jos (aka Jos Veldhuizen). Here’s what went down in our exclusive interview.

Psyked in the City

*These questions were compiled by Brandon Menzies.

What influenced you into becoming a psytrance DJ?

When I was in high school I used to be into goth and death metal. I despised just about all electronic music back then. Some of my friends started listening to drum & bass and house, no matter how much I tried to discourage them from doing so. Eventually I decided to join them to a party just so that I can criticize them afterwards. It turned out to be very different to what I expected and I had a lot of fun; and so the clubbing began. After a few years of clubbing I wanted to get more involved and in 1997 I bought a pair of turntables from money that I initially saved for a car.

After getting the turntables I bought a collection of drum & bass vinyls from a friend and started collecting House on the side, until one of my friends made a suggestion of becoming a psytrance DJ. That must have stuck because shortly thereafter I started collecting psytrance on the side. In a short period of time the “side collection” of psytrance took over and I decided to put the House aside. I fell in love with music, the people and the parties; my love of psy hasn’t stopped growing since then.


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