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Exclusive Interview with Phixius (Equinox / FullMoon SA)

Phixius is the progressive psytrance project of 26 year old Anthony Elsey. Having won the Equinox “New Guy” competition last year, Anthony is rapidly making his name known within the psytrance scene. He’s set to play at Ground Zero Festival on the 15th of March alongside international artists such as Berg, Sesto Sento, and Blastoyz to name a few. We were lucky enough to have a chat with the Prog Prodigy. This is what went down.


It’s so great to finally get the chance to speak with you. Let’s start off at the beginning. You’re a Somerset West boy at heart. Who introduced you to psytrance?

Hello Psyked! Really stoked to be doing an interview with you guys! I’m actually from Jozi originally. But I moved to Somerset West in 1999 (I was in grade six). I never looked back. Cape Town is my home now. I couldn’t think of a better place to live.

I was introduced to psytrance, properly, when I went to my first outdoor party in 2009 with two of my close friends Daniel Pienaaar and Chanene Norman. It was a Rezonance New Year’s party in 2009. I instantly fell in love with the scene and the music, but most of all with progressive psy.




When did you first decide to pursue Djing?

I wanted to DJ after High School but I never really got the chance to do it. So Djing was very difficult for me, until a few years later when I met some awesome people who helped me get into it. I’ve been doing it solidly for one year and four months now, and it keeps getting better and better. 🙂



So your alias, Phixius, how did it come about?

It’s Latin for taking to flight. I’ve had the name for a long time. One guy names his boat Phixius in a movie called “The Replacements.” I used to use it when I played computer games back in the day. It seemed like a good DJ name to me.


Last year Phixius earned the title of Equinox’s “New Guy?” What does that mean to you and how has it helped you advance?

Winning Equinox “New Guy” was hands-down one of the best moments in my DJ career. It means the world to me. It really put me on the map and gave me exposure as a DJ. If I hadn’t won, I don’t think I’d be as successful. The funny thing is, I wasn’t going to enter the competition at all. I didn’t feel ready for it at the time, but my mates pushed me to enter, and I won. It was super stressful but the juice was so worth the squeeze! I’m also a resident DJ at Equinox and Full Moon SA. Being signed with two labels gives me a huge boost in the scene.




I recently saw you perform at Equinox Experience Play Festival. Tell me a bit about that. Was it your first outdoor party?

My first outdoor was actually Groovy Troopers – Mandala Project. I played on the Hyper Dive stage. Considering it was my first party, it was much less pressure than playing on the main dancefloor so it eased me into playing bigger gigs slowly. Equinox Play Festival was unreal, definitely my top set to date. The crowd was unbelievable. It was a very emotional for me to see how everyone reacted to my music. When my set ended, the applause I got was so insane, I felt like shedding a tear.


Your musical style is best described as “psy prog.” Which Djs influence you?

Vertical Mode, Ace Ventura, Symbolic, Ritmo, Born Sleepy and Timelock, to name a few.



Where do your draw your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from the crowd and my fans; seeing them smile, laugh and jam their hearts out to the music I play is such a rewarding feeling.


You’re set to play at two milestone events this season; Ground Zero and Organik – Love Project. How exciting is this for you?

I am beyond excited! Both festivals have been on my hit-list in terms of parties I want to play at. I’m so stoked that I got booked for both of them.




Any words of advice for up and coming Djs in Cape Town?

If Djing is something you really love doing and you have the drive put in the hours behind the decks at home, do it. The more you play, the better your ear becomes. And most of all, never give up, it takes some time. So be patient.


What can we expect from Phixius in the near future?

Loads more banging sets! I’m busy learning to produce music too, so in the future you guys will see me producing some of my own tracks. Very exciting things coming up!




Where can we catch you next?

I’ll be playing at Equinox on Wednesday, the 26th Of February at Fiction and Cold Fusion (hosted by The Village) on the 28th of February. So see all you peeps on the dance floor!! 😉 Thanks Psyked in the City for the interview, it was privilege. And to everyone who has supported me, much love to you all!


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Listen to Phixius on Soundcloud.

Review: #PlayFestival

After weeks of anticipation, it was finally time to set off for my first ever Equinox Experience outdoor event. At five o’ clock on Saturday we arrived at the Goedgedacht farm in Malmesbury.

I was greeted by many happy faces, mirroring the warmth of the weather. What can I say? Mother Nature had blessed us and rightly so (last weekend was a totally different story!).

happy stomper by dreamer
Photo: Dreamer Photography.

There was plenty explore; the little river that enticed heated stompers on Sunday morning, and the fairy-tale bridge that crossed it, not to mention the lush riverbanks that ran alongside the dance floors. There was magnificence at every turn, and the attention to detail from the organisers’ side exceeded my expectations in every way.

river fun by marc
Photo: Marc Berman Photography.

The “play” theme was really brought to life through elements of the decor such as the video-game-inspired stage and the life-sized cut outs of Pacman. And with a multi-coloured ball pit (the kind we all dreamed of having as kids) and a jumping castle, it was impossible not to release one’s inner child.

ball pit by gareth olivier
Photo: Gareth Olivier.

Equinox really took it up a notch in terms of providing a solid outdoor experience with card machines at the bar, bean bag chill areas, a skate board ramp, water slide and free entrance to all stompers who were celebrating their birthday.

waterslide by gareth olivier
Photo: Gareth Olivier. 

I tried my very best to resist the dancefloor until night fall in an attempt to save my energy but I simply could not. The music was just too good to stay away. At seven, I began stomping to Phixius and I didn’t stop until my legs gave in around four in the morning.With one great DJ after the next, I was in psytrance heaven. 

dancing by marc
Photo: Marc Berman Photography.

In terms of eye-candy, the organisers went all out and it really paid off when the sun set. The visuals, light show and projections during the night time were out of this world.You didn’t need to be on any kind of drugs to be completely gobsmacked by it all. I was teleported from an outdoor festival to a mystical land inside an Xbox game.

light show by adhdh
Photo: ADHD Photography.

The highlight of my evening was Deadbeat FM, the product of the notorious Deliriant (Shane Renew). With his grimy tech-house sound that verges on minimal but is brought to life by dirty bass lines, heavy drums and percussion, Shane kept the dancefloor pumping right through.

d floor at night by marc berman
Photo: Marc Berman Photography.

And where Deadbeat FM stopped, EMP’s alter-ego, Contra, took over. Once he got into the DJ box to deliver an awesomely uplifting progressive tune, I was reminded of how talented and versatile Vaughan de Villie really is.

Listen to Contra’s EP Science Friction.

contra by marc berman
Photo: Marc Berman Photography.

Right now, I am loving the more bouncy and fun beats that are coming from DJs who are well-known for playing harder and darker styles of trance. Vaughn wasn’t the only DJ bringing a progressive project to the floor. James Copland, aka Broken Toy, was on the scene to deliver the symphonic sound of Sad Paradise

happy stomper by ray
Photo: Rachel Doyle Photography.

But there’s always a place for full-on psychedelic, and The Commercial Hippies were there to take control of it. When they played their killer “Lark” remix as well as P.H Fat- Dinosaur blood, the dancefloor went mad.

I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly and uplifting the energy was. What an inclusive vibe. It was extremely refreshing -something I had been missing – to go to a party and speak to people, making new friends and to continuously be greeted with smiles. Not once did I encounter anyone who was having a less-than-incredible time.

stomper by marc
Photo: Marc Berman Photography.

On Sunday morning, I woke up nice and early, bought myself a mini pizza for breakfast (trance parties are all about being healthy that way) and headed to the front of the dancefloor just as Static Flow was finishing up his set. When Dapanji entered the DJ box, the crowed went insane. This is what we had all been waiting for. I was extremely stoked to be there, right in the front as he opened, and to feel the intensity coming from eager stompers. And I was even more stoked when he played one of my favourite tracks.

dapanji by marc
Photo: Marc Berman Photography.

Besides, not getting a chance to see Aviation play, there’s really nothing negative I could say about this event. What a beautiful party! From the venue to the people to the music, I am left in awe. And, like many others, I wish that I could close my eyes and return to the beautiful land beneath the trees.

d floor by ray chill
Photo: Rachel Doyle Photography.

When I did finally convince myself to head home, I left with a sense of bliss inside of me, the good energy and the uplifting tunes still radiating throughout my being. There’s no doubt that this was one the best festivals I have ever attended. Why can’t next year’s Equinox Outdoor just be tomorrow?

bridge by ray chill
Photo: Rachel Doyle Photography.

Special thanks to Claire Robertson for hooking me up with complimentary tickets for myself and the Psyked in the City giveaway, and to the Equinox Experience crew and everyone else who helped to make this event the massive success that it was.

Here are the links to all the photographers who captured the event on camera.

If you have any links to albums that I have neglected to mention, please do drop me a line.


Click HERE for the next Equinox Experience event.

Dapanji is set to rock #PlayFestival this weekend.

Today Equinox Experience revealed that Dapanji will be bringing the beautiful beats once more before he returns to Israel. So for all the disheartened stompers who weren’t able to make IndepenDANCE, don’t fret. You have another chance to jam your brains out at The Play Festival to not one international but two. Catch Dapanji at 08:00 and Aviation at 14:30 for the #sundaysession.

And that wasn’t only good news we heard from Equinox. The official lineup times for BOTH dancefloors (yes, two dancefloors, kids!) have been posted. Check it out. 

equinox lineup

So, are you ready to play?

Enter our EPIC TICKET GIVEAWAY for a chance to score double tickets! The winner will be announced tomorrow.

Win Double Tickets for EQUINOX EXPERIENCE Play Festival


WELCOME to the Equinox Experience – PLAY FESTIVAL giveaway.

The prize?

DOUBLE tickets for one lucky winner.

How to enter?  

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MID-WEEK PSYK: Equinox Experience TONIGHT



Some of us just can’t wait until weekend. But that’s okay. Escape on the progressive express tonight with Equinox Experience. Destination: Psychedelica.

Who said you have to wait until Friday?
Wednesday nights at Fiction always help ease the mid-week blues.

What’s the cost?

FREE before 10 p.m (so get there early) and only R50 thereafter.
Doors open at 9.

Drink specials?

Until 10.

Why does everyone love the Equinox Experience?

Some say because of the kick-ass sound system or the 21-and-over policy to keep the kiddiewinks out. Others come for the “hot trance betties” and free entrance. But, let’s get real. What we really come for is a good jam, a mind-blowing stomping experience to help you detach from the day-to-day bullsh*t.

Close your eyes and lose yourself in the music.


22:00  Nekst

00:00 Humerous

01:30  SiLo


Find out all the details HERE.

Get Psyked with Equinox Experience.


Listen to SiLo on Soundcloud.


Listen to Humerous  on Soundcloud.


View the pics from last Equinox Wednesday HERE.

eqwed2 eqwed3eqwed4eqwed5.

Mid-Week Psyk TONIGHT: Equinox Experience 03-07-2013

Everyone’s getting psyked for a mid-week stompathon
and as usual, it’s all going down at Fiction tonight.


What’s all the psyk about?

This week Equinox Experience  presents yet another crazy lineup,
the same epic vibes and low costs. Whether or not you come for the sexy trance betties, the banging beats or a little mid-week stress release, Equinox offers a wholesome trance experience every Wednesday.



22:00 Kriss-Kross

00:00 Deadbeat FM

01:30 Chabunk

FREE before 10, R50 thereafter.
Doors open at 9.

As you can see, there’s more than enough reason to come let your hair loose, grab a beer and blow off the week’s steam with some of the happiest, hoppiest stompers in the city.
All infused with total psychadeliciousness.

Listen to these killer Chabunk tracks to get you in the mood.


Check out photo’s from the last Wednesday’s mid-week madness, captured by Marc Berman Photography here.



LISTEN: Wulfsohn’s Underground Sound demo mix

Everyone’s getting psyked for a midweek jam
and – yep, you guessed it- Equinox Wednesday is where the stomp is at.

Warm up with this sick mix put together by Daniel Wulfsohn,
and catch him tonight live at Equinox Experience Fiction.

Tonight’s DJs also include Gokon Rave and Bruce. 
… and it’s free before 10.



LISTENUnderground Sound Demo 2013 by Wulfsohn on Mixcloud.


Go ahead, get your midweek psyk on.

Photo by Emelen Photography.