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Where’s the weekend jam? (14th – 16th)

So you’ve got a whole week load of stress to stomp away.
But where?


Check out UltraNoize – SHaMaNic DReAmS.
DJs include Unplugged Noise, Tune Raider, Rabdom L, Archive Vs Culture Shock and Semantic Drift.


Is it worth it?
Personally, I’ve never been to Blizzard Entertainment lounge but  for R30 (before 23:00 and R40 there-after) you get to experience some KILLER DJs.

My personal favourite? Tune Raider (in fact I have a bit of a girl crush on her).
She’s one of S.A’s Top Female Psy DJs, part of the female DJ agency: Divas on Decks with Lady Lea (flower power!)

You may have heard her blasting her beats on 5FM or owning the stage at an Outdoor. If you haven’t, you ought to.

Her real name? Pamm Legg.

What do I love about Tune Raider? First of all, her presence behind the decks is awesome. Not to mention her versatile music style, from bouncy day-time tunes to darker, night-time beats, Tune Raider knows her sh*t. Pam is not just “a hot girl behind the decks”, she’s an accomplished DJ with some serious talent (just ask anyone who has jammed to her sets!).

Also, might I just mention that the only thing more awesome than a great trance DJ… is when TWO great DJ-s get together. Yep, the lovely Pam and Rabdom L- Skragg – are a happy couple.

Tune Raider. AKA: Pamm
Tune Raider. AKA: Pamm

Listen to Tune Raider- exclusive Psymedia Mix
If you’d like to read more about Tune Raider, check out this article by Cape Town Blog.



Basic Survival- Urban Edition


What to look forward to?






Zion Linguist will blow your brains- he is definitely another one of my favourites.

His real name? Laurence Sonneberg.

Why do I love him? Well, he comes from the “Deep South” like myself. He entered the psytrance scene at age 15! And has been rocking it with cutting edge, dark psy ever since. He is part owner of MMD Records (Mind Manipulation Device Rec.) Laurence has also released  singles MMD Records, afrogalactic records, Vision Records, One Foot Groove Records, Noize Conspiracy Records, Orb Records, BMSS Records, Sonic Motion Records and has more releases coming up soon.

Listen to Zion Linguist here.




Ethnogenic Free Party- June 16th

This is a MUST-STOMP.

Why?  Rad lineup, a great venue, decor by Afriscot and of course, it’s FREE!!! Everyone loves free stuff, right? Especially free trance. That’s just spreading the love the right way ❤

My favourite? Bruce.

Everyone knows Bruce (by one of his many names) and loves him!
He’s an act I refuse to miss.


Read what Psymedia has to say…

“Bruce Abrahamse is without a doubt a legend within our South African psy scene. Over the past 15 years he has gained the utmost respect from dance floors to organizers with his humble approach to music and life. If there was an individual who could capture the essence of psytrance it would be Bruce. It is no surprise that someone with such passion for music would take up numerous alter egos – from DJ Bruce (signed to Nexus Media), to his live psy act Solar Axis, his free form live project Spliff Politix and his latest progressive psy child Synchronist.”

Read the full interview here.


Listen to Bruce.


That’s definitely enough to get me PSYKED!!!

Happy stomping everyone, and be safe ❤


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