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Review: Love & Light

Love & Light is a party that remains true to its name, if you’re looking to uplift your spirits to beautiful beats or just take advantage of Cape Town’s summer sun, look no further. This is a party best suited for the lovers of Sunday sessions and day-time beats.

trees by scott

Photo: Scott Rennie.

The fun began at 10 a.m on Saturday morning. We arrived bright and early at Mountain Shadows Guesthouse in Paarl, not willing to let a ray of sunshine go to waste.

Israeli-bred, Yotopia opened up the party and got our juices flowing, delivering deliciously proggy tunes to a very hungry audience. I allowed myself to get lost in the music, and closed my eyes for a moment to enjoy the sun upon my skin.

dj by scott

Photo: Scott Rennie.

And when I opened my eyes, I was greeted by the Drakensberg Mountains that surrounded us, encapsulating the scene. I felt as if I had entered party paradise.

mountain by citylifer

Photo: CityLifer Cape Town.

Massive respect to the individuals who managed to stay on the dance-floor the entire time! That must’ve taken a lot of stamina (and hopefully sunscreen too). The blistering heat was made bearable, however, by the Mountain Shadows dam alongside. There’s nothing like taking a refreshing dip in crystal clear waters in between your favourite sets.

girls in dam by mikPhoto: Mik Motala. 

All around me, party-goers embraced the weather and reveled in the dam. For the sun-babies among us, it was a dream come true: to celebrate the season with some mates in nothing but a bikini with an icy-cold drink in hand. And in the background, the sweet music continued.

people by scott rennie

Photo: Scott Rennie.

I must give credit to the crew, at this point, for the much-needed tents that were set up to give the dancefloor some shade. The sprinklers that hovered overhead also did wonders to cool down a very hot lot of stompers.

dancefloor at love and light by scott

Photo: Scott Rennie.

Another highlight of the event was, of course, Liquid Soul (or rather Nicola Capobianco). This highly successful Swiss DJ is recognised all over the globe for his proggy psytrance sounds. And Cape Town couldn’t have given him a warmer welcome, the dancefloor was thriving when he got behind the decks.

It’s one thing to love a DJ when his tracks are blasting through your speakers but it’s an entirely different story to experience that very same DJ live in your backyard.

The local DJ sets did not disappoint, either. FogShow and Afterlife kept the party pumping, but it was Connecto’s set that really engaged me and had me floating away in musical ecstasy. Perhaps it was the awesome sound clip of Nelson Mandela’s speech that he cleverly wove into the mix..

The great German, NOK brought the evening in and then rounded things off beautifully, blasting a Morten Granau track that had everyone talking. Can you say progressive perfection?

When the sun set, the DJ box was illuminated by LED lights and trippy visual projections, creating an awesome atmosphere on the dancefloor.

night time by mik

Photo: Mik Motala. 

What I adore about Love & Light is it’s a short yet unbelievably sweet party experience. I headed homebound feeling airy, sun-kissed and happy. I couldn’t get that beautiful doof-doof-doof out my head for the entire ride home.

dancefloor by mik

Photo: Mik Motala. 

Thank you to Raymond Bloom and the rest of the Love & Light crew for pulling off an amazing event. Until next year…



CityLifer Cape Town.
Scott Rennie.
Mik Motala.