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Looking back: Jungala Festival 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, we’re looking back at some of the best outdoor music festivals of the year. Jungala Festival, hosted by PsynOpticz Records at the ever-popular Buffalo Drift venue on the Berg river, is one of the largest and most eagerly awaited outdoor festivals on the psytrance calendar. This year, PsynOpticz transported its party-goers to what felt like a slice of paradise and we’d like to take a moment to relive some of the memories.

Ridiculously awesome decor by ZARAZ brought the Isle of Jungala to life this year (with jungle totems and the circle designed by Christopher Dowding and decorated by Artescape) while entrancing lighting and mind-blowing sound from Magnetic Storm Cape Town provided a powerful visual and audio experience that won’t soon be forgotten. In fact, we feel like inserting a few heart-eyed emojis just thinking about it. If you weren’t there, fear not. We’re going to fill you in on what you missed.


Day & night at Jungala. Continue reading Looking back: Jungala Festival 2017

Massive Ultranoize X-Mas Special Giveaway: win guest list, tickets, music and merchandise

It’s that time of the year again when we gather for one last psychedelic celebration before New Year’s Eve; Ultranoize invites you to celebrate its annual psychedelic X-Mas gathering to the sounds of local veterans including Tune Raider, SwiTcHcaChe, Sonic, Deliriant and Killawatt – to name a few.

Following its fourth X-Mas event, this year we return to the infamous warehouse venue at Tiekiedraai where Ultranoize aims to re-create the  spaced out spacious psychedelic playhouse we all love, complete with the mandatory UltraNoize eye candy you have come to expect as well as a few seasonal tweaks for good measure.

Stand a chance to win the very best of X-Mas presents by following the competition instructions below.


– 3 x spots on the guest list for UltraNoize X-mas
– 2 x tickets to Psyology Festival (February)
– 5 x digital downloads courtesy of Psynopticz / Psyology Records
– 2 x original MMD Records CDs
– A bottle of champagne Continue reading Massive Ultranoize X-Mas Special Giveaway: win guest list, tickets, music and merchandise

Exclusive interview with DJ Bruce: With imagination and intention, we can create magic

Bruce Abrahamse is signed to Nexus Media. Although he goes by many names, including Solar Axis, Spliff Politix and Synchronist, he is more commonly referred to simply as Bruce. The respected DJ is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s psytrance greats with almost two decades of experience behind him. Known and loved for his humble approach to life, Bruce can be described as somewhat of a guru in the local psy scene, inspiring beats as well as brainwaves. Catch him later this month at Vortex Phoenix Festival of Fire.

Psyked in the City

Hi Bruce! It’s a an honour to chat to you today. Tell me, what originally influenced you to become a psytrance DJ and producer?

Playing and making music has always been my favourite form of expression. My dad played guitar in bands professionally for twenty odd years and had an incredible vinyl collection that I immersed myself in as a kid. It gave me a deep love for a very diverse range of musical styles; as far back as primary school, I was frequently asked to DJ for friends parties. I think I was twelve or thirteen when I played my first ‘set’ on two tape decks and a guitar amp busting out Snap, Metallica and The Time Warp in the same hour *laughs.* As a teenager, I used to play guitar in little garage bands and then, once I got bitten by the goa bug, I guess it was just the next natural step to try mix and make this music myself.
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Exclusive interview with Jay OM a.k.a Journey

Jay OM is the solo project of Milan-born Giampiero Mastino, the founder of popular UK trance label Free-Spirit Records. Jay moonlights under many names including Journey, Omsphere, Sonic Wave Control, Crocodile Rangers and even Star~Trip, as he delivers his diverse psychedelic and progressive beats to listeners across the globe. Jay OM will be performing at #EasterVortex 2015 as part of his South African tour celebrating “ten years of living life as free-spirit.”

This interview was conducted by Batia Efrat, on behalf of
Psyked in the City.

jay om 1

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Exclusive interview with Myzo (Global Army Music)

Lili Vermaak, or rather Djane Myzo, is a psytrance deity hailing from Lisbon, Portugal. Following the success of her debut album “Super Cereal” in 2012, Myzo has continued to captivate audiences far and near with her energetic twilight beats and entrancing live performances. The talented psy-sister is signed to multiple labels including Global Army Music, Terror Lab Industries and Magnetika Female Agency. Myzo currently resides in Fish Hoek, Cape Town with husband and collaborator Stuart Vermaak (a.k.a Hiyarant) who forms the second half of the deadly Hiyamyzo duo. We got chatting to the mysterious Myzo; here’s what went down.


This interview was compiled by Batia Efrat on behalf of
Psyked in the City.

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Exclusive interview with Eqlipse (The Village Records)

Eqlipse, or rather Lauren Hunt, is making waves in the local scene this season and bringing gees to the hearts of hundreds of troopers with her dark and enigmatic twilight sounds. Signed with Global Army Records, this D-jane’s bold beats can captivate any audience. Eqlipse recently performed at the Valley of Psy – Part III alongside Hiyamyzo, Sonic Assault, Dirty Motion and Psyqlopz.

lauren hunt eqlipse emelen photography psyked in the city

*These questions were compiled by Batia Efrat on behalf of Psyked in the City. Continue reading Exclusive interview with Eqlipse (The Village Records)

Review: Earthdance Cape Town 2014 (Sunday)

The great thing about hitting a trance party on Sunday is the fact that you get to climb into your bed after all is said and done; but that never makes it any easier to get up at six in the morning. After dragging my lazy self out of bed at the crack of dawn, we were on route to Nekkies. A few hours later, arm-bands and all, we had arrived at our destination.

sky temple

I wasted no time in heading to the Sky Temple; the party was in full swing as Zezia finished up his set. But what struck me was the décor. It’s no secret that Artescape is famed for their mind-altering displays but this was something else entirely. Was it a psychedelic Taj Mahal or simply the best stage set-up I had ever seen? I don’t know; one thing’s for sure, Earthdance continues to amaze me, year after year. Continue reading Review: Earthdance Cape Town 2014 (Sunday)

Tune in, psyk out.

Tune in to the The Spicy Afternoon Fiesta with the Dirty Mexican NOW:

He’s blasting
X- Avenger – Drop by Drop (Distortion VS Dyaus Rmx)
X- Avenger feat Bud Buster – The Abyss (Algorhythm Rmx)
X- Avenger VS System Sequence – Freak Frequency (Roby Rmx)

All mastered by the awesome Dale Byl for Kaos Krew

Follow  the Dirty Mexican AKA: Lloyd Martinez Newkirk on twitter at @TheDirtyMexica1 🙂

Sick stuff.