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WATCH📹: A Hipster Goes to Vortex for the 1st Time

“A lost hipster” as he calls himself, Luca Strappazzon, let his psytrance-loving friends persuade him to attend his first ever psytrance festival earlier this year. Not just any festival though; Vortex. Specifically winter Vortex the coldest of all noteworthy outdoor psytrance events in the Western Cape of South Africa. We can’t believe this video managed to slip under our radar! Nevertheless, here it is. Enjoy a chuckle and some really quality footage of the event to make you feel all nostalgic inside.

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The Vortex Open Source 2016 Starter Pack

By Nina Bloch.

Once again, it’s time to enter the Vortex – South Africa’s longest-running and most anticipated outdoor trance festival. Some of you are already en route to the Circle of Dreams aka the home of Vortex Open Source but for those who haven’t hit the road just yet, we’ve put together everything you need to know ahead of the party to ensure that you end up like this…


… and not like this.

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12 moments every trooper will relate to

Once you’ve been to a few trance parties, you’ve been to them all pretty much. Sure, festivals are always unique and exciting in their own way. But there are a few universal occurrences that every trooper is sure to have experienced at some point or other. Here are 12 great and not-so-great festival moments that have us in fits and giggles.  Which one do you relate to the most?

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Get your Earlybird ticket for BLiSS now.

Aurora – SA presents: the one and only psy-maestro BLiSS at The Side Show on the 27th of July.


Where can I get my ticket?

Get your EARLYBIRD TICKET from me.
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Ticket Prices?

Earlybird – R80
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At the door – R150


This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see your favourite Israeli DJ, right here in your home town. There’s no doubt it’s going to be one scortching party, I couldn’t be more psyked! Just check out the lineup…


Photo: B.p.empire

The Artists?

BLiSS (Israel)
★ Plusminus
★ Tune Raider
★ Hektek Elektrek
★ Bruce
★ Gokon Rave
★ Infectious
★ Wulfsohn
★ Portal
★ Fundamentals


Find out about giveaways —-> Aurora – SA

Follow @Aurora_event on Twitter


Watch BLiSS.

Psyked in the City: Now on FACEBOOK.

Hello fellow stompers, have you heard? Psyked in the City now has its very own
Facebook page. Find it HERE.

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Please like, share and comment… Get involved and be part of the psyk.
There’s so much to get amped for in the Mother City.
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Getting psyked all over the globe!

Everyday I experience a small wave of excitement when I log onto my blog’s stats.

What’s most mind-blowing for me is that I’m sitting somewhere, at the tip of Africa, writing about what’s going on in our little city, and sharing it with people I never imagined I’d talk to… and so fast!



This world really has become a global village thanks to the internet, as well as the psytrance and culture that connects people all over the planet. And a small but beautiful planet it is. 


Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, where-ever you are.
I hope you’re getting psyked in your city.

What’s to come on PSYKED in the CITY?

pitc i

Keep your eyes open for upcoming Weekend Psyk ( for the 21st- 23rd )
As well as reviews from the Freedom Fighters event at Side Show
and the Ethnogenic Free Party- June 16th.

Thumbs up for Full Moon Events

A big thanks goes out to Full Moon Events! They added me to the the Full Moon Festival: ECLIPSE guestlist. What legends!

Are you psyked for Saturday, yet?
Only 6 more days until EXAILE hits the Mother City.

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You can find reviews of the event, as well as photography here on Psyked in the City.