Jungala Festival 2017

Looking back: Jungala Festival 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, we’re looking back at some of the best outdoor music festivals of the year. Jungala Festival, hosted by PsynOpticz Records at the ever-popular Buffalo Drift venue on the Berg river, is one of the largest and most eagerly awaited outdoor festivals on the psytrance calendar. This year, PsynOpticz transported its party-goers to what felt like a slice of paradise and we’d like to take a moment to relive some of the memories.

Ridiculously awesome decor by ZARAZ brought the Isle of Jungala to life this year (with jungle totems and the circle designed by Christopher Dowding and decorated by Artescape) while entrancing lighting and mind-blowing sound from Magnetic Storm Cape Town provided a powerful visual and audio experience that won’t soon be forgotten. In fact, we feel like inserting a few heart-eyed emojis just thinking about it. If you weren’t there, fear not. We’re going to fill you in on what you missed.


Day & night at Jungala.

One thing’s for sure: Jungala never fails to deliver a world-class production which easily rivals some of the globe’s most prominent psytrance events. Party-goers were spoiled for choice with two dance-floors, namely the Psychedelic Jungle and the River’s Edge chill-out floor. Being able to cool off in the river was a welcomed relief and provided the right amount of rejuvenation needed to dance until our feet hurt. The Sanctuary – a Place to Ground provided another comfy resting spot with vegan smoothies, yoga and all around good vibes.

When it comes to the music, we have to hand it to PsynOpticz for always pulling the rabbit out of the hat. This year’s line-up was the stuff dreams are made of with eight international artists and over fifty local beat masters. It’s always a treat to hear our local musos doing their thing but we can’t deny how much we were looking forward to having Iliuchina return to the Jungala stage.

Then, of course, there was Technology whom we had the pleasure of interviewing ahead of the festival (read the interview). It was our first time jamming to Technology in the flesh and it’s safe to say that his set was one of our favourites of the night.  

Saturday was jam packed with both home-grown and foreign talent, including the likes of Glitch, Abra, Phixius, Space Byrd (Portugal), Zezia, Headroom and Gonzo. As the clock struck midnight, we braced ourselves for what was to come and grooved our way from Dave Mac vs. Josh Mac to the long-awaited Swiss duo, Stereoxide – undoubtedly a big highlight of the party.

Video by Lucas Caparroz

Other treats included the live act of Can of Tomato Soup (Iron Lotus and Contrast); a retro to new school set from the legendary sHiFt for breakfast; and a tasty morning session with Tune Raider.

Sunday Funday in the Jungle was something special with a smorgasbord of international talent, kicking off with Mexican musos Breathead (get to know him here) followed by TRON, and then SwiTcHcaChe aka Calvin Pfaff, the heart and soul of Jungala, who played a full power daytime set which we don’t see much of. Jungala took things even further by throwing the well-known South African dyad, The Commercial Hippies, into the mix right before Reality Test – the progressive act of Iliuchina who has earned her spot as a resident international on the Jungala line-up.

Video by Lucas Caparroz

In an interview she did with IDM Mag, Iliuchina describes Jungala as being “a few steps ahead of everyone” in terms of production as well as catering to the crowd and what party-goers want to hear. Hats off to the PsynOpticz Records crew for pulling off another seamless event which will live on in the hearts and minds of all who attended it. We’re psyked to see what the next year’s installment holds.

Photography by Joffree Hyman Photography assisted by Manipulating Light and Lucas Caparroz – Fotografia.


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