WATCH📹: A Hipster Goes to Vortex for the 1st Time

“A lost hipster” as he calls himself, Luca Strappazzon, let his psytrance-loving friends persuade him to attend his first ever psytrance festival earlier this year. Not just any festival though; Vortex. Specifically winter Vortex the coldest of all noteworthy outdoor psytrance events in the Western Cape of South Africa. We can’t believe this video managed to slip under our radar! Nevertheless, here it is. Enjoy a chuckle and some really quality footage of the event to make you feel all nostalgic inside.

Plus, we know we’re late to the party but we’re still collating our Vortex Phoenix Festival roundup which you can expect in the next few days! This will be complete with a brief review of the party as well as videos, mixes and links to some of our favourite photo albums encapsulating the magic that was Winter Vortex 2017.

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One thought on “WATCH📹: A Hipster Goes to Vortex for the 1st Time”

  1. This is amazing. Super glad he caught some of my set with my girlfriend Roche playing with Fire! Happy Dan Scot 😁

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