Easter Vortex review

Looking Back: Vortex Parallel Universe 2017 #SundayFunday

by Gila Efrat

We arrived at Vortex Parallel Universe, clean and fresh on Sunday Funday, unlike many other stompers who were already tired from their share of debauchery. Nonetheless, the beautiful backdrop of the mountains welcomed us to join in on the Easter fun. The farmground, dusty and dressed with hay, was decorated in hanging technicolour flags in a semi-circle around the dance-floor and clothing stalls. We decided to head to Oh So Peachy for their famous cheese and corn samosas, after getting the munchies due to the long drive from the Cape of Good Dope.

Vortex parallel universe review

A drink or two later and I was prepared for a set’s worth on the dance-floor. The windy day had caused the gazebo to sweep back and forth, fitting as the luminescent decor danced in sync with the loud vibrations. I had arrived just in time for Deliriant; and you definitely get what you paid for with Deliriant’s energetic and atmospheric style.

Cape Town Trance Party

I was disappointed I hadn’t been able to be there from the beginning to witness some top notch local acts like Mad Science, Final Flash, Qube & Dyce, and Geometric Flux, however I got treated to hypnotic sets from DJ Mark and Broken Toy which kept my legs busy for quite some time. No matter the hour the dance-floor was always pumping, with locals and tourists filling up almost every inch, constantly moving like a giant organism.

Easter Vortex 2017

The sun had started to set, and we wanted to catch a glimpse of the scenery by heading to the dam. I dipped my feet in, taking in the space that was created that weekend, and felt some peace of mind as I allowed myself to enjoy the escape; the music still reverberating. After a few more jams to iTone and Josh Mac, we started to pack our things, leaving the party which would continue until Monday.

Psyked in the CityPsytrance festival

Special thanks to Heather, Jamie and the rest of the crew for pulling off an amazing party! And to Steph for capturing the magic on camera.

Vortex south africa

View more photos of #EasterVortex 2017.



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