festival starter pack

The Vortex Open Source 2016 Starter Pack

By Nina Bloch.

Once again, it’s time to enter the Vortex – South Africa’s longest-running and most anticipated outdoor trance festival. Some of you are already en route to the Circle of Dreams aka the home of Vortex Open Source but for those who haven’t hit the road just yet, we’ve put together everything you need to know ahead of the party to ensure that you end up like this…


… and not like this.


Preparing in advance means you can leave all your worries at home and just enjoy the party and your time away in nature. Whether you’re a Vortex virgin or high-maintenance hippy, our handy Psyvival Guide will ensure that you don’t leave the party feeling too psychedelicate. It includes directions, a check list of festival essentials, pro party tips and some fun slang for the foreigners attending too.

How to Survive a Trance Party

As you know, Vortex is renowned not only for its beautiful venue but it’s world-class line ups. This year’s international line up includes Virtual Light, 2012, BIM, Zyce and Drukverdeler, and is supported by a host of well-known and loved locals such as Bruce, Rubix Qube, Bernz, Moog, Sonic and Silo. We were lucky enough to chat with two of the acts due to appear at Vortex this weekend. Read our interview with local legend Psyops and 2012 who hails all the way from Brazil.

Now that you’re all set to go, we hope to see you on the dance-floor this weekend! Bear in mind that Open Source is a marathon, not a sprint. Remember to pace yourself and enjoy every minute of it. 

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