Interview with 2012Live ahead of Vortex Open Source 2016.

2012 is the live DJ project of Eduardo Torres. Born in São Paulo, Eduardo is a seasoned DJ, producer as well as event organiser for one of Brazil’s most prominent arts and culture festivals known as RESPECT. He is currently signed with Antu Records and has performed at some of the biggest psytrance events around the world including Universo Paralello in Brazil, Ritual in Mexico and of course, Vortex Open Source right here in South Africa. With ten years’ experience behind the decks, Eduardo’s music fuses elements of hi-tech with catchy synths to entrance listeners and keep bodies moving for hours on end. This year, we are psyked to welcome 2012 back to the Circle of Dreams for Open Source 2016.


Hi Eduardo! Tell us about the first time you discovered psytrance. What originally compelled you to start DJing and producing your own music?

Ola! Thanks for the invitation. I’m known as Edu; I discovered the trance parties in 1996 when I was my first Earthdance. I used to go to São Paulo and go to underground clubs that played techno and drum’n’bass. The psytrance was love at first sight; after the first party I never stopped attending. Whether I’m producing, partying or playing, I’ve lived and breathed this movement since I first discovered it.

In 2003, the scene in São Paulo no longer pleased me; it was the same parties with no new sound. Under the influence of friends who showed me the songs that I liked, I decided to start playing DJ sets to bring something different to what was going on. At this same time, I started learning how to use music production programs. I kept learning and improving until 2010 when I started the 2012Live project with my friend and former member, David.

You’ve collaborated with a bunch of artists over the years including Shockwave, Sinerider, Anicent Tribe, Space Vision and Audio X to name a few. In your opinion, what has been your most successful collaboration thus far?

I view each collaboration as being no more or less important than another. I made true friendships with the artists I’ve worked with, and our connection to the style of music that we produced is what led to our collaboration. I can’t help but mention a track here, Pirate Frameworks, which I produced with Disorder and Haffam which is very special to me – it’s a killer track – and I can’t wait to play it for the first time in South Africa.

How would you describe your musical style and who are your biggest mentors in the industry right now?

I believe that 2012’s sound is in line with full-on psychedelic. I try to create tracks that convey euphoria, joy and emotion with serious production and great quality. Friends like Ital, Tera, Ancient Tribe have, over the years, contributed a lot to my growth as a producer.

I have always been self-taught; I trained in Systems Analysis and Data Processing Technician. Currently, I am graduating as a Technician of Audio and Acoustics at the Institute of Audio and Video in São Paulo.


Tell us a bit about what you get up to when you’re not in the studio.

I work in other areas such as event production and systems development. Today my studio is also my home office where I can develop all these activities. When I’m not working, I like to walk my dog, ride a bike in the park, see a good movie and of course go to the trance parties.

Open Source 2016 won’t be your first performance in South Africa. What do you look forward to most each time you visit?

I am very proud to be able to take the music of my country to South Africa and to all the parties of this beautiful country where I have had the opportunity to make true friendships that I miss when I’m gone. The desire to return and share my news is always very present in my future plans.

I am also really stoked to be able to debut my first album, 2012 With Friends, which is a work that I developed over the course of one and a half years in Vortex. This album was created with the magic of friendship between super talented people who have dedicated their creativity to materialising this release. It’s also created in the spirit of spreading love in the form of music. Cultures from six different countries in ten unreleased songs tell the story of the album which is intended to take the audience on a highly psychedelic trip.


Let’s say you were to throw a brand new event of your own and you could choose the line-up, where would you host it and who would be playing?

I try to value the best artists who are working in the scene whether it’s producing music, partying or playing outside their local state. I believe that the appreciation of artists comes from work done well, with professionalism and recognition of the public. Today everyone wants to be a DJ more but fewer are willing to work for the scene they would like to play in. I am always on search of talent and to find the artists that have the sound appropriate for the moment (day, afternoon and night).

Now for something a little less serious 🙂 Would you rather wear tie-dye for the rest of your life or never again?

I love tie-dye. I like to move with colour everywhere I go, so I definitely see myself wearing those vibrant colours for the rest of my life! *laughs*


What about playing a set in the freezing cold or in the blistering heat?

These are two very interesting situations. In the cold I want to keep people and would playing music that’s fast and with little breaks. In the intense heat, something less frenetic but with a lot of psychedelic trip and lightness in the dance. I always enjoy the dance-floor a little before playing; I go to the public and dance with them in order to feel the vibe that is rolling.


Lastly… what’s weirdest thing you’ve ever done backstage?

Once I slept in a chair leaning on the sound box and woke up only the next day. I got up and took the chair and went straight to the tent without understanding why I had done that!

Thanks for chatting to us, Eduardo. Any final words before we wrap things up?

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to speak with you. I am very happy to be able to return, after two years, to South Africa and in February I am going to Goa for the first time. I’m going to perform at 4 more events in the month of December in Cape Town (including Psyked in the City & Reboot present Supernova) and I’m available to take my music to other events.

Awe guys, I’ll see you guys on the dance floor!



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