New V/A Released by NANO RECORDS: A Taste of South African Psychedelics

Nano Records is proud to present ‘A Taste of South African Psychedelics.’ This special V/A is totally free for your listening pleasure and features 18 tracks (in WAV and MP3) from some of the finest psytrance producers in the country, as well as a PDF booklet showcasing extraordinary visionary artwork. Visit the website to download your copy for free. Also on offer is a limited edition Nano Records double CD from Psyshop.



Featuring sounds from: Dj Bernz / Beartone (aka EarthTone Music) / Breaker / Broken Toy / Deliriant / Double Story / EMP / Flooting Grooves /HEADROOM / HIGHSTYLE / Itone / Particular (aka Killawatt) / Sad Paradise / sHiFt / SiLo / Shockwave / Tersius Kabi / The Commercial Hippies / Zenith / Zezia

+ Visionary Art by: Psychedelic Dream Temple / Julian Graham (Aumega) / Carin Dickson (Artescape) / Jonathan West / Liquid Faeries / Juanita Kruger / Shannon Els / Sean Ravenhill / Callum Adamstein / Tamarin Fenton / Schalk Louw

Mastered by Ido @ Domestic Mastering Studios
Cover Artwork by Aumega-ॐega- (होश में ब्रह्मांड)
CD Layout by V De Ville.


Get your copy now.

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