Win double tickets for Vortex Parallel Universe 2016

Enter a space where bodies and minds can run wild; Vortex Parallel Universe returns this Easter to present a magical three-day-long psytrance experience. Located at the majestic Hillside venue in Calendon, this year’s instalment promises nothing short of psychedelic bliss. Come and celebrate the beauty of dance in a majestic river-side space that is surrounded by 100-year-old oak trees to the sounds of Avalon, SINERiDER, Future Frequency and Divination, as well as your favourite local talent (see full the full line-up below).

We’re giving away two tickets to the event. Keep reading for competition details.

trance party in South Africa


  1. Comment below [with your email address] telling us why you are #psyked for Easter Vortex.
  2. Share this post to your timeline on Facebook and tag your stomping buddy.
  3. Join #PSYKED community for competition updates and announcements.

Don’t be afraid to tweet us @psykedinthecity. Good luck!


The competition will close on Monday the 14th of March. The winner will be announced on Psyked in the City and contacted via email. Please respond promptly with your details in order to claim your prize.

trance party in South Africa


✫ Avalon
✫ Future Frequency
✫ Divination
✫ Broken Toy
✫ DJ Mark
✫ Dj Bruce (Nexus Media)
✫ Rubix Qube
✫ Deliriant
✫ Killawatt
✫ Tune Raider
✫ Dj Bernz
✫ Disco Volante
✫ Supercontra
✫ Itone
✫ Dynamic Range
✫ DJ Absynth
✫ Glitch
✫ Archive (MMD Records) vs Mystrix
✫ Mad Science
✫ Chabunk
✫ Verax
✫ Josh Mac
✫ Formul8
✫ KAbi
✫ Sci Lab-Spectrum/Reboot
✫ ScamAntrix

Read our 2015 event review here.

20 thoughts on “Win double tickets for Vortex Parallel Universe 2016”

  1. Its been two years since my boyfriend and i have been able to attend party, it would be beyond radical if we could win tickets to easter vortex as it is our fav party of the season. will be eternally grateful if we could get these tickets ( ive never won anything in my life haha) #psyked silly for a messy stomp!!!! ❤

  2. Im #psyked to come jam to all that blissful music (wow what an amazing lineup!!) with my sOulFamily ❤ these tickets would be a great help (:

  3. I’m #psyked for Eater Vortex because it will be my first one..I’ve been to the other two vortexes and had a blast now just need to experience this one with everyone plus it will be my friends last trance party before he leaves so that would make it even better if I can be there for him..can’t wait!!!!

  4. Winning these tickets and being able to dance with my vortex trance family once again will be so special for this amazing party 😊

  5. It would mean the world for me to win these tickets as it will be my boyfriends last trace party and also his first Easter Vortex as he leaves for China on the 3 April. It would mean the world to me and the rest of or friends to cmake this our bestest party ever! We would be extremely #psyked and over the moon if we could make this happen! ❤️

  6. I’m #psyked for an Easter Vortex as it will be my first one. This time of the year we are normally in the desert building up to the Burn. Winning will just be awesome. Oh and the line up is out of this world.

  7. I’m sooooooo #psyked for my first ever Easter Vortex!! I remember going to Rezonance my first time and falling in love with Trance, what trance parties stand for, the people, new friends you make. It was like stepping into a different world and friends of mine say that Vortex is better. It blew my mind and I need to find out for myself ! What a time to be alive ! P.L.U.R ❤

  8. Im psyked for easter vortex because it was the first vortex I ever attended and solidly made me fall inlove with vortex. It is the most beautiful gathering filled with the most beautiful people, I would really be stoked to win these tickets! !!♡♥

  9. It will be an out of this world experience to attend Easter Vortex! I cannot wait to party it up with the Vortex family and winning will help achieve that #psyked

  10. I Can’t wait for all the energy, the stomping, the love, and to lose myself in the music, then find myself again ❤ Vortex x I'm #PSYKED for #EASTERVORTEX to get, and spread all the positive energy, to dance hard, to see all the pretty colours xD ❤ much love for the #trancefamily

  11. I’m lost and i need to go back home! i need to get back to the world that i love so much, i miss the magic and the love and happiness. please help me get there! i would be so #psyked ❤

  12. I am most #psyked for this beautiful party and all the beautiful beings that will be there.
    Friends. Nature. Love. Great vibes ❤

  13. I am overwhelming #psyked for Easter Vortex .Firstly the line up is beyond what I had expected , HEADROOM , Broken Toy, Dj Bruce (Nexus Media),Deliriant ,Killawatt , Sci Lab-Spectrum/Reboot , Disco Volante just to name a few of the great artists lined up ,it’s the ultimate psychedelic bliss . Secondly Vortex always has that peaceful ambience around, which spreads positivity through to each and everyone, be it a stranger or a friend. The Vortex team is always helpful in providing stompers with the best advice needed anytime by putting them first .Lastly the Vortex team always organise the best Dj’s and venues , and whoever gets the chance to stomp at a vortex event , always leaves spiritually renewed therefore attending would be a privilege ,peace .

  14. My son was 16 in 2005 – He said “take me and my buddies camping…” What an eye opener – we ended up at Vortex and since then I have attended at least one Vortex event every year for the last eleven years. his birthday was the 11th – so why not? And worst of all? We moved to Cape town in 1994 which means I have missed the previous eleven years of the trance scene! 😦

  15. I am #psyked for Easter Vortex as last year it was my very first trance festival i attended and i intend to go to Easter Vortex every year to unwind and and let loose!!

    I definitely need this festival before Winter hits 🙂

  16. i am too #PSYKED for this party last year was my first easter vortex and now with me getting married there is no more fund for me to attend parties… PLEEEEEEEEASE ladies and gents over at #PsykedInTHeCity make this happen for me please!! All i want to do is unwind and get my feet dirty and stomp to those perfect beats!!

  17. Haven’t been more #PSYKED about a gathering in my life!! This line up is absolutely CRAZY! I haven’t been able to do any skitting of the biscuit for a few months now so I really really need this 🙂 So keen to get back onto that beautiful dance floor with my favourite family! ! Winning these tickets would be a great great help !

  18. Well I’m #psyked for this incredible gathering and would love to win tickets to this amazing event for two very special guys. These boys have been with me through thick and thin. Although we not related they are the best brothers any girl could ask for. Yes how lucky am I … not only have I been blessed with one but two ❤ it’s the big 30 and these boys have some killer moves to let loose on your dance floor . Their names are Kyle and Brett Sweet. Birthday 28 March. Thank you
    Love and light

  19. Vortex is by far the best party ever! I am so #psyked for this party!! I’d absolutely LOVE to win these tickets ❤

    #vortex #biglove

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