Win double tickets for Altered States – LUNAR 2016

Embark on a psychedelic journey like no other at Altered States – LUNAR 2016. Nestled in the heart of a majestic forest clearing in the Circle of Dreams, Riviersonderend, this intimate gathering is one of the most revered events on the local psytrance calendar. This year’s instalment promises to deliver a high dose of dark psychedelic beats to enthral the minds, ears and bodies of psy-enthusiasts with a line-up featuring international headliner Nailik and your favourite local talent (see the full line-up below).

As part of Altered States tradition, we invite you to travel to the venue on Friday for a special Shanti night, before the festivities begin, to enjoy conscious movie screenings, a drum circle and stargazing. Other highlights include yoga and meditation sessions as well as an entrancing sound journey.

Altered states lunar psyked

Stand a chance to win two tickets for the event by following the instructions below.


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Good luck!

The winner will be selected using a random selection tool and will be
contacted via email, please respond promptly in order to claim your prize. More details to follow.

Photo by: Athena Christoforakis
Photo by: Athena Christoforakis


16:00 – 17:00 EARTHTONE (CPT)
17:00 – 19:00 HEKTEK ELEKTREK (CPT)
19:00 – 21:00 DALA (CPT)
21:00 – 23:00 BRUCE (CPT)
23:00 – 01:00 MOOG (GARDEN ROUTE))
01:00 – 03:00 SYSTEM THEORY (PE)
03:00 – 05:00 TALKING DECKS (PE)
05:00 – 07:00 DRIFTER (CPT)
07:00 – 09:00 KALAHARI KRIS (JHB)
11:00 – 13:00 ABSYNTH (CPT)
13:00 – 15:00 SILO (CPT)
15:00 – 17:00 PREFIX (CPT)
______________CLOSING CEREMONY______________
Giving thanks for those special moments shared with our community ♥

Read last year's event review here.

21 thoughts on “Win double tickets for Altered States – LUNAR 2016”

  1. Having taken a “trance party hiatus” since December Vortex, I am now vowing to only attend the smaller, less commercial parties. I have only missed one Altered States in the last four years and they are by far my highlights of the season. Intimate gatherings that stay true to the trance spirit, keeping alive what I imagine to be the Goa traditions. And the best part? They don’t sell alcohol. I would so love to attend this event to honour Lady Luna, the divine feminine and harness the powerful full moon energy at the magical, mystical Circle of Dreams through the ritual of transcendental dance. Not to mention two of my favourite local DJs are playing- Absynth and Kalahari Kris! It would be an absolute blessing to win tickets to this beautiful gathering ❤️

  2. I am a field ranger in the kruger national park and I will be traveling all the way to Cape Town for THIS special event. Born in Cape Town, I left almost 8 years ago to fulfill my dream of protecting Africa’s wildlife. This will be my 1st party in many years and I CAN NIT WAIT!!!

  3. super duper #psyked for this one because I finish exams next week and can’t think of anything better to replenish my mind and soul than spending the weekend with the family 🙂

  4. #Psyked for Lunar : My mind is fertile soil, ready to be tilled. This will be my first experience going into an altered state. I am grateful for this collection of code that magically unlocks a thought that stimulates all my senses. Thank you

  5. Having never been to an Altered States event, and the fact that my boss is in your fabulous line up(Moog) I really really really want ticketc! Pretty please with a cherry ontop?

  6. SUPER #psyked for this event as it is the best gathering of them all ❤ this year is going to be very special!!

  7. Our favourite oh so special little party at our favourite most special venue – that combo last year and now once again. It really is a dream come true ❤ 🙂

  8. My favourite party at my favourite venue! I have not been to a party in over a year, and Altered States Lunar would be a splendid reunion 🙂 ❤

  9. I was introduced to the psychedelic trance scene in 2014. Up until this point in time I have never experienced an Altered States Festival. I have heard amazing tales of this intimate gathering and I cannot wait to experience it. Recently the trance scene has become soaked in commercialism, with party goers forgetting the true roots and origins of gatherings such as these. It’s all about community, oneness, UBUNTU 🙂 in other words. For this reason, I would love to be a part of something this magical.

  10. Because it an Altered States event, where the psychedelic family comes together and embark on a journey of unity through music and the venue will enhance the experience….one love

  11. This festival offers a unique mix of experiences beyond the ambitions of the tran(c)sformation-industry. It is about vibrations and has been since the beginning of Altered States. The big question is, what has this got to do with us? What are we and above all, why are we here? By all means we are here to love us and our potential, to realize our own vibration. Therein nature supports us with her treasures, her presents but also with permanent impulses. Occasionally quantum leaps happen only because through considerable and extensive input of courage and willingness to risk as well as through application of special methods. The psychedelic party culture knows of these secrets at least some of the of the party pioneers knew about the mystery of Elysium and you still find significant traces of this genuine metaknowledge to the left and right of the since well-trodden paths the habitual user. The main reason why I am #Psyked for Altered States-Lunar is because this festival offers its visitors a unique mix of topics, ranges of experience and a Dark Psy sound journey that goes beyond the commercial ambitions of the tran(c)sformation-industry.

  12. I am beyond #Psyked for this party! Have been looking forward to it, since i got home from the last one! 😀 Altered states is just one of those special parties that make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside and leave you with the FATTEST smile on your face for days! 😀 I think the only way to improve this magical party, would be if i won a set of double tickets 😛 Really cannot wait to be on that dance-floor! 🙂 ❤

    2 MORE SLEEPS!!!!!! 😀

  13. Its been so long since ive dug my feet into the love of mother nature and i am in desperate need of a lekrrr recharge.. realyy #Psyked for bruces set😄!! Much love and light

  14. im reallu #Psyked for this Altered states coz it will be my first outdoor for the year and i get to celebrate a becoming qualified this week at Altered SATES wirth my lovely wife and its just ganna be so dam fun and proper psychedelic 😀

  15. I would be psyked to go to Altered Stated, it will be my one year kiss- aversary with My Boyfriend ❤ lol so much memories at this beautiful venue ❤ Guess thats why they call it circle of dreams. Very Psycedelic music nothing cheesy, Super real Trance Vibes ❤ Since last year this time ive bee wanting to go back there again ❤

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