Win double tickets for Vortex Open Source 2015 ~ 21 Years of Trance

Join us as we re-enter the sacred Circle of Dreams this year for Vortex Open Source 2015. People of all paths will once again come together for a five-day-long psychedelic journey set in the heart of a magical forest where a unique musical and spiritual experience awaits. Celebrate 21 years of Vortex to the sounds of international veterans and illustrious local talent at one of the most pivotal events of the season.

Psyked in the City is giving away 2 x tickets to the event. To enter, follow the instructions below.

vortex trance open source 2015 psyked circle of dreams

How to enter?

  1. Like Vortex Trance Adventures and join the event.
  2. Share this post with all your trance-loving friends.
  3. Comment below with your most memorable Vortex moment.

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More info?

The competition closes on Friday the 20th of November 2015.
The winner will be notified via email. Please check your inbox and respond in order to claim your prize.

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31 thoughts on “Win double tickets for Vortex Open Source 2015 ~ 21 Years of Trance”

  1. I have never been to a vortex before, I’ve been invited to attend one at the end of June ( Vortex Phoenix Festival Of Fire ) but due to work I could not attend. December Vortex I will not miss, for I will be celebrating my 22 birthday at Vortex Open Source. I’m super amped for it will be my first Vortex ever. Vortex has always been the Festival to be, for it has been the first Festival I have heard of but never got the chance to attend one. It would be super great winning those tickets.

  2. Haven’t attended Votex cause I live a Thousand Km away from Cape Town but verrry keen on raving at vortex this year to destroy that exam stress!!!

  3. Easter Vortex, when I realized all we were are details, small highly significant details, that without your special markings, systems wouldn’t be in place. the energy on that dance floor was so overwhelming, I just need it to consume me again ❤

  4. I have never been to a Vortex hosted event but I would love to go to get a first hand experience of a Vortex hosted event. I am a huge psy-trance lover and the Vortext OpenSource 2015 line up looks damn tasty.
    We once upon a time lived in tribes and danced together in unity this can once again be experienced through Vortex events.
    My fingers are crossed as this would be and experience of a life time to create new and blissful memories<3

  5. How do you choose one, when each time your event gives me a different experience. Its become my therapy. I need a vortex cleansing whenever you have your magical event. Just let the music flow through you and release everything that you don’t need in your life no more. Once you’ve done that you can allow yourself to feel and embrace all those beautiful around you. So every vortex is my favourite. I’m so excited for yet another memorable journey. Thank you for this amazing event and bringing Dj Bim back.xx

  6. My most memorable vortex was the phoenix fire one . Although a cold weekend, we were given massive fire moons that surrounded the dance floor – Which held up to meeting our warmth and social needs.
    And that Bonfire amazing, made out of trees making up a female form, as tall as the tree’s that surrounded it.
    And last but definitely not least, the jam we had after the music went off. Drums, guitars and didgiree doo beat boxing mimicking the sound of the bass we all love about trance. My description doesn’t even come near to truly explaining how magical that moment was, with half the party still there even after the speakers shut off, and continuing to jam using the skills given .
    Vortex is by FAR the best party you can get. You have the woods, campage right by the car, adventures, ill beats (always), sick people , and a massive love-for-all energy on the dance floor.

  7. I have never done votex before but all the comments and talks that people that was there spoke about seems to be a blast of a party would realy like to join this year

  8. Vortex, well there is just too much to say. Vortex let me fall in love not only with my soul mate but with music, with nature, mother earth and myself, while walking naked through the trees next to the most picturesque river while hearing the music keeping us going along, each new song bringing new experiences and new realisations. In those moments, I found myself, in exactly the right place, fully content and possibly truly happy for the first time in my life. That same party I had a near death experience and my soul mate saved my life, if I had been alone I would have died for sure, but I’m still here. By feeling myself leave this place in the calm and peace of the music and the forest I found myself at peace. All this from two days of vortex, my first vortex and definitely the most life changing weekend of my life. Besides changing my life forever vortex provided the sickest dancefloor, beautiful decor, fantastic vibes and perfect psychedelic beats. Vortex, hands down my favorite party.

  9. To whom it may concern

    I have been listening to beautiful music for a long time now. The first trance party I ever attended was hosted by Vortex and you guys really put out all the stops and got me loving the scene.
    My birthday is on New Years Eve every single year, and Vortex is the only one that I can count on year after year to be there just for me on my birthday. I have celebrated at least 10 of my birthdays/ New Years parties at a Vortex event. As a result, literally every birthday memory I have is from at one of your parties and I would just like to say thank you and I would not change a thing.
    Apart from all the birthday Vortexes, I have attended many others in during barious other holidays. I am unfortunately unable to tell you my favorite memory, but I can tell you that my favorite memories are all at a Vortex party, mingling with the other crazies, spreading positive vibes, having apiphonies and just stomping so damn hard.
    I know it’s not for my birthday, but it’s my birthday month and I would love to come to Vortex Open Source after such a hectic year and it’s inevitable that I’ll be at New Years… but I may just need help getting to Open Source… 🙂

    Kind regards

  10. I saw myself physically grow old old old in a matter of what seemed to be “seconds” at the time. This was honestly the cutest most profound feeling and perspective I had of myself, seeing me in my grandpa state of form.. And then I went to express that grandpa’s dancing grooves, oh boy and did that grandpa had the moves 😀 I know this doesn’t sound entirely normal, but take it as it is I am 21 ageing the same as this vortex gathering and would like to see grandpa dancing again ❤

    I hope this is valid prove that you can never be to old to have a sparkling time 😉

    In and out.

  11. Easter Vortex for my birthday this year ❤ with all my friends and lots of special people and dancing in the rain. Vortex always have the best vibes, respect and love amongst the people. Such beautiful venues, music and decor – Vortex never disappoints 🙂 holding both thumbs and all my toes 😉

  12. Vortex Open Source is by far the best event in Cape Town. The venue alone is so beautiful. The world between the woods. It just lets you escape from reality. My best moment at Vortex has to be when me and my friends made our way back from the dance floor, feet covered in mud. As we got to our tents we took out our sleeping bags and laid on it under the trees. Moments later my one friend says “Bro, I’m tripping on the trees and the trees are tripping back on me.” We all laughed. Me and my friends just had the world’s fun, met the most amazing people. We just had no worries or problems at the time we were there. I’d love to be apart of this year’s Vortex again.

  13. PHOENIX FESTIVAL OF FIRE. This is the party where i became friends with the most beautiful and kind lady ever, which has become one of the good and loyal friends. Through her I met many amazing people including my current boyfriend. Vortex is by far the most beautiful gathering and there isn’t a chance that I will miss this. My favourite moment was when I was walking around deep into the a.m like a little lost puppy in search of my tent and some volunteeer crew members immediately came over to help me and we ended up spending the rest of the morning speaking about the beauty of the venue and the music.
    Nothing will make me miss this party as I finish my matric finals just days before and what a better way to celebrate than among beautiful kind and familiar faces. Love for the vortex family x

  14. It’s a super tough choice between last years Vortex Open Source and Phoenix Festival 2015. As Vortex can be rightfully placed as South Africa’s leading Psychedelic Festival, simply putting the memories, energy and overall experience into one paragraph is impossible. Vortex is a festival that needs to be experienced before spoken about. However, one of my most memorable moments was from Open Source 2014. The morning had just broken on the second day, troopers were still keeping it fresh and jazzy on the d-floor, the center piece stood as magnificent as ever, my mushrooms had just began to take effect, and as I sat there taking it all in, the dancefloor completely warped into the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed. There was not a single frown on a face, not an item of clothing out of place, everything moved as one, we were one, the beauty of it all nearly brought me to tears. Safe to say I do not remember much else from that party… three days later I found myself back in my room with a grin that could not leave my face for a week after. Thank you Vortex! you never cease to amaze! I know this year will definitely meet the high standard, if not rise above it ❤

  15. I have not attended a vortex yet as there were always complications around this time. I really want to be a part of this fantastic experience. Many of my friends have spoken to me about it and the way they have described the feeling they got attending vortex was just so exilirating. It made me so excited listening yo them. I really want to be able to feel that feeling. Please please please may I be that lucky winner ♡♡♡

  16. My most memorable Vortex moment was at PHOENIX: FESTIVAL OF FIRE 2015. It was total bliss. We were a group of friends sitting around a bondfire pit – we had a guitar, some lekker drinks and delicious munchies. it was about 4am early hours of sunday morning, we were singing Bob Marley songs and some of Britney Spears’ greatest hits! When we looked we had a whole crowd of people join us and everybody just joined it. I made so many friends at this party. When the sun came out we hit the Dancefloor for an awesome sunday funday. For the first time i felt the sense of community and love at the outdoors. That moment made me realize that the trance culture is like none other – nobody is ego driven.

  17. I’m a regular Vortex-goer. I think there is no better way to spend the beginning of December at Vortex in Riviersonderend. Ever since I first discovered that there was a festival that falls over my birthday, Vortex, I have never thought of doing anything else than spend my birthday at this party. I have had only good experiences at this party. I remember at one of my first Vortex’s, I managed to get lost among the many trees. I was heading back from the trance floor to my tent (got lost trying to find it). After I had eventually found it, I by accident walked into the wrong direction – thinking that the music would lead me back to the dance floor. I slightly overestimated my capabilities of relying to my sense of direction and hearing skills whilst being under the influence of Absinthe. After walking for 3 hours (I had a watch on me) and being to parts of venue I never knew existed, I eventually bumped into my one friend who dragged me back to dance floor.

  18. Never ever been to Vortex sadly. Ive heard its such an AMAZING event! I would love love love to win these tickets to experience this amazing party! Onelove

  19. I think my most memorable Vortex moment was in 2010 at Let their be light V.2 witnessing Absolum followed by Electrypnose, both gave the dancefloor energy you rarely see nowdays. Headroom also dropped this ‘Television corrupts the mind’ track which I’ve never gotten my hands on, and the fact I’m still talking about it today, you can only imagine how sick it was haha. looking forward to vort, it’s always a winner having the tribes unite once more.

  20. My best moment has to be December 2014. My mates and I decided to leave Cape Town past 11pm as we couldnt hold in our excitement any longer. As we went over Sir Lowrys Pass my vehicles lights decided to stop working and we were pretty much driving in complete darkness but had a mates vehicle behind me in convoy for safety. We came across the SAPS and they were amazing with assisting us, escorted us to Caledon to try see if we could fix it with no luck, they then offered to escort us right to the party which was amazing from their side. Eventually get there about 3am to the sweetest jams playing and just getting on that dance floor with the vibes already jamming was refreshing to the soul. We even had some new friends around us offer to assist setting up our tents in the dark and was one of the best parties I have ever attended. Nothing compares to the Circle of Dreams 🙂

  21. It’s quite hard to think of the most memorable experience iv had at vortex and put it into words because iv only been to the past winter vortex. Trying to remember “the most memorable experience” I had there is extremely difficult due to the fact that the whole party was one memorable experience. Vortex has nothing but good vibes and positive people all around who like to have a good time just as much as you do. Me as a college student, I am aware that money is tight but it’s impossible to let vortex open source slide. But I must say what I will not forget, beside the banging beats, taking random missions around the “village” (I can see myself living there) finding different things to see, meeting the most free hearted down to earth people, the chats with the girls in the bathrooms, there is one memory I will never forget. Waking up around 7oclock in the morning, freezing my ass off, walking down to get some coffee standing in the line, this guy was doing magic tricks just to gain some money to have a sick ass Sunday fun day, people actually supporting him and helping him out. Just shows you what kind of people attend vortex m, the people who would pull out their last cents just so their fellow trancers can have a joll aswell, people with respect and love ❤️ I can not wait for vortex open source and what it has to offer! Love&light xxx

  22. Easter Vortex 2012 really changed my perspective on life….who ever knew all of this beauty & wonder existed in people. After experiencing my first ever outdoor gathering in the circle of dreams, and having grown so much since then… would really love to go back & rekindle that flame!

  23. What an amazing opportunity to win a couple of tickets. Vortex is one of my favourite parties. It’s superbly organised and full of lovely wonderful like minded people. Easter Vortex this year was a huge one for me, I danced my arse off to Raja Ram and definitely floated off into space at some point. Phoenix was also pretty spectacular, the camaraderie around our camp fire was something I want to repeat as often as possible! So far, my most memorable Vortex moment was when the huge sculpture at Phoenix FINALLY caught and erupted into multicoloured flame. Ah it was so beautiful. Looking forward to making loads more memories over the years!

  24. Vortex and I go waaay back, so it’s hard to say which one stands out the most. Maybe Infected Mushroom @Silverstroom in 2001 and then my most definite BEST EVER BOOGY was DJ Bim at Easter Vortex in 2006. If he’s back, that’s where I must be for sure!!

  25. My most memorable memory of vortex was in the circle of dreams 2013 December for 5 whole days it’s was pure bliss git abit emotional when it was time to say good bye it would be absolutely amazing if I could experience it again one love hope to see all the lovely people on the dancefloor P.L.U.R

  26. My most EPIC memory of a Vortex was at Phoenix this year… Dropping for the very first time, and next thing I knew, I was CONVINCED that I was on a full on movie production set and playing the lead in a film. LOL. All of this happening whilst Bruce blew my mind away with an absolutely incredible set!!!!

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