Review: Earthdance Cape Town 2015

It’s crazy to think that Earthdance Cape Town was born sixteen years ago – I was only six at the time. What’s more impressive is the fact that Earthdance International has been going since 1996. Having grown up in Cape Town, I regularly heard whispers about the event and consequently, decided that it would be the outdoor festival I’d attend upon turning eighteen. Since then, celebrating my Birthday at Earthdance has become a tradition (one that I hope will continue far into future) and this year was no different. On the 19th of September 2015, we were on the road to Nekkies Resort in Worcester once again. We arrived just after lunch and right in time for a good helping of Dan Scot’s progilicious beats.

kfox aumega psyked earthdance
Aumega Photography

By the time we set up camp, K Fox had taken over. The sun was out – a true reminder that outdoor season had begun. We explored the venue a little and I allowed my bass-loving friends to steer me into the DnB tent. When we finally made our way towards the psy stage, my eyes were greeted by something from a fairytale. Fanciful colours cascaded down from the imaginative Sky Temple – created by the talented Carin Dickson of Artescape. (Another notable display of incredible arts and culture could be found in the Psychedelic Dream Temple with its entrancing array of visionary artwork).

decor earthdance artescape aumega photography psyked
Aumega Photography

D-Sciple was in motion as I navigated my way through the dance-floor. I looked upon the vast expanse of mountains which served as a majestic backdrop and marvelled as they became dusky shades of purple. Headroom led us into the sunset with his enthralling signature sound and onto a special blend of family talent; Dave Mac vs Josh Mac is a performance I never tire of seeing. The combination of Dave’s veteran style and Josh’s fresh input just works.

dave mac vs josh mac earthdance cape town aumega photography
Aumega Photography

It was time for the masterful Regan around ten. Label manager of Nano Records, Regan is part and parcel of Earthdance Cape Town’s massive success, and not to mention a pro behind the decks. Continuing the magic was the insanely talented Deliriant who tore up the dance-floor with his new track “fsociety.” Somewhere in the midst of the party I found myself glancing passed the stage to the expanse of blackness which encircled us followed by rows of night lights in the distance. It felt as if we were on an island, surrounded by a body of water, far away from the rest of the world – our little psyland.

International headliner Virtual Light from Canada followed suit to deliver a set that was simply off the charts. The 3D mapping cast one of the most magnificent light shows I have ever seen providing more than enough eye-candy to delight our senses. And then there was the prayer for peace – a beautiful ceremony and a reminder of the essence of Earthdance, our vision and the intention of this special gathering.

prayer for peace earthdance cape town
Aumega Photography

Glitch fired things up again with his prominent dark style. I decided to do some exploring once more, only to discover Point 4 keeping it filthy with some crazy DnB beneath a red-lit tent. My Joburg friends were there of course, showing support for the City of Gold. The ground vibrated beneath my feet, and eventually I made my way back to the main stage. The music was going from strength to strength with Psyntist in the mix, looking ethereal in his trippy white attire.

earthdance night time shot decor psyked
Aumega Photography

I decided to sneak in some much-needed rest during Psytekh’s set. I awoke after sunrise to Sonic’s playful tunes and tried to avoid the temptation of walking passed the food stalls on my way to the dance-floor, but to no avail. After one Nutella crepe (no regrets), I found my way back in time for Tune Raider. Nothing kick-starts a Sunday session like an early morning Tune Raider set.

earthspace earthdance cape town
Aumega Photography

Brazilian mastermind Matheus Nogueira aka Earthspace took his place in the DJ box somewhere around 10.00. His super psychedelic set elevated the energy and ambiance of the party to new heights. I was surrounded by happiness – I could see it written on people’s faces as their bodies danced to and fro. There was a definite sense of unity present – the kind that is so often equated with the “good old days.”

By the time The Commercial Hippies took the stage, Sunday Funday was in its prime. Hours turned into minutes and before I knew it, it was time for Sad Paradise. I took a moment to reflect on last year’s event and how much excitement had pulsated through me for James Copeland’s “Best of 10 Years” set. Time had passed, but the excitement had not faded. This man will always be one of my favourite muso’s.

earthdance closing set
Aumega Photography

Lifeforms took over for the closing set, ending things with a serious bang. An epic Sonic Masala remix had the dance-floor going wild – I wish that it could have lasted forever. With tired soles and satiated hearts, we began the long haul back to Cape Town. A big thank you to the organisers for allowing us to be part of their beautiful event, we’re already keen for next year’s instalment! To all the party-goers who attended EDCT 2015, it wouldn’t be the same without your incredible spirit. And finally, to the hardworking staff who kept the venue spic and span from start to finish, you deserve so much more than a simple thank you.

Until next time… Stay #psyked.

*Images by Aumega Photography. View the full album here.

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