Win double tickets for Vortex Phoenix Festival of Fire 2015

The outdoor party season in South Africa has come to a halt but that won’t stop us from celebrating one last festival in true psychedelic style. This winter, Vortex Trance Adventures invites you to embark on a journey back to the beloved Circle of Dreams in Riversonderend for the Phoenix Festival of Fire 2015  – a tribal gathering like no other, complete with a waterproof tented dance-floor, free hot showers, serviced flush toilets, massive bonfires and forest camping.

This year’s line-up features Zen Machanics, Creator, Sad Paradise, Bernz, DJ Mark, Itone, Connecto, Headroom, Technicolour and Bruce, to name a few, as well as special mystery guests to be announced shortly.


Psyked in the City is giving away a set of double tickets to the event. Stand a chance to win by following the instructions below.

How to enter?

  1. Like Vortex Trance Adventures and join the event.
  2. Share this post with your friends.
  3. Comment below with your email address telling us why you’re #psyked to enter the Vortex.

★ Don’t be shy to tweet us @psykedinthecity @TheVortexSource #psyked

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More info?

The winner will be notified via email.
Closing date to be announced shortly.
Please check your inbox and respond promptly with your full name and cell phone number in order to claim your prize.
Stay posted for more details.

49 thoughts on “Win double tickets for Vortex Phoenix Festival of Fire 2015”

  1. I’m #psyked for Vortex as sadly enough I have never been to the Circle of Dreams venue but only have heard the BEST things about it. I have take a bit of a break of outdoor parties, so this would be amazing and much needed stomp with beautiful people and amazing music.

  2. Last years phoenix festival of fire seeing the snow on the mountain and then realising I forgot to bring shoes along but after being there even in 2degrees weather I soon forgot that I didn’t have any shoes, what a awesome event that was I definitely do not want to miss out on this 🙂 🙂 To #Psyked for life 🙂 🙂

    “‘Deep within the winter forest amongst the snowdrift wide you can find a magic place where all the fairies hide”


  3. I am #psyked to jump into the Vortex for the following reasons:

    1. Trance*~> ♥
    2. Trance*~> ♥
    3. Trance*~> ♥
    4. Trance*~> ♥
    5. Trance*~> ♥
    6. Trance*~> ♥
    7. Trance*~> ♥
    8. Trance*~> ♥
    9. Trance*~> ♥
    10. Trance*~> ♥


    ZEN MECHANICS!* ╘[◉﹃◉]╕
    CIRCLE OF DREAMS!* (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
    FIRE & CUDDLES!* ♥‿♥
    TRANCE!* ♥╣[-_-]╠♥

    One final stomp to end off the season is my final reason ♥

    ……………..and trance.

  4. I attended my First Vortex ever in April 2015, and WOW what a mind Blowing Experience that was For me :). The Crowed, the Music , the Decorations was just something to die For, Vortex For me personally host the best Outdoor Trance Festivals Ever! There’s only one reason that I’m #Psyked about, to be reuinted on the dance Floor with true Stompers that are eager enough to come out oF there shells regardless oF the sistuation and just have one Epic Jol, making the dance Floor a Loveable play ground with loads oF Happy Faces :). Having people along side you with the same postive energy is just so amazing 😀 so I’m deFinitely #psykedout!!!!



  5. AAAAAAH i’m so majorly #psyked for this event because i have not yet attended a vortex event!! My best friend and i will be raiding the trance floor at this event and i cannot wait to get down and groovy with all the psychedelic souls out there! I’ve only heard good, crazy, marvelous , INSANE stories about Vortex. I freeeekin’ LOVE winter festivals!

    Its time to get our stomp face on!!
    lets do this!

  6. Circle of Dreams… Considerably the heart of home to any person whom steps on the mystic grounds of the phoenix fire..There is no room for negativity with the overflow of love projected by each and every person you cross conversation with… A place where it really is the playground of fire-breathing beauty, a dancefloor with an intensity of heat which easily fights away the mid-winter mist and glows with an eclectic trembling beat below your feet..

    Who would not be #psyked to fall in love all over again, rising above the ashes of the seemingly gloomy state that winter bestows, and manifesting into an ever-glowing source of burning dancing desire.

    Oh, and… Just a heads up.. My birthday never falls on any gatherings due to season.. This will be the first time this occurs.. On not just any birthday, but my 21st.. And not just any gathering, but THE VORTEX ❤ I don't think a further explanation is needed! ❤

  7. Im #psyked to enter the Vortex as I have never been but have always wanted to go so, please pick me so I can get my stomp on .

  8. I’m psyched to enjoy one last good stomping seshy for the season. Thought it was over, will be awesome to have one last blow out

  9. PsyTrance is a lifestyle.But it dont put food on my table.This party falls right in my leave and even if it snows i will be there.

  10. Can’t wait to end off the season with a stomp at my favourite venue! Perfect end to the outdoor scene as we welcome in the winter. #psyked

  11. I am BEYOND #Psyked for Phoenix Festival of Fire because I will be bringing my best friend of 15 years with me, who has never been to an outdoor psy trance festival. Back in 2013 when a friend took me to my first one, my life has changed 180 since, & that’s why I’m so excited to see a dear friend experience it for the first time! These double tickets would mean so much for me! ❤

  12. #PSYKED for all things trance 🙂

    In to the Vortex I wanna go, come rain, sun or snow
    In to the Vortex is where I wanna be, even though my mom said don’t play with fire, coz you will pee 😉 Take me to the festival of fire and to the circle of dreams as this will be the last outdoor party it seems. I cant wait to hear the beat and stomp my feet.. with the amazing line up on repeat 🙂

    I’m already seeing TECHNICOLOUR ❤ Without me there it will be a SAD PARADISE and I will be forced to listen to a JUKEBOX'g at a random bar 🙂 The CREATOR of mind needs me to CONNECTo the tunes of DJ Mark, Kai Mathersdorf, K-Fox, Headroom, Jamal, K-Jos and DJ Bruce. This is called ZEN MECHANICS. I wanna jam until my feet BERNZ and my ears are iTONE deaf ❤

    I’m no poet, but I tried my best, what can I say.. I’m obsessed 🙂 In the name of trance, I shall shake my ass and dance ❤ In it to win it 🙂

    #Psykedinthecity #Vortex #festivaloffire #competitions #inittowinit

  13. #psyked because I haven’t been to a Vortex in 10 years and would really love to go!

    Vortex played a huge part in my up bringing, shaping me to be the person I am today, caring, loving and free!

    My fiancé also never been to a Vortex, winning these tickets would mean so much to us both!

  14. I couldn’t be more stoked for this party at my absolute favourite venue. I am very blessed as my birthday falls on this Vortex, so #Psyked. It would be more than a dream come true to be able to win these tickets. Nothing can compare to the atmosphere that the organizers, people and music creates within that magical venue 🙂

  15. #Psyked is not the word to describe the feeling I get when it comes to this time!!!! I can not tell anyone the happiness that flows through my body!!! Seeing all these beautiful people and all my friends!!! There is no place I would rather be!!! I would be the happiest person!!! I WANT TO BREAK FREE ONE LAST TIME!! ❤ ❤ 😀

  16. I’m so #psyked to go to vortex . Want to know why? because a trance festival isn’t just a normal festival. Its a festival where people don’t judge eachother. It’s a place where you can let go and just be yourself. Its an escape from reality. Trance parties bring people of all races together . Going to a trance party feels like stepping into a completely different dimention. Sharing , caring , dancing , smiling and loving is what its all about to me . That is why I’m #psyked to go to vortex.

  17. I’m beyond #Psyked for Phoenix Festival of Fire because my mates from Jozi will be visiting and it would be phenomenal to share this experience with them ❤ help-a-girl-out!!!

  18. I do transportation to the events and im staying over as its to far to drive back. Wish I could get a gate pass

  19. I was gonna start off by saying its my friends birthday but last year December I went to my first vortex and WOW!!! where have I been all these years. I didn’t know that there could be so many beautiful souls in one place at once. My eyes opened and I was blown away by the love and respect of all these different energies floating around me not only for each other but everything around them.The circle of dreams for me was a circle of no judgement
    ..just acceptance of all beauty mother earth has to offer. Peace¤ Love¤Light

    1. Got carried away I forgot to say how #psyked I am 😉
      “Hope rises like a phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams”

  20. Okaaay so, this is going to be my first Winter Vortex, first time eveeer at the venue. I literally cannot contain my excitement for this one. Winning tickets would just make the experience even more amazing. I can’t wait to be part of this beautiful gathering with all of you beautiful people. See you soon ❤ #hopeiwin #circleofdreams #vortex

  21. Okaaay so, this is going to be my first Winter Vortex, first time eveeer at the venue. I literally cannot contain my excitement for this one. I’m #psyked Winning tickets would just make the experience even more amazing. I can’t wait to be part of this beautiful gathering with all of you beautiful people. See you soon ❤ #hopeiwin #circleofdreams #vortex #psyked #psykedinthecity #makemeawinner


    1) Entering the Vortex means escaping reality and entering a magical universe for one night and just liberating myself from the stress and baggage that one consumes in our daily lives.

    2) For one last time, before spring, i can be reunited with my new found family and friends before the season is completely over.

    3) For one last time i can shake my tits, loosen my goose and shimmer my nimmer to the utmost without a care in the world.

    4) Entering the Vortex means i will be transported to a universe where peace, love, happiness and respect will be at the forefront of EVERYTHING.

    5) I will be surrounded by nature and my being will connect with the earth, giving me a sense of grounding and inner peace which i will carry with me into the real world.

    6) THE LINE UP IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE – TECHNICOLOUR, SAD PARADISE AND DJ MARK. Literally gives me shivers thinking of the sick psychedelic beats they will be dropping at Pheonix Festival of fire.

    7) The venue is at The Circle of Dreams, a place which is spiritual in many ways and a perfect environment to simply let go of everything and start fresh.

    8) For the final time, before spring, every individual, including myself, can tap into their souls and centre themselves, creating a Zen energy in order to peacefully roam in the real world


    10) The dance-floor is covered! which means that if it storms we stay dry when the outside is soaking wet ALSO it means that the bass drops are gonna be sexier and hotter than ever due to the acoustics of he dance-floor being covered!


    Goodbye World…

  23. **

    Into the vortex
    has always been
    A place to love
    And a place to dream

    The circle of dreams
    Is especially special
    The energy there
    Is on another level

    It was here that I first
    told my loved one I knew
    that we would be together
    Our whole lives through

    It is also a place
    Best friends were made
    Discussing life for hours
    While in a hammock we swayed

    The people, the fire,
    The wide open sky
    The music, the trees,
    The connected high

    There is no better place
    And we love it a lot
    So we are trying to secure it
    As our wedding spot

    To experience the magic
    of the circle of oaks
    In the cold of winter
    Would make us 2 happy folks!

    # trance at circle of dreams = love

  24. #psyked for Phoenix Festival of Fire. New Venue, New talent. and that good old Vortex vibe. my first vortex back in 2009 was unbelievable, After that event i became a full on fan of the beautiful music called Psytrance

  25. Spending one night and two days at Pheonix Festival of fire, a liberated environment without limitations or boundaries, absolutely free of judgment, comparison, and division or to make it simple, free of thought, with GOOD music and positive energies will bring me nothing but joy and relaxation. Which I need after a hectic first semester
    I am #psyked for Pheonix Festival of fire!


    Could the timing be more perfect?? i think not… Fun birthday celebrations ahead!! I am #psyked for Pheonix Festival of Fire because honestly there is no better way to celebrate it other than with awesome people, positive vibes and great music.

  27. I’m #psyked to celebrate my birthday at one of the most beautiful venues in the scene, with the vibes that are amazing, to the sweet sounds filling the fresh air! It would be a complete blessing to win the tickets 🙂

  28. i’m #psyked to enter the Vortex because it is winter and cold and nothing fun to do but Vortex is FUN which makes it so much more exciting to look forward to after work and varsity exams!

  29. I am amped to enter the phoenix of fire festival as the line up is amazing and one that def cannot be missed this will be a great way to keep is stompers warm this cold winter

  30. #psyked for Phoenix of Fire because it will be the last party I get to go to before I leave SA for a very long time! It would be amazing to celebrate with all my friends. Vortex is my favourite party – especially when at the Circle of Dreams ♡ Please Please Please pick me 😀

  31. I wish I had won. All the vortex parties that myself and my dude have attended were utterly amazing. They were indeed filled with magical experiences. And we would love to attend vortex again. And this Phoenix Festival of fire is going to be our first. The rise and reincarnation of wonderful moments are going to be epic!! Huge thank you’s to Vortex!!

  32. I am ridiculously #psyked to experience a proper cold psychedelic party in thd middles of winter at the best venue anyone could ever dream of going to. And im most of all amped to go with my Jess. We would be endlessly thankful and thd most happy jolly people you see at thd party. So stoked to see Zen Mechanic for my first time. Winter just adds such a nice element. Pheonix festival of fire for the first time yes this is ganna be the best! Vortrex!!!!

  33. There are no words to describe how #psyked I am to enter the Vortex. Vortex is by far one of the best parties and the most beautiful parties I have ever been to! ❤ 🙂

  34. Way to keen for this jol, Did my first winter vortex last year and it was a BAAAANGERR!!!:D:D:D
    Would be the luckiest china in the world if I won these tickets!!
    It would be the PERFECT start to the holidays since exams end on that Friday!!!!:D
    No Doubt my mates and I will rip that D-Floor to shreds!!:O
    Keeeeen:D will see all you sexy souls there regardless!!!;)
    Stay Styling, Stay Smiling!!!!:)

  35. Way to #psyked for this jol, Did my first winter vortex last year and it was a BAAAANGERR!!!:D:D:D
    Would be the luckiest china in the world if I won these tickets!!
    It would be the PERFECT start to the holidays since exams end on that Friday!!!!:D
    No Doubt my mates and I will rip that D-Floor to shreds!!:O
    Keeeeen:D will see all you sexy souls there regardless!!!;)
    Stay Styling, Stay Smiling!!!!:)

  36. My boyfriend and I will be flying into Cape Town for a month, the day before Phoenix of Fire, and what better way to arrive than being in our circle of dreams with Vortex! Please pick me so I can dance my jet lag off and make my trip back home the most amazing one yet 😀 Such Legends for always hosting such an amazing event! #psyked

  37. im #psyked to trance around the fire like the free spirited indian princess i was in my past life.

  38. #psyked to do this as a wedding anniversary gift and to spend my last party with a close friend know is dying of an illness so this will be the most beautiful way to say goodbye……

  39. Danced at Circle of Dreams three years ago,eyes closed for two hours repeating the Mantra;I AM LOVE..Received instruction from the universe within to open my eyes.Walking towards me was my daughter requiring an embrace of comfort.This took place in unspoken response.I proceeded to the water tap,as the water flowed a female friend of my daughter came to me and said;You are LOVE.The Circle of Dreams,The Infinite Cosmic Mind

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