Review: Vortex Parallel Universe 2015

I entered the Parallel Universe just before noon on Sunday – a little later than planned, but nevertheless I was there. When we got to the dance-floor Lucas was closing up shop. Beside him, Raja Ram’s fluorescent-orange peak cap bobbed up and down to the music.

008 - MFeqk7q

Excitement moved through me as I dissolved into the crowd. Revelry was in full swing, and it wasn’t hard to tell who had been there from the start. Whether brightly clean or slightly bruised and battered, everyone had come to witness the Godfather of Psytrance in action. Suddenly the floor was packed.

007 - 8NR6tcy

It was Raja’s infectious personality that led us deeper as the sounds of 1200 Micrograms erupted from the speakers. Watching the 75-year-old legend perform was an experience I won’t soon forget. If Raja isn’t reason to follow your heart – and proof that it’s never too late – then I don’t know what is.

Having interviewed the man himself, it was only right for Dave Mac to take the stage shortly after with Headroom following suit. Sundays aren’t the same without a healthy dose of Headroom. As the sky grew darker, it was Shpongle’s turn to take us on a psychedelic adventure – this time as Shpongle. The word’s life changing can accurately be used to describe the magic that was Shpongle’s DJ set (one party-goer even described it as inter-dimensional, and I’d have to agree).

016 - 25Ppmy2

I’m sure we all can appreciate the mind-altering visuals we were treated to after sundown. By the time that Jay Om got behind the decks, I was one with the party. Energy levels continued to escalate when Dynamic Range took over. Then it was Bruce the-one-and-only who took control. The man is a true artist in every sense of the word; Vortex made me remember why!

I stayed long enough to hear the diabolical duo, none other than Disco Volante, set loose their famous “Sexual Innuendos” EP. What a party-starter! The rest of the night was a happy blur. I managed to get some much-needed rest in my tent – enjoying the beats of Rabdom L and Skragg in between.

001 - fB3OShB

Once again, I was shaken awake by a friend who was hungry for Deliriant’s sunrise set. I begrudgingly came to and followed her to the dance-floor where I knew I’d made the right decision. One breakfast wrap later and things were in full swing once more.

The music went from strength to strength with Regan and Tune Raider in the works – you’ve gotta love that lady’s energy! There’s no doubt that I was having fun when I looked up and noticed that it was almost time for Broken Toy.

098 - DIzEiHp

Mark had been keeping the party pumping after Shockwave had his go but I couldn’t resist my excitement for what was still to come. Cheeky as can be, Broken Toy’s bouncy tunes always manage to excite my ears. When it was time to shut things down, the crowd begged for “just one more” but – much to our dismay – the journey was over (for now).

The memories made leave a warm glow in the centre of my being; the feelings of beauty, harmony and love washed over me the entire ride home. It’s not just the music that I’m crazy about, I realised. It’s the people, the community. How lucky are we to be a part of it?

086 - wRr87uo

Thank you Vortex Parallel Universe for shifting my perspective once again. This was one for the books.

Photography by Jordan Scott-Turner (view the full album here).
Review by Batia Efrat.

010 - 7MoBkuy

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