Win double tickets for Jungala Festival 2015

Set in the beautiful Buffalo Drift – Ruigtevlei Farm along the banks of Berg River, Psynopticz Productions is proud to welcome you to Jungala Festival 2015. Join us as we shed the shackles of societal living and venture into the heart of a psychedelic wilderness for a three-day musical journey like no other. The magic of Jungala proves to be infectious with international headliner Iliuchina returning for her third annual performance at the much-anticipated event, alongside audio all stars such as Mad Maxx, Space Tribe, Made Tribe, Khainz, System Sequence, L.E.O.F, Reality Test and Wild Monkeys.

jungala festival

Psyked in the City is giving away 2 x tickets to the event. Stand a chance to win by following 3 easy steps.


  1. Like Jungala Festival on Facebook and join the event.
  2. Share this post with your friends.
  3. Comment below [with your email address] telling us why you’re #psyked for the magic of Jungala 2015.

For bonus points, tweet us @psykedinthecity #psyked

Good luck!


Competition closes on the 18th of April 2015.
The winner will be notified via email.
Please respond promptly in order to claim your prize.

For more info, please visit:

83 thoughts on “Win double tickets for Jungala Festival 2015”

  1. Last year was my first jungala and it was insane!!! Vertigo ended on the highest of notes and that just made me want more. Cant wait to see what u guys have in store for us this year but im amped for days! #themagicofjungala

  2. Holy horse I’m #psyked to get loose at my first Jungala fest! I fell head over heels for trance about 3 years ago so I feel like it’s a necessity that I attend Jungala 2015! This will make my whole year ❤

  3. I went to the very first Jungala in 2011 because my friend was obsessed with Zezia and tickets were cheap enough back then to pop in for a set or 2. We weren’t regulars and so we didn’t stay for the full weekend. In 2012 we went again for Zezia and decided to go the whole 9 yards – I wont ever forget that Headroom set, people were wearing hoodies as pants and one guy had a blow up dolphin tied to his back. I dont normally remember such detail of a party but Jungala has always been close to home. The venue is something else, Buffalo drift has made some crazy memories, especially those cabins by the water!! This year I am in a financial tight spot and partying is out of the question for me in general. But if I win a ticket, I’ll make a huge exception just for Jungala so I can jam in the saw dust and mud one last time 😛 Please let me win one of the tickets, It’s been ages and I think now is the time to dust off those ridiculous trance shorts 🙂

  4. I am New to the festival scene & attended Origin recentlyn. I have become besotted with the music,decor,people & the vibe. Everyone telling me about the awesome Jungala festival & it would be a honour to experience this years Jungala!!!

  5. #psyked this year would be the first time I go to jungala so I am super amped to feel the good vibes and see what’s in store!!!

  6. I am #psyked for the jungala festival because it would be the first time I have been to the jungala festival because I have only been to one trance party … And to please give me a chance to go for the second time and just to destress and let go of Matric emotional stuff I tell you please consider me

  7. Coming to Cape Town from East London with my best friend and would love to go to this amazing event with her ❤

  8. Reasons for why I’m #psyked
    1) psyTrance Lover ❤
    2) Stomp Queen (I want to stomp infinitely on the dance floor)
    3) Never been to Jungala…
    4) I want that Bliss @ Jungala 2015
    5) Cant afford it atm (#theStudentStruggle)
    7) Want to experience the wonderful energies at Jungala, to meet these people and party hard with them! And my friends of cause…
    8) I crave the vibe ❤
    9) I never win
    10) just a climax…
    xxoxxo ❤

  9. I’m #psyched for jungala because of all the international dj’s showing face at this festival. As well as all my friends coming from joburg and durban all the way to get cracked to some psy trance.

  10. Words are not descriptive enough to potray what I have experienced so far at Cape Town outdoor psy I’m PSYked for Jungala as this would be the best festival to show my friend visiting from Jozi the magic contained in the Psychedelic culture of Cape Town (given that I am originally from Jozi and have no, gratefully, experienced both)!!!

  11. I’m super Psyked for Jungala 2015 because it will be my first one! I’ve just moved down from Joburg and I cannot wait to experience the Cape Town trance scene!!

  12. This was my first ever party and it was defininetly the best I’ve been to. I just need this more than anyone else in the world! Hashtag Illuichina changed my life.

  13. I am currently a CTpsy virgin (as i live in Jozi) and I have heard nothing but amazing things about Jungala! It would just be the cherry on my Cape Town adventure cake to experience this awesome production!!

  14. I’m #psyked, thereFore this will be my First Jungala ever 🙂 I’m am super stoked, cause iF been telling myselF that I’m not missing Jungala out! For some reason I’ve always wanted to be apart oF the Jungala experience, but due to work I could never attend, thereFore I put in leave 3 months in advance just to attend Jungala, and experience the #MagicOfJungala with my Fellow Troopers!!!! I live For Trance, I enjoy everything apart The Trance Scene and Family, there’s no place I would rather choose to be than to be at #Jungala2015. I have this Tingle in my Tummy, but wait! ITS THE MAGIC OF JUNGALA!!!!! 😀 🙂

  15. #Psyked ,Last Year was my 1st Jungala Experience & it was the Sickest Party I’ve Ever Been Too ,There was no Room for Sleep Because the line up ,the Venue & the Awesome Crowd the Jungala Experience has Brought was off the Charts 😀 ❤ I'd Love to Be there Again this Year it Would Mean the World To Me If I Could Win Those Tickets & Take My Friend To Experience #TheMagicOfJungala2015 ❤

  16. Some of the Definitions (why im psyked ) of Jungle in the dictionary:

    – A dense confused mass : a jumble ( The dance floor )
    – Something made up of confused elements ( um the people ? )
    – A bewildering complex or maze ( we have all been there )
    – Often ruthless struggle for survival ( so the Monday morning yusis )
    – An overgrown vegetation containing wild beast ( So front left? )
    – A gathering for the unemployed ( yes it does say that in the dictionary!! I said you thought it )

    Welcome to Jungala 🙂 🙂


  17. Aaaaaahhh!!!!!

    People of Psyked In The City!!!,

    You guys have NOOO idea how excited I am for this years installment of Jungala!!

    I Attended my first Jungala Fest last year (also being my very 1st Outdoor Trance Party EEEVER!!) & I have to say, experiencing The Magic of Jungala that Psynopticz Productions so kindly created for us to let loose for a while, was totally OUT OF THIS WORLD!
    The beautiful Berg River was transformed into the most magical, mind-opening, energetic piece of land that weekend!
    I’ll never forget all the smiles that were tattooed on eeeevery single person’s face since they arrived, until even days after the event!
    I swear I fall for psytrance head first that weekend!

    Attending this year would give me the chance to explore the new adventures that all the new international artists have planned to take us on, with their creative inspiring, yet magical beats!
    Also, hearing Iliuchina’s set both as herself, but also as Reality Test.. will just be mesmerizing to say the least! I mean coooome oooooon!!! She’s AMAZING!!!

    Winning tickets would melt my heart, and probably cause a few happy tears to flow, just because I know I’d be the luckiest person EVER! To win with PSYKED IN THE CITY, & also be apart of another awesome year of Junagala.

    Here’s hoping..
    (Biting my nails and crossing my toes in anticipation!)


    E-mail :

  18. #Psyked to play with my friends at Jungala 🙂 Ultimately this gathering already happened and was nothing less than epic. Excited to experience it with this body and mind.

  19. I’m #psyked for the event because I have a feeling that it is going to be a world class production! Jungala is responsible for me being #psyked, as they flirt with me every day with their facebook advertising! They must know that I’m too weak for their advances. I missed the party last season, but I’m not missing it now! A free ticket would go down soooooooooooo nicely #psyked #psyked #psyked!

  20. please help me and my boyfriend win tickets. It’s my birthday on the 24th of April and it is where my now boyfriend and I experienced love at first sight. This year we will be celebrating my birthday, our one year anniversary and our farewell party before we jet off for 6 months to explore the wonderful land of Indonesia. Help us celebrate this very exciting time!!!!

  21. We’re a huge group of friends, right. And within our group of friends, there are these 2 best friends who’ve never experienced the magic of Jungala for themselves. They’ve been listening to us talking about how #psyked the rest of us are for Jungala this year and they’ve been dying of FOMO. It would be so cool for them to join in on the madness, hence the reason for me entering this competition for them (it’s a surprise). We’re super excited. See you soon guys.

  22. I’M PSYKE FOR JUNGALA BECAUSE I CAN LET MY UNICORN SELF OUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTT ❤ I need to meet some wild friendly stompers and see happiness on peoples faces when you gift them with fun, presents or just some time ❤ I want to be a part of jungala this year so bad because i hear it's awesome but i've never been to one 😀 WHOOP WHOOP JUNGALAAAAAAAAAAA 2015

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