Win tickets for Imagine #ParadiseBeach 2015

Can you envision the crisp white sand of Kogel Bay beneath your toes as the azure ocean surrounds you, and you’re dancing to the beats of Tezla in the background? Anything is possible at Imagine #ParadiseBeach. This year The Collective returns to Cape Town’s favourite coastal venue, with the very best international and local psytrance for your listening pleasure. Ranging from upbeat prog to full-force psychedelic, this line-up promises something for everything with Tezla, as well as all your favourite natives  including Bruce, Deliriant, Sway, HEADROOM, Rubix Qube and others.

imagine paradise beach 2015

Psyked in the City is giving away tickets to the event. Stand a chance to win by following two easy steps below.


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Good luck!


The winner will be contacted via email, please respond promptly in order to claim your prize.
Competition will close shortly – keep posted.

Tickets are not transferable for cash.
You cannot cede or sell your ticket.
Entrants who have already won competitions with alternative media channels will not be awarded tickets.
You WILL be asked for ID at the door.

Visit the event page for more details.
Read the 2014 event review here.


15 thoughts on “Win tickets for Imagine #ParadiseBeach 2015”

  1. Wow what can I say???? I love the outdoor Trance. VliFestyle. It makes you Feel Free, It just seems to take a lot oF baggage oF your back. It also helps you get intouch with Mother Nature herselF, shows you how important some things are in liFe and how to respect the little things in liFe. The reason why I Love Trance and the Whole Trance Family, is because it helps us connect with strangers we later take in and make them part oF our Family. Trance is My LiFestyle and I’m proud to be apart oF such a wonderFul experience and Family 🙂

  2. The reason I think I should win those tickets is because Trance in general ain’t just about the music its the passion and love people put in to make such psycheduidelik beats. Its about coming to a place and meeting strangers, then welcoming them later to the Trance Family, its about meeting a stranger and prolonging them as your brother and sister in Trance. I love the outdoor liFestyle cause it makes you Feel Free like you suppose to be and not locked up as a Cage Animal. I’m #Psyked to be apart oF such a wonderFul experience and also a wonderFul Family 🙂

  3. Trance festivals… To some it’s just a party- to me its a freekin’ lifestyle! It’s the one place where I can just go and forget about my worries even if its only for a little while. The people I meet at these festivals are the most beautiful and loving souls I ever come across, and its their friendships that I value the most – THE TRUE PEOPLE!!!

    I like getting down and crazy with all the psychedelic people on the trance floor, the insane ones I come across at the wee hours of the morning having mind bending deep conversations… Those psycheduidelik >earth shattering< beats that put me in a whole other world.. I just can't express how much I love these festivals, the music and all the people.. All the gees, the limitless energy that's just bouncing off everyone… I need to feel that again with no one other than my best friend – MY SOUL SISTER and I couldn't think of a better party to do so than Paradise Beach!!!

    We would be such happy troopers if we got the opportunity to go! I could do with a little trance in my veins

    😀 ❤ ॐ

  4. Well to star off I have had trance and these festivals running through me since I can remember. I grew up in Mexico and from the age of 3 remember being in tents with huge shadows dancing around me and loud music with my mom no where to be found, but I never found myself feeling scared as the energies of such an event are so positive in my life, the only difference between those festivals and the ones i have attended in Cape Town is that they are not on the BEACH like this one finally is again, and I would not in any way want to miss out the opportunity to celebrate in such a majestic location again where the beautiful and mysterious ocean meets the delicate shores of our home which connect to the soles of our feet we together share on that dance floor! Everything about this event makes me #psyked , connecting with people by far is one of the things I look forward too the most and making a positive mark with my all time trance partner, we have been going to these festivals together for over five years now and are about to go off on a few travels and would love to be able to share this one last party on South African soil with him and of course all of YOU beautiful people 🙂

  5. I rate I should win because I’ve been waiting for a beach like this to come into my liiife! (breaks into song and dance), starting on that note you can see how amped I am 😀 its my best friends earthday birthday and I’m sure he would be over saturn to hear I won him a ticket 🙂 and personally, I’ve been the keenest bean to come to a party at KogelBay, its such a beautiful venue! Trance has the ability to connect souls man, it would be a blessing to be able to fulfill this fact. Please help me to bring together my wee stomping trooper roopers for a fun filled, sandy dandy, tranceific, weekend cause we are hella #PSYKED! #IloveYouGuys #skittingBiscuitTime namaste my beauties! xxx

  6. TEZLA all i can say….. Why i should win I Never win plzzzz let me win these my Tezla feet are aching for a beach !!!stomp!!!!!


  7. I’m #psyked to win because I love this venue, and Tezla is on of my favorite artists and biggest inspirations to produce music today. I need to be there to see him please!

  8. Paradisebeach.. Tezla, bringing us full power! And an opportunity to spoil my best friend with a free ticket before she heads off to Barcelona on the 31st – I cannot #imagine a better send off gift than to be dancing, with the sea breeze on our backs and phat beats mezmorizing the air… I’m #psyked to be a part of this 2 day beaut of an adventure, and trust me, I would be even MORE #psyked if it came with free entrance 😉

    Good vibes, much love and power ❤

  9. Paradisebeach.. Tezla, bringing us full power! And an opportunity to spoil my best friend with a free ticket before she heads off to Barcelona on the 31st – I cannot #imagine a better send off gift than to be dancing, with the sea breeze on our backs and phat beats mezmorizing the air… I’m #psyked to be a part of this 2 day beaut of an adventure, and trust me, I would be even MORE #psyked if it came with free entrance 😉

    Good vibes, much love and power ❤

  10. I have never been to a TP and I think Imagine is the perfect place to start !! A pre birthday on the beach with the best humans, listening to the best at an amazing event, that sounds like bliss to me. . Please bless me with this ticket, I’m so #psyked for Imagine #Paradisebeach 2015 ❤ Make me your winner and I will dance till I have to leave the gates on March 22 at 17:00 ! Peace love and happiness to all the beautiful people going, hope to see you there ❤

  11. Trance has changed my life! All I want to do is STOMP!!! What a combination Trance and Ocean! Of course it only really works because it is well organized! Any yahoo can organize a beach party, BUT it takes professionals to do it right! Need I say more??? I would be more than psyched and over the moon should i win a ticket!! Thank you to The Collective! ♥Christel ♥

  12. P – people
    S – sand
    Y – yolo
    K – kogelbay
    E – eager
    D – dance

    F – friends
    O – ocean
    R – respect

    I – imagine tezla
    M – memories
    A – adventure
    G – good vibes
    I – intimate
    N – namaste
    E – enjoy

    #psykedfortezla #psykedforthevenue #psykedforabeautifulparty

  13. Have attended both Collectives with the legend himself Morten Granua and they have surely been two of the best parties I have been to. I surely don’t want to miss out on this one with Telza, really #psyked to see him live and to party with all the crazy nutters on the DFLOOR . from Saturdays madness to funday sunday I shall be on that dance floor every second busting out my wicked moves so #psyked

    ” To live in a peaceful home is to experience Paradise on earth ”


  14. I’m #pskyed to win because I love the line up, love the venue and we love to move With all the beautiful souls on the dance floor xx

  15. Hi there. I am psyked to win because of many reasons: I haven’t been to Kogelbaai before. I am a huge fan of anything organised by the legendary Grant Vortex and his team. Due to the financial constraints of being a full-time student, I haven’t been to a party in what feels like forever :(. I missed out the last two years when Morten was playing and I have a feeling this party will end up being my favourite. I just need to get there.

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