Win double tickets for #EasterVortex 2015

Calling all light seekers, explorers, travellers, mystics, dreamers, dancers and creatures of the night; you are invited to celebrate the magic of Vortex’s 21st Birthday in a four-day psychedelic exploration of the mind, body and spirit. Join us as we shift into a parallel universe surrounded by music, harmony and love to the sounds of Raja Ram / 1200 MICROGRAMS – the Godfather of psytrance – as well as Shpongle, Jay Om, Lucas, Kairon and your favourite local acts, including Broken Toy, Lose & Found, Headroom and friends.


Psyked in the City is giving away a set of double tickets to the event. Stand a chance to win by following three easy steps below.


  1. Like Vortex Parallel Universe and join the event.
  2. Share this post with your friends.
  3. Comment below [with your email address] telling us why you’re #psyked to enter the Vortex.

For bonus points, tweet us @psykedinthecity @EasterVortex using the #psyked and #EasterVortex hashtags.

vortex trance adventure easter raja ram 2015


The winner will be contacted via email, please respond promptly in order to claim your prize. More details to follow.




44 thoughts on “Win double tickets for #EasterVortex 2015”

  1. Im #psyked to enter vortex as its my favourite party of the season. Every single vortex just gets better and better. The music, the vibes, the venue(s) all coming together forming the perfect party

  2. This will be my very first Easter Vortex and it would be ever sooo special if I won those tickets 🔥pleaseee make me a winner!!💃💃#psyked#EasterVortex BRING IT!

  3. This would be my FIRST VORTEX EVER!! I would simply just love to be surrounded with the amazing energy, crowd, music, and journey that I’ve heard vortex has to offer. I am truly #psyked to be part of this experience 🙂

  4. #1- It will be my First #EasterVortex Ever!!!!
    #2- It also happens to be my partners birthay weekend!!!! 😀
    #3- Winning those tickets would be an awesome giFt….come on guys help a Trooper score some Brownie Points!!!! Haha just kidding
    #4- Even though I don’t get to win to win those tickets myselF and some Troopers are deFinitly pulling through!!!! 😀
    #5- #EasterVortex2015 Get Ready For The Best Jol Ever!!!!! 😀

  5. Been listening to psychadelic melodious for the past 4 years and if you’re a route fan of the beats you’d know how #psyked 1 is to go crazy to the godfather himself Raja Ram!

  6. somehow my first post was deleted BUT I WILL NOT QUIT till those tix are mine! Ive always wanted to go to an Easter Vortex and with a lineup like that ICANNOT miss this one 😀 PLEEEASE MAKE ME A WINNER

  7. so amped and psyked for vortex!!! Will be my first vortex, a party I’ve been dreaming for since I was a little boy! If my dream can come true!!! You not a real Trooper till you have experienced VORTEX!!!! #Psyked!!!

  8. #EasterVortex – Yissis I’m too #PSYKED for this festival. One of (if not) the BIGGEST and ORIGINAL music festivals Cape Town scene has to offer with the BEST decor by miles to leave you in awe ALWAYS, but have a feeling for their 21st birthday its going to be EPIC beyond. Then there’s the magical venue dubbed the Hillside which always blows expectations 🙂 Psyked in the City, you guys rock and been faithful to you legends and your productions and articles. Catch all you beautiful, happy spirited souls Front Right 🙂 PeaceLoveUnityRespect xx

  9. This would be my wife’s very first Vortex and mine since my SA 2000 Millenium celebration,plus my buddy Lucas is playing and I had to miss him @ NYE Rez Festival,so please please pretty please,let me win this competition in order to see you all on the dance floor! Can’t wait Can’t wait!

  10. A psychedelic experience is a journey to new realms of consciousness. The scope and content of the experience is limitless, but its characteristic features are the transcendence of verbal concepts, of space-time dimensions, and of the ego or identity. When I think about the real pioneers of the psychedelic movement in a musical sense, not just the culture, everything has a handmade sort of vibe to it. We’re inventing our culture as we move along into this. Vortex puts you in touch with spirits beyond yourself, with the creative impulse of the planet. It’s mind-altering when you slip into someone else’s shoes. That’s psychedelic, man. Psyked in the City, grant me the opportunity to experience the greatness this Party brings!!!!!!!

  11. Super #Psyked to go to Eater vortex this year -I haven’t been in ages!
    Preeeeze preeeze preeeeze pick me! 😀

    ❤ PLUR ❤

  12. First vortex ever!
    Couldn’t think of anything better than spending the weekend with best friends and having the time of our lives ❤

  13. Id love to win these tickets to go to this event! Vortex is my favourite party of the year& for a couple years now i have not missed one. What makes this year so special it falls a couple days after my birthday & i jist wish to win these tickets to take my girlfriend and i to this party. Lets not forget to mention 1200 mics. I mean come on. Anyone would be nuts to miss the king of psy! Pleeeeease guys 😀 ❤

  14. Id love to win these tickets to go to this event! Vortex is my favourite party of the year& for a couple years now i have not missed one. What makes this year so special it falls a couple days after my birthday & i jist wish to win these tickets to take my girlfriend and i to this party. Lets not forget to mention 1200 mics/ raja ram. I mean come on. Anyone would be nuts to miss the king of psy! Pleeeeease guys 😀 ❤

  15. I’m #Psyked to enter the Vortex because there is no other gathering quite like it
    The experience at this venue is mind blowing, no doubt about it
    Last year we entered with such suspense, when the party started we were at complete ease,
    There’s something special and sacred about how the wind blows in the trees
    This might not be Circle of Dreams but Parallel Universe is a whole other dimension of its own
    The line up this year will definitely make this adventure feel like home!!
    The energy behind the production, the way the whole weekend seems to function, the individuals that this event attracts, there is nothing that this party lacks!!
    Saying I’m #Psyked for Vortex is a slight understatement
    Please bless me with this opportunity to enjoy it without payment ^_^

  16. Im #psyked to enter the vortex , as i have always wanted to have a vortex experience and this will be my first. Please make my dreams come true and grant me those tickets #eastervortex #newtothetrancescene

  17. I’m #Psyked to enter the VORTEX, not only because it’s Vortex, but there is something magical about the new location for Easter Vortex. The Circle of Dreams is yet still such a home bound place but when I arrived at Easter Vortex last year, the love and compassion I felt was just out of this world. Vortex to me is a JOURNEY completely, it brings out the emotion and the passion we all hold inside, it’s a place of respect and sacred happenings. I am #Psyked to enter this Vortex once again, as we will be celebrating Vortex’s 21st celebration, my best friends 21st as well and then also, RAJA RAM! The man with the plan and who knows what is happening! Blessings and goodluck to all those who entered! ^_^

  18. This has been the party I have dreamed about ever since I fell inlove with trance when I was a little boy. Take me to my dream Vortex! Take me home where I belong

    1st it’s my birthday 3rd April [I’m turn 22]
    2nd My holiday starts 2 April
    3rd save the best for last YOU NEVER MISS A VORTEX. That’s it. That’s why I need these tickets
    #birthdayWeekend #EasterVortex #Please #MelissaBotesForTheWin #holiday #NeverMissVortex #jolling #Stomp

  20. Last night I legit dreamt about going to easter vortex(which is strange cause I’ve never attended one before) but my subconscious seems to want to be there this time around Plus I’m 120% #psyked to be humbled by the raja ram set, much luck to all entering, hopefully either way we get to make it to #eastervortex21st

  21. Totally #pysked to enter the Vortex this year this is my ultimate favourite Party of the year….. Please i just cannot miss it these two tickets would be absolutely amazing…….

  22. I have always been working like a slave in retail and missed all the VorTeX parties because I may not apply for leave due to my mananger who would always apply for leave the same time period vortex is. And now I can finally attend a VorTex and whould love to go and take a less fortunate friend with aswell ❤

  23. Incredibly #psyked to see 1200mics and Shpongle. Been listening to thier beats for almost ten years and the local line up is perfect plus its my birthday on the tenth so this jol will be my bday celebration. Help a brotha out for the love of psycedelic

  24. Oh my godness gracious me!! This is definitely one for the books, the god father Sir Raja Ram🙏 blessing us with his presence and amazingly mixed beats. I follow his movements, videos, crazy acts and music. His music feeds my soul, Australian born musician heard about his from my mother dearest, starting off with the ‘hippie trail’ and Pathon into the sweet sounds of the psychedelic flute..This will be by far an amazing journey into the ‘known’ 👽 a mixture of pure go a psy trance beats, jazz – fusion, Indian Rock and spiritual sounds!

    1. 1.You never missed a easter vortex, EVER!
      2.I am his biggest fan by far
      3.Im super duper #psyked for the pleasure he will bring unto all, to see the soul deep smiles and content feelings shine through each and every soul on the dance floor during his set!


    #Psyked for Easter Vortex as it’s the most amazing party of the year.
    It’s a time where you can leave all your troubles behind and just focus on the music and having a great time.

  26. I have a picture of the flyer pasted next to my bed , in the toilet , in the kitchen and on the door as you leave – I’m super keen on this years vortex magical experience so much memories rushing back just thinking bout it – I’m beyond #psyked out of this city to be there
    I realy hope I get blessed with them tickets as i have a frend coming all the way from ghana to enjoy thus party
    #Namaste #giveThanks #muchLuv #easterVortex

  27. I’m the most psyked for easter vortex
    because it promises great stimulation for my primary visual cortex
    and I know that it won’t be complex
    and I crave a place to destress
    with wonderful souls and playful trolls…
    So I ask, please get me to Easter Vortex ❤

  28. Firstly Thank to you for yet another upcoming crazy psycedalic experience yet to come @ Vortex, This is the ONLY trance party I’ve ever heard of 3 years ago.Then I had no interest because I was all HipHop.Last year I attended my first trance party,of which my friends bought me a ticket to celebrate my birthday and I promise it has changed my life and view of trance completely. I’ve never experienced or felt such kind of love and Freedom before even with the way I now dance, Haha I LOVE it.And for the love of Vortex and Trance I would really like to win this ticket as it would be my first Vortex Ever and I want to experience this event so badly because I know this is definitely one for the Books.

  29. I’m psyked as HELL!! Vortex was my very first party I ever attended (in 2006) and where I first fell in love with trance. My life has never been the same. My little sister, who happens to be my best friend, confidant and co-conspirator, fell in love with trance when I introduced her to it and took her to her first trance party. She has been to her fair share since then, but never to Vortex. I would love to show her just how incredible it is, and I know we will both bring insane amounts of love and light to this party. ❤

  30. I am SUPER psyked for Vortex as I have never been to a Vortex before and I cannot even comprehend the lineup headed our way. Most importantly I am so excited to extend my trance family and bring love and peace into the lives of as many people I meet.

  31. I am #psyked to go to vortex because last years vortex was the party of the year and this years vortex is just going to one up itself with Raja Ram coming down. Wow I would love to spoil my mates with a ticket.

  32. Hav’nt been able to go to easter vortex for the past 6 years because of my son. This year he is going on holiday with his friend over the weekend……………Freedom 🙂

  33. Im #psyked to leave behind the stresses of daily life and enter into the vortex where only smiles and hugs are permitted 😉 ♡♡♡

  34. I’m super siayan #psyked because its Vortex time! For one,I’ve become very picky as to which tranceparty I attend as work takes up my whole life, and this lineup AND THE FACT THAT IT IS VORTEX makes it SO worth taking the weekend off- Just my speed! Raja ram is going to treat my ears that weekend with his musical playgrounds- a great event in itself. Three, vortex is the one party where ALL MY FRIENDS are at in the same place (Can someone say Easter egg hunt?!) and lastly, my boyfriend says he will come to a trance party ( He never comes to a trance party with meeee!) if I win him a ticket.
    Please make my party/year!!

  35. I am psyked because I don’t like doing the normal easter thing. I’ll rather go to vortex and loose my mind at a trance party then spending it with my family and also. The Godfather of trance is coming to SA and I sure do not want to miss that!!!

  36. A Vortex party is always special, each in it’s own special way! The DJ’s, the vibe, the people, the organizers! AMAZING! I’m #psyked coz how the hell can you not be!!!

  37. #psyked to be among the beautifull beings in and around nature with the sexiest psycodelic sounds from our local and international acts . This would be a beautifull adventure.

    Keep spreading the LOVE .



    i’m #Psyked because vortex is the only portal where the world and the beautiful souls come together as one unified body.
    i’m #Psyked because the outdoor events are the only places where one would feel comfortable in one’s own skin with no shadow of judgement.
    i’m #Psyked that i will be surrounded with energies of safety, comfort, love, peace and happiness.
    i’m #Psyked to enter the vortex because exiting reality and entering a parallel universe warms my soul, because there is no war, poverty, murder and governmental politics.
    i’m #Psyked because reality sucks and wonderland is far more magical and intriguing.
    i’m #Psyked because no matter if you’re gay, bisexual, straight people will welcome you with open loving arms and not dehumanize you. It’s amazing to be surrounded by people with the same consciousness and outlook on life as you.
    i’m #Psyked because time is not a factor, its the journey that counts


    #Psyked and #EasterVortex will be the place to be this easter which is why i am BEYOND #Psyked !!!!


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