Review: Love & Light 2014

Love & Light is an event characterised by uplifting daytime beats, beautiful surroundings and happy people. This year’s instalment was held at the Mountain Shadows Guest House in Paarl; setting expectations high with a line-up featuring live performances by Astrix, Liquid Soul, Ticon and Critical Choice.

Photo: Stu Shapiro Photography.
Photo: Stu Shapiro Photography.

The festival kicked off on Saturday morning starting with Fogshow, Anthea, and then Afterlife. By the time we arrived on scene, the party was in full swing with Connecto behind the decks. Fortunately, his enigmatic beats could still be heard from the crystal clear waters of the dam, already inhabited by smiling faces sipping on cocktails cleverly titled “Liquid Soul” and “Love & Light.”

Photo: Sullivan Photography.
Photo: Sullivan Photography.

After indulging in a drink myself, I made my way to the dance floor which was alive with bodies swaying happily to and fro. Soon after, it was Critical Choice. The sun was scorching by then and I was grateful for the adequate shading which had been provided. As well as the cool haze of mist cascading down from the sprinklers.

Photo: Stu Shapiro Photography.
Photo: Stu Shapiro Photography.

When Ticon took over, I lost myself in the groove of the music. His cheeky tunes emanating through the speakers sent the crowd into overdrive.

The dance floor continued to fill out in anticipation of the long-awaited Astrix who took his spot in the DJ box shortly after. Although it was not his first performance in South Africa, it was made clear by the cheers echoing through the audience that Cape Town couldn’t get enough of this international phenomenon.

Photo: Stu Shapiro Photography.
Photo: Stu Shapiro Photography.

I was surrounded by a sea of elated beings with Astrix guiding the music and leading us to new heights. Day fused into night and the visuals became more vivid, coupled with an insane light-show keeping me entranced.

Despite my overwhelming excitement, I managed to compose myself enough to capture this sneaky video clip mid-set.

After two mind-blowing hours, Liquid Soul took centre-stage to deliver what can only be described as progressive perfection. Talk about ending off on a high.

Looking back, one thing’s for sure, the PLUR was strong with this one. In the midst of the mayhem, I found something special that I had thought was missing from the scene; a sense of unity and openness, emitting from one soul to another.

And, complete with friendly security, competent cleaners, efficient bar-tenders and bus services to transport troopers to and from the event, Love and Light 2014 was a beaming success.

Photo: Stu Shapiro Photography.
Photo: Stu Shapiro Photography.

Love and Light 2015 will take place in March next year (we’ll be counting down the days). Until then… Stay psyked!

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