Win double tickets for VORTEX Open Source 2014

Embark on a five-day-long journey into psychedelic sound with Vortex Open Source 2014, set among the magical forest of Riviersonderend, or rather, the circle of dreams. The event will celebrate Vortex’s 20th Birthday through a series of four-hour-long “JOURNEY” sets by acclaimed acts, international headliners including Bim, Symbolic, Waio, Cylon and Creator, as well as your favourite local all-stars and special mystery guests. Come and experience a majestic musical adventure like never before, where nature, beauty, spirit and peace emanate in perfect harmony.

vortex open source 2014

Psyked in the City is giving away 2 x tickets to one lucky trooper. To enter, follow the instructions below.

How to enter?

  1. LIKE Psyked in the City and Vortex Trance Adventures
  2. JOIN the event and share this post.
  3. COMMENT BELOW telling us why you’re #psyked to enter the Vortex.

★ Don’t be shy to tweet us for brownie points @psykedinthecity  @TheVortexSource #psyked

★ Get psyked ★ Create some hype ★ Score tickets.

More info?

The competition closes on Sunday the 23rd of November 2014.
The winner will be notified via email on Monday the 24th.
Please check your inbox and respond promptly with your full name and cellphone number to claim your prize.

Keep posted for more details.


29 thoughts on “Win double tickets for VORTEX Open Source 2014”

  1. im #psyked to enter the vortex for the raddest week of trance, love and good times. couldnt ask for a better way to start December than by partying my butt off, never leaving the dance floor and meeting some of the trippiest cats in the world. #psyked to enter the vortex!

  2. I’m #psyked for Vortex Open Source because it’s my friends birthday over that time and it would be the perfect celebration for it. It is also the last trance party of my season before I go to America and it would be so so so great if I won tickets to it as a last surprise just before leaving. 😀

  3. I’m #psyked for Vortex Open Source because it is without a doubt my favourite party of every season. Amazing venue with great energy and no bad vibes, always the best full on psychedelic tunes with the best artists, and of course the best people to jam with. Over the years I’ve met so many friends at parties – but Vortex is where I’ve connected with the most people. A truly special festival. Holds a special place in my heart. And I’ve got friends coming down from overseas who I haven’t seen in years who will be joining us at The Circle of Dreams! What an appropriate name 🙂 Yes please! See you there 🙂

  4. So amped to win tickets to celebrate the end of university exams! NEEEEEEEED this!!!! PLEASE- need to relax, unwind, smile, laugh and stomp in nature at the BEST venue!

  5. Trance is my lifestyle and stomping is my energy. My soul will be there with my fellow troopers whether I go or not, but to be there physically with favourite pixies would be the “dukum” to my prog, the 180 bpms to my darkpsy …The doof doof to my heartbeat. As you can imagine, #psyked doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel towards this party. It would reach beyond my wildest dreams if the universe was to bless me with these free tickets, so that I can feel the energy of thousands of tranquil heartbeats moving to one bassline on one dancefloor, one energy, one love. 🙂

    Love and Light.

  6. #psyked for the line up! how can you deny such great artist. The line up gets me going to wanting to enjoy my self for that one awesome night out doors

  7. Vortex is the one time of the year that I have the opportunity to connect with my entire Garden Route family for 5 beautiful, rejuvenating, and psychedelic days! Please help me see my family!!!

  8. I’m #psyked for Vortex Open Source because its just like stepping through a portal into an incredible experience where we can discover mystery and magic and the kinds of freedom that allows you to let go to the rhythm of the music and vibrate yourself into a higher frequency where you connect into a space where all makes sense, where grays become color and all starts to look brighter than ever before, and you rejoice at this marvelous adventure with smiles of satisfaction and joy 🙂

  9. I am super PSYKED about LIFE first of all 🙂 and secondly, I have decided to not go to any parties this season as i am saving to go overseas. If there was any party i would choose to go to, it would most DEFINITELY be VORTEX, as i know that its the one party that is rooted by Ultimate LOVE and complete grounding. The venue is not called “The Circle of Dreams” for nothing. Winning these tickets would be an absolute blessing and i would enjoy every moment of it, I know that I as well as everyone will be leaving the party with crazy smiles and LOADS of stories 🙂 ❤ 🙂

  10. Im #psyked to enter the Vortex because Ive been away from Cape Town for the last few months and I reeaally want to see my psy family again! Also I havent missed a Vortex since my first one last december (and there have been three already this year) and I would hate to miss it because of a silly thing like money! I can’t afford a ticket with real world money but I totally make up for it with smiles, positive vibes and awesome (fire) dance moves! 😉 pretty pleeaase Psyked in the City make my year! 🙂

  11. This will be my 15 years of vortex adventures….why should you give ME the tickets?! Well thats gonna be up to you (whoever decides) I could say that im #psyked to creat a hype because without a doubt this IS THE PARTY OF THE SEASON!!!!! Thank you please.

  12. Been a while since I went to a party. What better than going to a 5 day vortex :D! Love the venue! Love the people! Always an amazing party!

  13. I Really would like to take my best friend on a beautiful trance adventure neither of us has been to yet. i don’t have much to give her but an experience like this would knock her out of her socks! ❤ help me give her the best experience of her life ❤ ❤

  14. I’m #psyked to enter the Vortex because it’s the one place you can just be your true, free self. Its the one place free of judgment and free of opinion. It’s the one place where your mind is silent on topics such as work, studies, family stress or relationship problems. It’s the one place where everybody is your friend because you are all joined by the reason you entered the vortex… the hypnotic trance beats.

  15. I have never been to a vortex in the 6 years I’ve been trancing 😦 despicable I know, but if you can overlook that crime, this will likely be my last chance to be totally #psyked whilst locked into the maelstrom that (so iv been told) Vortex parties are, before graduating with my second degree. PLEASE GUYS 🙂

  16. I am so incredibly #psyked for this Vortex trance adventure! Situated at my all time favorite location, this is one of my most memorable trance parties and without a doubt one of the best! From Easter Vortex in 2010, Ive been hooked, convincing my friends to join at every oppertunity! Vortex has become a part of our little family. ❤
    My best friend is flying down from Joburg to be with us and my boyfriend will be starting a new job the following week, all making me more and more #psyked !!!

  17. Vortex would be a stomp-dream come true 🙂 I have only attended small trance jols around the eastern cape. This is not to dispute that they where not magical. However I would love to experience a vortex with so many like-minded souls all stomping together to under the same sound. I would be #psyked !!! to say the least if I won these tickets.

  18. I’m so unbelievable #psyked for this years vortex! This party will be my 2 year anniversary of my trance journey and cannot wait to share it with all the beautiful souls that always seem to gather at vortex! As an added bonus, I decided to diss pletttrage (yuck) to rather come and frolic in the woods with fairies,gnomes and all the other lovely magical creatures ❤
    These tickets would help me out soooo incredibly much as the struggle for cash is real and this is the first contest I'm entering.
    Cannot wait to see all you beautiful like minded souls on the dancefloor and to stomp ourselves into enlightenment! Love & Light ❤ xx

  19. I am so unbelievably and utterly filled with masses of excitement and happiness in abundance whenever I know a Vortex party is approaching. Vortex was the very first trance party I ever attended back in 2010 and I’ve been in awe of the energy and humbled by the love that I feel every time I step foot into a Vortex party. I have however, only ever attended Easter Vortex and if they are anything to go by then December’s must be something unimaginable; however and most unfortunately personal or work related matters have transpired against me and denied my attendance up until this year. I am so inexplicably #psyked for 2014’s December Vortex because it is not only the best and most vibrant party of the year it also gives one five wonderful days of unity, complete and utter love, joyous smiles and an ambiance on the dance floor that seizes to exist at most parties through out the year. I am #psyked because I can’t think of a better way to welcome the final and most exhilarating month of the year December, embrace the peak of Summer and soak up the festivities that Vortex never fails to provide. Lastly, I am so #psyked to be among the free spiritedness and community that is Vortex

  20. Vortex was my very first trance party! Nothing like the first, so I’m super stoked & #psyked to see old faces and meet to ones! To share the love and unity of the past 20 years!

  21. I’m #psyked to enter the vortex because it’s my first one and i’ve never heard anything but amazing stories! so keen to get irie at this outdoor! ❤

  22. Vortex:
    #psyked for five days in the sun
    #psyked for friends and lots of fun
    #psyked for psychedelic trance
    to frolic freely, leap and prance
    #psyked to share my love for the outdoors
    with like-minded stompers on soft dance floors
    #psyked to feel the mud and dirt between my toes
    #psyked for earthy smells in my nose
    #psyked for the natural feeling of bare feet
    and all the people i shall meet
    # Psyked to party and sleep under the stars
    #psyked for the journey in jam- packed cars
    and when it’s done I’ll be #spyked to leave
    and take with me my memories.
    Please give me the opportunity
    to experience Vortex once for free,
    I’ll be grateful for an eternity.

    Thank you Kindly
    Love Me 🙂 ❤ ❤

  23. Why am i #psyked? There are 5 days of total and utter psytrance bliss coming up and win the tickets or not i get to join on all the vortex fun.

  24. i will be MASSIVELY #psyked if i could win these tickets and enter my VERY FIRST Vortex…!!! I have heard so much of Vortex and would honeslty do anything to experience the magical energy for myself and to go stomp my lil heart out…

  25. I’m #psyked to return to the circle of dreams and look forward to the 3+ hour musical journey’s that each set will bring. Been scarce this season and need to reconnect with all my friends whom I only I can see at outdoors. Deleted a lot of this, after seeing that comp wrapped up yesterday. Oh while. Always worth a shot, even a day late entry.

  26. this will be the first time me and one of my best friends are actually finally going to a trance party together and I cannot wait!!!!!! EPIC 🙂 🙂 Whoop Whoop

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