Win double tickets for {psy.ology} festival

On the 1st of November, international psy-gurus Mekkanikka, Whiptongue and Sychotria will unite in South Africa for {psy.ology} festival 2014; with home-grown acts featuring Lost n Found vs Deliriant, Bruce, Broken Toy, Silo and Humerous, Disco Volante, Gokon Rave and Bernz, to name a few. Only the most mind-altering of musical adventures lie ahead.

Psyked in the City is giving away a set of double tickets to one lucky winner. All you need to do is tell us why you’re #psyked to attend the big event. More details below.

psy.ology fest

★ How to enter?

1. Give Psyked in the City and {psy.ology} a thumbs up on Facebook.
2. Join the event.
3. Like and share this post on the event wall, telling us why you’re #psyked to win.

★ Don’t be shy to tweet us for brownie points @psykedinthecity @PsyologyRecords #psyked #PsyologyFest2014

★ Tag and mention your friends. Get them psyked. Create some type.★

★ More info?

The competition will close on Monday the 27th of October 2014.
The winner will be emailed; please check your inbox and respond promptly with your full name and cellphone number in order to claim your prize.

Keep posted for more info.


6 thoughts on “Win double tickets for {psy.ology} festival”

  1. hey. im so keen to win guys like seriously im frothing here. that line up is killer and cant wait to be jamming away to the sounds of whiptongue and synchotria live. what a dream come true that would be.

  2. Winning Tickets to {PSY.OLOGY} means entering a world of internal harmony and becoming unified with nature. It means being liberated from the world’s evil and being surrounded by peace, love and happiness. Winning the tickets will mean that i, together with my friends, will enter a vortex where you can be yourself and you would not be judged or frowned upon. Winning the tickets would mean that no mater if you’re gay, bisexual or straight you WILL be welcomed with open and loving arms into the psychedelic realm and feel accepted in a world where drifting from the norm seems alien-like and weird. Winning the tickets would mean that the weird and ‘un-normal’ would feel safe, secure and protected by the surrounding loving energies. AND LASTLY winning these set of tickets would mean interacting with beautiful soul’d beings and absorbing that vibrant, unearthly and loving energy in order to become unified with oneself, the environment and others and peace bridging the gaps broken from the world’s evil. Winning the tickets would mean change- mentally, physically and externally. love is all anybody needs and happiness for a fulfilling life.

  3. Winning these tickets would be so amazin for 3reasons

    1) its my BIRTHDAY weekend
    2) would kill to be listening to those beats
    3) Ive never won anything on facebook give aways 🙂

    This would mean alot for me to win and to take my girlfriend with me on my birthday to have a little boogy please please and please

  4. For the last 7 months, I’ve been working in the isolated jungles and offshore islands of Mauritius, learning how to bring back species from the brink of extinction. I would be super #psyked to win these tickets so I can reconnect with nature in my home country, in this beautiful location, playing barefoot and sunkissed, surrounded by all the beautiful specimens of our species which are attending this party, all while being transported by this top notch lineup that {PSY.OLOGY} has created!! Some of my all time favourites are in this line up, along with some mad international acts, and, well, these tickets would just be the best welcome home gift 😀 #psyked to dance #psyked to trance #psyked for {psy.ology} festival 2014 // mekkanikka (es) • whiptongue (br) • sychotria (br)

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