Review: Earthdance Cape Town 2014 (Sunday)

The great thing about hitting a trance party on Sunday is the fact that you get to climb into your bed after all is said and done; but that never makes it any easier to get up at six in the morning. After dragging my lazy self out of bed at the crack of dawn, we were on route to Nekkies. A few hours later, arm-bands and all, we had arrived at our destination.

sky temple

I wasted no time in heading to the Sky Temple; the party was in full swing as Zezia finished up his set. But what struck me was the décor. It’s no secret that Artescape is famed for their mind-altering displays but this was something else entirely. Was it a psychedelic Taj Mahal or simply the best stage set-up I had ever seen? I don’t know; one thing’s for sure, Earthdance continues to amaze me, year after year.

It was all Greek to me by the time Audioform took over. Happy faces. Beats. Swaying, dancing bodies adorned in vibrant colours.  Shade – there was plenty thanks to that glorious stretch tent – and so much room to move.


I was enjoying the vibrations of the crowd when I glanced up and realised that it was the moment I’d been waiting for all along, Broken Toy’s Best of 10 Years set. I headed closer to the front to witness the man in action. (Read our interview with Broken Toy AKA Sad Paradise).

Behind me there was a roar of applause, the dance-floor had filled out and I was on my way to musical nirvana. Broken Toy’s cheeky tunes filled my ears. It was like my first trance party all over again, only in High Definition with more energy and better sound. Then I notice something. It’s  Super Evil counterpart on stage, Adriano Rodrigues, rocking his guitar to the classic ‘We Want Your Soul.’

Hours feel like minutes and soon it’s Headroom’s turn to wow us. We were in for a treat when the local-born legend pumped a new EP featuring X-noiZE & Sonic Species. The party was heaving to Headroom’s groovy tech style as it emanated from the speakers. I made a couple of bar runs and returned to find SiLo & Humerous centre-stage delivering their first ever live set.

silo and humerous

During that hour, there were no thoughts, no worries; just me, the music and a thousand cheerful stompers. I was in my favourite place and time was racing. Before I knew it, the mystery guest had revealed himself as the International D-Nox.

happy crowed

As the closing act of the day fired up, cries of excitement resonated around me. Somewhere along down the line, I found myself singing along to the techno remix of ‘The Doors – Riders On The Storm’. Needless to say, D-Nox culminated the things perfectly.

My heart dropped a little when I realised things were finally over. Fortunately, I know that the memories I made will last a life time.

I have zero criticisms, no could-have-been-better-s and certainly no regrets (other than having missed out on Saturday!). Even as a Global Hub Event, Earthdance 2014 exceeded my expectations in every way possible. A huge thank you to the organisers for making this party one for the books. See you next year!

Earthdance flag

P.S: If you’re like me and are experiencing a little F.O.M.O about Saturday, watch this video, captured by Gabriel Hair. Goosebumps guaranteed.

Photo credit: Aumeg Photography

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