Review: Labyrinth’s 9th Birthday “Tranceformation”

On the 9th of August, Labyrinth returned in full-force to celebrate its 9th Birthday “Tranceformation” at a brand new venue. I’ll admit, I was hesitant about moving the event away from all-popular Trinity. But by the time I arrived at the scene of QV54, the place was bustling with party-goers from far and near and I was convinced that Lab had made the right choice.


After a couple of Olmeca Tequila shots at the bar, I was more than ready to hit the dancefloor. All around me, bodies were swaying to the ground-shaking beats of The Commercial Hippies emanating from the speakers.

QV54 definitely offers an element of spaciousness that’s hard to come by at an indoor event.



The party was in full swing by the time Lab’s forefather, Feedback (aka Dean Fuel) took control. Headroom was up next to deliver his head-banging jams to a whirlwind of troopers.

At that point, Lab’s trusted Funktion-One sound rig actually had my ears hurting- and yes, that’s definitely a good thing. There’s nothing better than a banging bass-line that reverberates beneath your feet.

You can only image the crowd’s reaction when Broken Toy got behind the decks. I’ll confess that no matter how many times I see him play, I’m always left in awe. (Read my interview with James Copeland aka Sad Paradise here). I was propelled into psychedelic paradise when he blasted his new E.P, Tiger Blood as well as his Disco Balls rework (a personal favourite).



Deliriant vs. SHiFt concluded the evening’s mayhem with a hard-and-fast set to keep the momentum going. You know it’s a good party when the dance-floor is still buzzing at 4 a.m in the morning!

It was definitely a night to remember with LumiNOS décor and Kilowatt AV’s live visuals and 3D mapping playing their part in bringing the outdoor experience indoors. For those of us who can’t remember, however, why not check out the photos by Aumega Photography here?


I’m happy to report that after a season of hibernation, Lab has returned bigger and bolder than ever before. So, who’s psyked for round 2? Details of their next event, coming soon.

*with special thanks to Hype Media.

Images by Aumega Photography.  


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