Win double tickets for TRANSITION featuring Berg

One thing’s for sure, there’s no such thing as “too much Berg.” The mighty prog-master returns to South Africa on the 4th of July. This time, he’ll be bringing his beautiful beats to Dragon Room along with local all-stars Deliriant, Headroom, Bruce, The Commerical Hippies, Sway and others. We’re giving away double tickets to the event. Enter our competition to win. Details below.



  1. Like Psyked in the CityCape Town Parties and DASH Productions.
  2. Join the event on Facebook.
  3. Comment on this post telling us why you’re #psyked for Berg’s return.
  4. Share this post on the event wall and with as many friends as possible.

Pssst… You can also tweet us @psykedinthecity.

Winners will be announced on Thursday, the 3rd of July.

Please check your Facebook inbox promptly as winners will need to respond to claim their prize.


You WILL be asked for ID at the door.

Visit the event page for more information.

11 thoughts on “Win double tickets for TRANSITION featuring Berg”

  1. B E R G ! ! can you even berg? i will BERG my ass off and BERG till my feet fall off! This is honestly the BEST line up i have EVER seen and ALL MY FAVORITE djs in one night, what are the chances of that EVER happening! so amped for this party you won’t believe. Winning this comp will make my night just more extraordinary! spending the night with my boyfriend and best friends obviously i will give them the tickets, share some vodka on a crazy BERG and other insane dj’s, but best for me is, BERGING in my car for the rest of my life with his signed autograph CD, that would make my LIFE #WakeMeUpWhenItsBergTime #iloveBERG #iBERGdoyou #makemeawinnerplease #makemylife

  2. Psyked as a psycho for Berg’s return. Last time was outside in the beautiful woods at Organik but I am pretty sure I was in another heavenly dimension not found on this Earth. The 4th of July is the day I return to that astral plane of sheer happiness. Plus, it’s the day after my birthday; so come hell or highwater, I will be there to soak up the unmissable Berg beats.

  3. I’m actually more interested to see our Legends… Bruce, TCH, Headroom, ETC. All under 1 roof and Berg is the Bonus plan.

  4. The answer is simple!
    I am #PSYKED for Berg in the city because i never jiggled, smiled & had so much fun as i did at Organik last year seeing Berg live for the first time! Have been his number one fan since and i cant even comprehend how amazing it is gunna be to hear his new song Taking Acid in the front row of that D-floor! 😀
    All our local legends are gunna make the night even that much better!

  5. I am so psyked for BERG cause he is the one and only out there!! I live for his sets and performance and the beats that flow through my body!!! I first saw BERG play at ORganik last year and was blown away!!! I just stood there for 5mins to take in what was happening and then just freaked out!! Best Trance DJ in the world hands down!! I am just so psyked to see BERG one last time before I head over to America for work and it will be the best farewell of my life!! SO PSYKED TO SEE BERG…. MY MAN…ONE LAST TIME!! Make my day and let me win!! My brain is already psyked out to its maximum capacity!! 🙂

  6. I was in London when berg was in SA before and now for the first time EVVVVVVER i get too see my fav DJ live yo!!! Get in ma belly hahaha that is why im #psyked and besides what better way than too see Bruce Deliriant Commercial hippies and BERG under one roof so excited i could pee my panties hahahaha s please let me win ❤ ❤

  7. Aaaaah!!! I’m #psycked for Berg because unfortunately, I had to miss the previous time he was in the city… I refuse to miss him again.. Those tickets could really make my weekend and be the best end-of-semester party. He is the essence of Prog!! He Is prog!! The bounce that is Berg is the bounce that will have you stomp the floor down to the core of the earth! I Berg, do you?. #DoYouEvenBerg

  8. I am SUPER #Psyked! Never experienced Berg Live. And I am a Top Bergie.. Berg is Prog. He is trance. I’m #psyked cause Prog is the religion and Berg is it’s God Everytime something always stops me from going… I shall NOT miss this opportunity…

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