#SuperPsykedGiveaway: Aurora presents Time Lock

Last year Aurora SA brought BLiSS to The Side Show.
Now they welcome the international sensation, Time Lock.

This Israeli muso requires no introduction, having collaborated with some of the big boys of psytrance such as Berg, Ace Ventura, Major 7, Easy Riders and Captain Hook. Time Lock’s elevating psychedelic beats are progressive to a T.

We’re giving away bartabs to the value of R150 and double tickets to see him perform live in South Africa. Enter our competition to qualify. Details below.

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  1. Leave a comment below this post expressing your excitement for Time Lock.
  2. Like this post and share it on the event wall.
  3. Join the event and invite your friends.

    Tweet using the #SuperPsykedGiveaway hashtag and remember to mention @psykedinthecity and @aurora_event.

Good luck!


Winners will be announced on Friday the 13th of June 2014.
Please check your Facebook/Twitter inbox promptly as winners will need to respond to claim their prize. See terms and conditions below.



You WILL be asked for ID at the door.

Visit the event page for more information.





11 thoughts on “#SuperPsykedGiveaway: Aurora presents Time Lock”

  1. Cannot wait to hear timelock blow my mind with those bassy drops, my excitement goes beyond the word excitement 😀 would love to win this awesome competition to see such a great act 😀

  2. I fell inlove with Timelocks unique frequency ever since I came across the “Redline” album that was released in 2013! I’m super happy and grateful for the organizors for bringing this legend to our Shores 🙂 Big ups guys! And on-top of that I’m even more exPSYted in showing my baby brother how we party with PLUR as he’s 18th birthday is on the 12-06-2014 so it would really make our nights if we should be considerd to win this awesome prize 🙂

  3. Wow best line up iv seen in years! I can’t even begin to explain what this would mean to me! Please make my year!

  4. I am so so excited to hear Time Locke at the Side show 😀 I end exams on that day and it’s my best friends birthday and what better way to spend than jamming and stomping our hearts away to Time Locke’s sensational music – SO SO excited to hear Time Locke live for the very first time and winning would make it extra special! Really cannot reiterate my excitement for the music, vibe, energy, people and the time of our lives we’re going to have courtesy of Time Locke and Aurora SA 😀 :d

  5. Time Lock????just one of the best Dj’s.Israel never disappoints.Always ready with new fresh beats to light up the fellow stompers and for us to loose our self.I’m ready to shake side show with good vibes and vibrations lets GO!!!!

  6. Time lock…time to get the stomping going. Ready to get my mind blown. Would be awesome to win the tickets and loose control with my fellow stompers.

  7. Time Lock’s exclusive Aurora 2014 promo mix on Soundcloud stole my heart!! ❤
    Had me Dancing at like 9 am (and I let the entire mix play! Without feeling the need to skip it.. That thought never even came to mind for 1 second!)
    That just shows how talented Time Lock iiiiiissss!!!!
    Time lock has made me find an even more intense LOVE for PSY than eeeever before!
    Thanks for that!

    Can't wait to see T*L LIVE at Side Show!! 😀

  8. I commented earlier (using my phone) but it doesn’t look like it posted :/
    I’ll just type another one..

    I’ll admit I’m a new Time Lock fan..
    But a preeeetty big one if you ask me!
    Haha, I’ve been listening to TL’s exclusive promo mix for Aurora on Soundcloud.. and I’m hooked!
    The drops? AMAZING!!
    That mix definitely stole my heart.. and made me love PSY even moooore than what I already do..
    That just show’s Time Lock’s talent!
    Time Lock IS I N C R E D I B L E ! ! ! ! ! ! ❤ ❤

    Stealing my heart, and making me stomp (with just that 1 mix?? Cuuuuumon! This DJ MUST be something SPECIAL!!!)

    Excited for Aurora on June 14th!! 😀

  9. How do I explain my excitment to see Timelock? WOW! Firstly let me say, I love his music (Obviously) and secondly I’m just so excited to stomp my brains out with friends and which is sure to be a great crowd due to the amazing line up! So stoked!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

  10. There aren’t even words to express how excited I am for Time Lock! I just want to get out onto that dance floor and stomp my heart away because that’s my version of heaven on earth! Some sick beats and awesome peeps all in one place for one reason for the love of the music!! I just want to be a happy little fairy with my friends in that moment! Too excited for this! My word its going to be amazing! A little bit of euphoria coming my way!

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