Win 2 x tickets to The Collective: Paradise Beach

Calling all psytrance lovers; the gremlins of the twilight hours, the proggy’s, Sunday stompers, daylight dancers and all trancling in between. Come and experience a full-spectrum psychedelic music journey with headlining act, Morten Granau, making his debut in South Africa.

the collective flyer

For the first time ever, The Collective presents Paradise Beach. Set at Kogel Bay, an all time popular party spot this season, The Collective is worth adding to the list. Picture a dance floor that’s a stone throw from the ocean, hula-hoopers on the beach, bikinis, sun-kissed skin, happy faces, a mountainous backdrop and the phatest beats.

Not only is Morten Granau getting behind South African decks for the first time, Kriss-Kross will be performing their live debut act, backed by only the best local psytrance including: Sway, Portal, Plusminus, Gokon Rave, Feedback, Dave Mac, Eqlipse, Hysteria,Β  D-Sciple and others.

Enter our competition to win 2 x tickets to be part of the journey. Details below.



  1. Like Psyked in the City and The Collective on Facebook and join the event.
  2. Tell us why you’re #psykedForParadise by:
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  • Sharing this post on the event wall, using the #psykedForParadise hashtag.
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Winner will be announced on Wednesday the 19th of March.
Please check your Facebook inbox promptly as you’ll need to respond to claim your prize.
See terms and conditions below.



Tickets are not transferable for cash.
You cannot cede or sell your ticket.
You WILL be asked for ID at the door.

Visit the event page for more information.


15 thoughts on “Win 2 x tickets to The Collective: Paradise Beach”

  1. I am ridiculously #psykedForParadise because i haven’t been able to jam to only the sickest beats and tunes in what seems like forever! The last trance party i’ve been to was earthdance LAST YEAR!!! i am so extremely excited to dance the day and night away in the company of only the best people as well as being in touch with the beautiful surroundings! I don’t really know how to express my excitement! i’ve also told one of my best friends about the event and she’s from joburg and i haven’t seen her in ages and i’ve managed to get her #psykedForParadise too so she’ll be coming down to jam under the sun right next to me πŸ˜€ My birthday is on the 17th of march as well so to hear that i’ve won tickets to this would put the biggest smile on my face! Can’t wait for the 22nd im sooooooooo #psykedForParadise πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. i am super excited for this party, who can ask for anything more than a little wiggle on the beach with your bestie for her birthday and to celebrate with the most amazing family of friends linked together by the love of trance…. love love love you guys for making another little jol as i missed the last one

  3. I’m #psykedForParadise to let loose to the beautiful sounds of morten granau with the back drop of our beautiful ocean swishing and crashing while the beat drops on the dance floor, front left is where the partys@ paradise beach is where the love is at, I look forward to meeting new people, learning new cultures, becoming one with the base drops, hearing the beautiful colours, and seeing every single sound that pops out of those speakers (”,) P.L.U.R always and forver! For the love of trance and all things else… Stay happy, be happy, and you shall always be content with your heart and your every desire will become a reality, love life, love each other we are one, we are a family:)

  4. I am too #psykedForParadise…and let me tell you why!
    *Im seeing my bestie for the first time in 6months.
    *I moved to Namibia and it is true what they say- it is the/a desert.
    *It will be my only weekend in Cape Town or even in South Africa for the rest of the year – Yes, i am asking you to feel sorry for me πŸ˜‰ #BeaulaCapeTown
    *I NEED/DESIRE to be around fellow trance jollers again.
    *I want to get freaky and dance to the beautiful stimulating sounds coming from the DJS – under the moon with friends.
    *Ive missed my trance family!
    *I am not going to see another trance jol for who knows how long after paradise beach since I have to work out at sea for who knows how long.
    Please make it possible for me to spend one last weekend exactly where I should be – with my friends, loved ones, family, nature, beach, strangers.

  5. Why does anyone want to win? simply, because everybody loves free tickets and anyone who wins will (hopefully) be forever grateful πŸ™‚

  6. I feel I deserve the tickets cause its one of my favourite venues and I enjoy spreading th love πŸ™‚
    Plus its one of my mates and my birthday weekend.

  7. I am #Psykedforparadise because the one and only Morten Granua will be playing on the beach!!! Morten is by far one of my favourite acts and partying to one of his sets would be a dream come true πŸ˜€ I just wanna spread the love and boogie on the beach to the grooviest tunes at the collective!

  8. I am #PsykedForParadise
    Because Kriss kross will be starting the beats
    While D-sciple will have us moving our feet
    Feedback plays the bounciest tracks
    And who isn’t keen for some dave mac
    Hysterias tracks are night time bliss
    I could never give Gokon rave a miss
    Portal keeps the crowd moving
    I can’t wait to start grooving
    I am a huge Morten Granaua fan
    So please put those tickets in my hand πŸ˜€

    PS: I am very broke

  9. im #psykedforparadise becuse everything about this party is literally going to be a paradise. this beach is beautiful ive been there and its a complete paradise. morten granau’s beats are a an absolute paradise. so keen to see all the stoked faces on the dance floor and hopefully ill make it to witness them all. cant explain the excitement, too much amp for one person πŸ™‚

  10. I am #psykedforParadise as well we all know it’s flipping MORTEN GRANAU! Not only do I share a love for his music, his beats honestly make me the happiest I can be. He has the grooviest sounds and funkiest basslines. After I heard Long Story Short I must have played at least 20 times after each other, i told all my friends about him and they fell in love. I just want to be able to experience his music live, it would make me the happiest person, and with the year I’ve had (and I know it has just started) I REALLY would love to be there! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me experience the most magical party this weekend. I promise to only bring the best vibes with! I cannot wait to see all the beautiful people on the dance floor with a smile as big as mine! PsykedforParadise ❀

  11. i am so incredibly #psykedForParadise cause first of all my boyfriend from germany is visiting me at the moment and i really have to show him how the the south africans can stomp and secondly i guess nobody could tell me a better venue and a better party for my birthday on saturday!

  12. I most definitely am super #psykedForParadise for more reasons than I think I can type on my iPad before it runs out of battery. The main reasons, however, are: It will be the first outdoor I’ve had time to attend since rezonance. I would love to party with my crazy friends, some whom are down from Germany and have fallen in love with the psytrance scene, as I have too. Most importantly; to celebrate an awesome friends birthday on Saturday to some bouncy, psychadelic beats, at this beautiful location!

  13. I am #psykedForParadise because this is my last weekend in South Africa and only my 2nd trance party ever! I’ve loved my time here and it’s only right for me to go out with a bang. The venue looks beautiful, I’ve invited all of my girl friends and I can’t wait to stay up all night & DANCE πŸ˜› the sun, the beach, the loving people, the sick music, I know it’s gonna be a true experience

  14. I’ve been away doing research! I was meant to be back last wEek for GroundZero, but the universe had other ideas. I would love to win tickets as this is will be my last Stomp, I’m heading to a National Park for Volunteer work. Got to make it count.. #psykedForParadise

  15. Hopefully I am not too late to enter?? eeek!

    INCREDIBLY #psykedForParadise this weekend for NUMEROUS reasons – but the main one being – i LOVE Morten Granau – been listening to him for over 5 years and am crawling in my skin with excitement to jam to him! I absolutely cannot miss this party! I have made sure that all my friends are attending this party so that we can all experience the awesomeness of this party-to-be together πŸ˜€ My only problem is being too poor to afford a ticket! Pleeeease can I win πŸ˜€

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