Ticket Giveaway: DigiCult LIVE @TheSideShowCT

This Saturday, in celebration of reaching the 14 000 fan mark,
Cape Town Trance Parties brings you Belgium psy sensation DigiCult.
Find all the info here in the Weekend Psyk.



WIN 2 x TICKETS for Digicult.

How to enter?

1. Like Psyked in the City on Facebook.
2. Drop me a line on the Psyked in the City page, telling me what your favourite DigiCult track is.

And that’s all!
Sharing, commenting on and liking posts will count in your favour.

5 thoughts on “Ticket Giveaway: DigiCult LIVE @TheSideShowCT”

  1. Favourite song has GOT to be star travel!! And it’s quite appropriate because my BEST FRIENDS are opening for digicult on sat and playing their first side show gig! KRISSKROSS! Would be the best to be able to watch them! One looooovve

  2. DigiCult – Magic! that is thee track!
    Hook me up with those tickets and I will be the most Psyked guy in the city!

  3. My top DIGICULT song is DigiCult vs U-Recken – The Optimist 😀 all there songs though are some proper psy! IM VERY PSYKED TO BE THERE! Please make my monthly dream come true PSYKED in the city PLUR

  4. “Digicult VS DNA – RITE OF PASSAGE”. Yooooh that song is too fresh!!! Cannot wait to hear some sweet skitting beats this weekend.

    I am so psyked to be in this city and have this event here – Digicult and Bruce and Tune Raider – let’s gooi and get psyked in around thorugh and all over this mother city!!

    ❤ 😉 ❤

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