The weekend psyk: PSYBURBAN JUNGLE tonight



Wondering where to jam this weekend? (21st – 23rd June)
Start off with on a psychedelic adventure to deepest, darkest Africa TONIGHT.

Beats in the ‘Burbs presents: Psyburban Jungle.


R30- all night. Totally worth exploring.


7pm – Chilled Beats Mix
9pm – Berns ( Beartrap Productions)
10pm – Zyloss
11pm – Dillan M ( Free – Spirit records )
00:00 – Infekta (Kaos KrewRecords)
1am – Jynxed
2am – CLOSED

What’s all the psyk about?

I’m not sure if you know how they stomp in the South?
I’ll tell you. Dirty, hard and wild.
If you’re unfamiliar with these DJs, take a LISTEN to this killer track by Infekta.
OR  listen to more Infekta HERE.


Also worthy of serious psyk: Bernz – Tiny Taste.


Did I mention that Psyburban Jungle made it onto the TOP 10 events in Cape Town this weekend?
Check it out here.


Get jamming to these sick tunes LIVE in your home town tonight!


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